Title Count
Columbia guides to literature since 1945 11
Columbia Historical Society. Records 351
Columbia Historical Society (Washington, D.C.) Records 1
Columbia Historical Society, Washington, D.C. Records 1
Columbia histories of modern American life 5
Columbia history of urban life 37
Columbia History of Urban Life 3
Columbia history of urban life series 1
Columbia home front warbooks 1
Columbia human rights law review 1
Columbia Industrial Reports. 1951 series 1
Columbia Instituto Caro y Cuervo Publicaciones Serie bibliográfica 1
Columbia international affairs online. Books 6
Columbia international affairs online. books 2
Columbia international affairs online Books 8
Columbia introduction to twentieth-century American poetry 1
Columbia introductions to twentieth-century American poetry 9
Columbia jazz contemporary masters 4
Columbia jazz masterpieces 55
Columbia jazz odyssey 1
Columbia journalism review books 11
Columbia Journalism Review Books 1
Columbia Journalism Review books 1
Columbia lectures on American culture 1
Columbia lectures on Iranian studies 8
Columbia legacy series 1
Columbia legal studies 5
Columbia legal studies, 1 1
Columbia legal studies, ed. under the auspices of the Faculty of law of Columbia university. E. W. patterson, editor 1
Columbia legal studies, edited under the auspices of the Faculty of law of Columbia university 1
Columbia legal studies, edited under the auspices of the Faculty of law of Columbia university, II 2
Columbia legendary performances 3
Columbia legends 2
Columbia literary monthly 1
Columbia-London law series 2
Columbia masterowrks 1
Columbia masterwork 1
Columbia masterworks 317
Columbia Masterworks 6
Columbia Northwest classics 3
Columbia paperback 3
Columbia paperbacks 1
Columbia Paperbacks, 25 1
Columbia papyri Greek series 4
Columbia papyri. Greek series 4
Columbia Partnership leadership series 2
Columbia project on Asia in the core curriculum 3
Columbia readings of Buddhist literature 4
Columbia Records Collectors' series 1
Columbia records legacy collection 1
Columbia River and tributaries review study 7
Columbia series in genealogy 1
Columbia series in molecular biology 3
Columbia series in Reformed theology 17
Columbia series in reformed theology 10
Columbia series in science and religion 11
Columbia series in the social sciences 1
Columbia series of graded spelling books 2
Columbia series on religion and politics 10
Columbia Series on Religion and Politics 1