Title Count
Great African independence speeches 1
Great African thinkers 1
Great ages of Indian history 2
Great ages of man 19
Great ages of man; a history of the world's culture 1
Great ages of man: a history of the world's cultures 2
Great ages of man; a history of the world's cultures 1
Great ages of world architecture 6
Great American Achievements Program Annual commemorative theme books of the Great American Achievements Program 1
Great American artists series 4
Great American authors 1
Great American authors (Boston, Mass.) 1
Great American composers series 1
Great American Cooking, 1 1
Great American Cooking, 1. 1
Great American Cooking S. 1
Great American dance bands 4
Great American detective series 1
Great American historical classics series 2
Great American history series 1
Great American Industries series 1
Great American orators 32
Great American orators series 1
Great American orchestral works 3
Great American places series 1
Great American song series 2
Great American songbooks 1
Great American thinkers series 1
Great American universities 1
Great American writers series 2
Great Americana 4
Great Americans of history 3
Great anniversaries 2
Great Architects/Great Buildings 2
Great architects/great buildings 3
Great arguments in the U.S. Supreme Court 1
Great armies 1
Great art and architecture in European churches 1
Great art galleries 2
Great art of the ages 2
Great articts of the century 1
Great artists at the Met 5
Great Artists collection 13
Great artists collection 3
Great artists, Illustrated biographies of the 1
Great artists of the 20th century 2
Great artists of the century 80
Great artists series 4
Great artists series (Spoken Arts) 1
Great artists series (Supraphon) 2
Great Athletes 6
Great athletes 6
Great Australians 3
Great authors and philosophy 3
Great authors & philosophy 3
Great Barrington Books 1
Great Barrington books 8
Great Basin naturalist memoirs 8
Great battles 18
Great battles (Moreton-in-Marsh, England) 3