Subject Count
Observations 1749
Observations arising from the declaration of war against Spain 3
Observations, Astronomical 2
Observations d'un habitant des colonies sur le Mémoire en faveur de gens de couleur 1
Observations d'un homme impartial sur la Lettre de Mr. ***** à Mr. S.B 2
Observations manquantes (Statistique) 4
Observations on a design for improving the navigation of the River Severn 1
Observations on a late famous sermon entitled, Curse ye Meroz 2
Observations on man (Hartley, David) 3
Observations on that part of the speaker's speech which relates to trade 4
Observations on the Account of the Anglesey election 1
Observations on the Acts of Parliament of the 31st of George II 2
Observations on the commerce of the American states with Europe and the West Indies (Sheffield, John Holroyd, Earl of) 5
Observations on the conduct of Great-Britain 7
Observations on the conduct of Great-Britain -- Early works to 1800 1
Observations on the conduct of Great-Britain, with regard to the negociations and other transactions abroad 1
Observations on the conduct of Great Britain with regard to the negociations and other transactions abroad. 1729 1
Observations on the instructions given by the President of the United States ... on the conduct of Mr. Poinsett 1
Observations on the Memorial of France 2
Observations on the nature of civil liberty, the principles of government, and the justice and policy of the war with America (Price, Richard) 2
Observations on the present state of the East India Company, Author of, 1737-1808
Observations on the Treaty of Seville examined 2
Observations sur le commerce des grains 2
Observations sur le Mémoire présenté au Etats-generaux par M. l'ambassadeur d'Angleterre 2
Observations sur L'esprit des loix (Laporte, Joseph de) 2
Observations upon a compleat history of the lives and reignes of Mary, Queen of Scotland, and of her son, King James 2
Observations upon Prince Ruperts white dog, called Boy 2
Observations upon Prince Rupert's white dogge called Boye 1
Observations upon some of His Majesties late answers and expresses (Parker, Henry) 37
Observations upon the grievances with respect to the present dearth of grain 2
Observations upon the laws of excise 2
Observations upon the linen trade 2
Observations upon the strange & wonderful prophecies of Mr. John Gadbury 2
Observatoire 1
Observatoire astronomique de Strasbourg
Observatoire astronomique (Strasbourg, France)
Observatoire d'Abbadia 2
Observatoire de Haute Provence 2
Observatoire de Haute Provence -- Periodicals 1
Observatoire de Lund
Observatoire de Neuchâtel 1
Observatoire de Paris 5
Observatoire de Paris -- History 2
Observatoire de Strasbourg 2
Observatoire de Strasbourg -- History 2
Observatoire de Tananarive 1
Observatoire de Zi-gawei (China)
Observatoire des institutions européennes 1
Observatoire du Pic du Midi de Bigorre
Observatoire du Pic-du-Midi et de Toulouse 1
Observatoire europeén des phénomènes racistes et xénophobes
Observatoire impérial de Paris
Use instead:
Observatoire magnétique, météorologique et sismologique de Zi-gawei (China)
Observatoire météorologique et magnétique de Zi-gawei (China)
Observatoire météorologique, magnétique et sismologique de Zi-gawei (China)
Observatoire national de Paris
Use instead:
Observatoire pour la protection des défenses des droits de l'homme
Observatoire royal de Belgique 4
Observatoire royal de Belgique -- Catalogs 1
Observatoire royal de Belgique -- History 1