Title Count
Perspectives in social psychology 14
Perspectives in social psychology ; v. 1 1
Perspectives in social sciences 1
Perspectives in social work 2
Perspectives in sociology 12
Perspectives in supramolecular chemistry 8
Perspectives in the brain sciences 1
Perspectives in transactional analysis 1
Perspectives in Translational Cell Biology 1
Perspectives in translational cell biology 3
Perspectives in vertebrate science 6
Perspectives in vision research 5
Perspectives in women's studies 1
Perspectives in world order 1
Perspectives in writing research 1
Perspectives internationales 27
Perspectives internationales (Centre de droit international de Paris I) 1
Perspectives littéraires 49
Perspectives (London Publishing Partnership) 3
Perspectives médiévales 2
Perspectives médiévales Supplément 1
Perspectives musicales 1
Perspectives musicologiques contemporaines 4
Perspectives of Critical Theory and Education 2
Perspectives of critical theory and education 2
Perspectives of new music 1
Perspectives of new music series 2
Perspectives of the Other. Studies on Intercultural Communication 1
Perspectives of the Other, Studies on Intercultural Communication 1
Perspectives of the Other - Studies on Intercultural Communication, Studies on Intercultural Communication 1
Perspectives on a global economy 2
Perspectives on a multiracial America 2
Perspectives on a Multiracial America 2
Perspectives on a multiracial America series 27
Perspectives on access, equity, and diversifying pathways in P-20 education 1
Perspectives on African book development 1
Perspectives on aging and human development series 1
Perspectives on Arabic linguistics 3
Perspectives on Asia 2
Perspectives on Asian and African development 4
Perspectives on Asian Tourism 6
Perspectives on Asian tourism 6
Perspectives on Asian Tourism Ser 1
Perspectives on Baptist identities 1
Perspectives on behavioral medicine 1
Perspectives on Canadian culture 4
Perspectives on children and young people 2
Perspectives on classical social and political thought 1
Perspectives on cognitive psychology 17
Perspectives on Cognitive Psychology; Psychology of Emotions, Motivations and Actions 1
Perspectives on cognitive science 10
Perspectives on cognitive science (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 5
Perspectives on cognitive science series 1
Perspectives on cognitive science (Westport, Conn.) 2
Perspectives on collecting 8
Perspectives on comparative politics 2
Perspectives on comprehensive education series 1
Perspectives on consumer industries & retail 1
Perspectives On Contemporary Korea 1
Perspectives on contemporary Korea 6