Call Number Title Count
Z791.S35T358 1981 Library resources in Scotland : 1976-1977 / 1
Z791.S5M87 1996 JANET-VISCOUNT project : report from Sheffield Libraries & Information Services / 1
Z791.S54P763 1996 What do people do when their public library service closes down? : an investigation into the impact of the Sheffield libraries strike / 1
Z791.S64 Library resources in Scotland, 1
Z791.S64 1990 LIP-service project : report of the BLR&DD funded survey of library and information resources in London and South East of England / 1
Z791.S78 A directory of libraries and special collections in London devoted to the subjects of religion and philosophy and allied fields. 1
Z791.S88 The chained library; a survey of four centuries in the evolution of the English library, 1
Z791.S88 1931a The chained library; a survey of four centuries in the evolution of the English library. 1
Z791.S92 Summary of information on funds made available by local authorities for expenditure on materials for the purchase of books covering the years 1980/81, with estimated expenditure for the financial year 1981/82 / 1
Z791 .U84 2007 Equity and excellence in the public library : why ignorance is not our heritage / 1
Z791 .U84 2007eb Equity and excellence in the public library : why ignorance is not our heritage / 1
Z791.V9 Library co-operation in Great Britain; report of a survey of the National Central Library and The Regional Library Bureaux 1
Z791.W3L7 Libraries and leisure : a symposium on the relationship between libraries and recreation in contemporary society / 1
Z791.W55B874 1989 So laudable an undertaking: the Wilmington Library, 1788-1988/ 1
Z791.W88 The English library before 1700; studies in its history, 1
Z791.W9 Special collections of local books in provincial libraries; a paper read at the first anual meeting of the Library association, Oxford October 1878 ... 1
Z792.A207 Annual report for the year ... 1
Z792.A38A38 1989 The Advocates' library : 300 years of a national institution 1689-1989 / 1
Z792.A73A73 2014 The Arcadian Library : bindings and provenance / 1
Z792.B29B9 The Bath mini-catalogue: a progress report, 1
Z792.B4A2 Annual report of the committee of the Public Library to the Council of the City and County Borough of Belfast.
Annual report of the committee of the Free Public Library to the Council of the City /
Z792.B44A6 History of the Belfast Library and Society for Promoting Knowledge : commonly known as the Linen Hall Library, chiefly taken from the minutes of the Society, and published in connection with the centenary celebration in 1888 / 1
Z792.B56C353 1974 Bloomsbury - the case against destruction / 1
Z792.B61 Annual report. 1
Z792.B62A5 1962 Notes on the history of the Birmingham public libraries, 1861-1961. 1
Z792.B62L3 The Birmingham free libraries, the Shakespere memorial library, and the art gallery. 1
Z792.B62P23 History of the Birmingham Library: an eighteenth century proprietary library as described in the annals of the Birmingham Library, 1779-1799, with a chapter on the later history of the library to 1955. 1
Z792.B63 T73 2012 Transforming the Bodleian / 1
Z792.B63 T73 2012eb Transforming the Bodleian / 1
Z792.B67C53 2015 A brief history of the Bodleian Library / 1
Z792.B67 C53 2020 A brief history of the Bodleian Library / 1
Z792.B7D9 Bolton public libraries, 1853-1978 : one hundred and twenty-five years in retrospect / 1
Z792.B74A3 NLL review. 1
Z792.B74H84 Out of the dinosaurs; the evolution of the National Lending Library for Science and Technology. 1
Z792.B74W34 Great Britain's National Lending Library, 1
Z792.B754 1983 User's handbook United Kingdom. 1
Z792.B85 W58 1988 The impact of British Library R&D Department publications on the operational management of libraries : report to the British Library Research and Development Department, contract SI/CI/198 / 1
Z792.B852 1988 The British Library automation strategy. 1
Z792.B859 1989 The British Library : past present future / 1
Z792.B8593a Annual report /
Review for the years ... /
Z792.B8593O15 OIOC newsletter / 1
Z792.B8593 W35 1990 Reorientation : towards an integrated British Library Oriental Service and collections / 1
Z792.B85932 B37 1996 Treasures of the British Library / 1
Z792.B85932 B37 2005 Treasures of the British Library / 1
Z792.B85932 B53 1998 Catalogue of the European manuscripts in the Oriental and India Office Collections of The British Library / 1
Z792.B85932B74 1990 The British Library : Humanities and Social Sciences Collections : guide / 1
Z792.B85932B74 1998 One hundred treasures from the British Library. 1
Z792.B85932B74b Report /
Annual report /
Z792.B85932B740 1985 Advancing with knowledge : the British Library strategic plan, 1985-1990. 1
Z792.B85932B757 1993 For scholarship, research and innovation : strategic objectives for the year 2000 / 1
Z792.B85932D380 1988 The British Library : a guide to its structure, publications, collections, and services / 1
Z792.B85932 D39 1998 Inside the British Library / 1
Z792.B85932 L43 2012 The book of the British Library / 1
Z792.B85932 L54 2009 Libraries within the library : the origins of the British Library's printed collections / 1
Z792.B85932M430 1994 Innovation in information : twenty years of the British Library Research and Development Department / 1
Z792.B85932N480 1990 New building for the British Library : report / 1
Z792.B85932R48 Research plan / 1
Z792.B85932 S76 2004 The architecture of the British Library at St. Pancras / 1
Z792.B85932S82 1998 The design and construction of the British Library / 1
Z792.B85932S870 1991 Survival of the fittest? : collection management implications of the British Library Review of acquisition and retention policies : papers presented at a seminar organised by the National Acquisitions Group to discuss 'selection for survival', at the Josiah Mason Hall, Birmingham, in November 1990 / 1