Title Count
Oxford readings in philosophy 63
Oxford readings in politics and government 9
Oxford readings in social studies 1
Oxford readings in socio-legal studies 5
Oxford reference 7
Oxford reference online 28
Oxford Reference Online Premium 1
Oxford reference online premium 33
Oxford regional economic atlas 4
Oxford regional economic atlases 2
[Oxford] regional economic atlases 1
Oxford regional environments 10
Oxford regional environments series 1
Oxford regional papers 1
Oxford reprints 1
Oxford research studies in geography 12
Oxford respiratory medicine library 4
Oxford Review Series 1
Oxford review series 3
Oxford rheumatology library 2
Oxford ritual series 1
Oxford ritual studies 25
Oxford ritual studies series 17
Oxford Russian plain text 1
Oxford Russian plain texts 10
Oxford Russian readers 8
Oxford scholarly classics 4
Oxford scholarly editions online 314
Oxford scholarship online 2036
Oxford scholarship online. Biology 1
Oxford scholarship online Biology 1
Oxford scholarship online. Business and management 1
Oxford scholarship online Business and Management 1
Oxford scholarship online Economics and Finance module 1
Oxford scholarship online Psychology module 1
Oxford scholarship online Religion module 2
Oxford science publication 1
Oxford Science publications 1
Oxford Science Publications 5
Oxford science publications 395
Oxford science research papers 8
Oxford science research papers, 4 1
Oxford Serbian plain texts 1
Oxford series 1
Oxford series in behavioral neuroendocrinology 9
Oxford series in clinical psychology 11
Oxford series in cognitive development 8
Oxford series in developmental cognitive neuroscience 10
Oxford series in ecology and evolution 64
Oxford series in electrical and computer engineering 5
Oxford series in ethics, national security, and the rule of law 2
Oxford series in evolution and cognition 1
Oxford series in human-technology interaction 16
Oxford series in human technology interaction 1
Oxford Series in Neuroscience, Law, and Philosophy 1
Oxford series in neuroscience, law and philosophy 2
Oxford series in neuroscience, law, and philosophy 15
Oxford series in optical and imaging sciences 14
Oxford series in social cognition and social neuroscience 16
Oxford series in visual cognition 11