Title Count
Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy 7
Routledge frontiers of political economy 269
Routledge fundamentals of physical geography series 3
Routledge/GARNET series 1
Routledge/GARNET series: Europe in the world 2
Routledge/GARNET series : Europe in the world 6
Routledge/GARNET series Europe in the world 17
Routledge/GARNET series, Europe in the world 1
Routledge/GARNET series. Europe in the world 1
Routledge geography and environment series 2
Routledge geopolitics series 1
Routledge-Giappichelli studies in business and management 2
Routledge-Giappichelli studies in law 5
Routledge global 1960s and 1970s 5
Routledge Global Cooperation Series 1
Routledge global cooperation series 14
Routledge global human resource management series 16
Routledge Global institutions 2
Routledge global institutions 39
Routledge Global Institutions Series 3
Routledge Global institutions series 2
Routledge global institutions series 45
Routledge global popular music series 17
Routledge Global Security Studies 1
Routledge global security studies 50
Routledge grammars 12
Routledge great minds 4
Routledge-GRIPS development forum studies 3
Routledge guides to linguistics 2
Routledge guides to literature 3
Routledge guides to the great books 5
Routledge guides to using historical sources 13
Routledge Handbooks 7
Routledge handbooks 211
Routledge handbooks in applied ethics 4
Routledge Handbooks in Applied Linguistics 1
Routledge handbooks in applied linguistics 14
Routledge handbooks in English language studies 1
Routledge Handbooks in Linguistics 1
Routledge Handbooks in linguistics 1
Routledge handbooks in linguistics 11
Routledge Handbooks In Philosophy 1
Routledge Handbooks in Philosophy 1
Routledge handbooks in philosophy 18
Routledge handbooks in religion 2
Routledge handbooks in theology 1
Routledge Handbooks in translation and interpreting studies 1
Routledge handbooks in translation and interpreting studies 2
Routledge Harwood anthropology 1
Routledge Harwood choreography and dance studies 1
Routledge Harwood contemporary theatre studies 3
Routledge Harwood Polish and East European Theatre Archive 5
Routledge Harwood Polish and East European theatre archive 7
Routledge Harwood studies in cultural policy 3
Routledge hazards and disasters series 3
Routledge health management series 2
Routledge Hindu Studies Series 1
Routledge Hindu studies series 35
Routledge historical Americans 18