Title Count
Blackwell philosophy and popculture series 29
Blackwell philosophy anthologies 27
Blackwell philosophy guides 24
Blackwell primers in anthropology 3
Blackwell public philosophy 12
Blackwell public philosophy series 2
Blackwell readers 15
Blackwell readers in American social and cultural history 9
Blackwell readers in anthropology 12
Blackwell readers in geography 3
Blackwell readers in sociology 7
Blackwell readers on the natural environment 2
Blackwell readings in Continental philosophy 7
Blackwell readings in modern theology 4
Blackwell readings in philosophy 14
Blackwell readings in religion 2
Blackwell readings in the history of philosophy 1
Blackwell Reference 1
Blackwell reference 24
Blackwell reference grammars 8
Blackwell Russian texts 11
Blackwell science biographies 7
Blackwell scientific biographies 1
Blackwell scientific publications 2
Blackwell Scientific Publications (Series-like phrase) 4
Blackwell series in finance 4
Blackwell series in health psychology and behavioral medicine 1
Blackwell Sourcebooks in Ancient History 2
Blackwell sourcebooks in ancient history 6
Blackwell studies in discourse and culture 4
Blackwell studies in global archaeology 16
Blackwell studies in personal and social education and pastoral care 1
Blackwell Textbooks in Linguistics 3
Blackwell textbooks in linguistics 22
Blackwell underground clinical vignettes 6
Blackwell's classical studies 2
Blackwell's English language series 1
Blackwells French texts 1
Blackwell's French texts 11
Blackwell's French texts. General editor: Alfred Ewert 2
Blackwell's German plain texts 2
Blackwells German texts 1
Blackwell's German texts 22
Blackwell's German texts, general editor: James Boyd 1
Blackwell's mountaineering library 2
Blackwell's music series 2
Blackwell's political texts 16
Blackwell's practical guides for teachers 2
Blackwell's Russian texts 8
Blackwell's sociology series 3
Blackwell's theological texts 1
Blackwell's underground clinical vignettes 6
Blackwood's class-books 1
Blackwood's class books Natural science series 3
Blackwood's class books. Natural science series 1
Blackwoods' classical texts 2
Blackwood's classical texts 1
Blackwood's philosophical classics 4
Blackwood's philosophy series 1
Blackwood's standard novels 3