Call Number Title Count
Z7164.L6D650 1989 Human rights : a user's guide / 1
Z7164.L6F57 Privacy and access to government data for research : an international bibliography / 1
Z7164.L6F572 1984 Privacy and data protection : an international bibliography / 1
Z7164.L6F94 The printed word: a ten-year bibliography of the Fund for the Republic and the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, 1954-1963. 1
Z7164.L6H32 The problem of privacy in the computer age : an annotated bibliography / 1
Z7164.L6H837 2000 Human rights : a bibliography / 1
Z7164.L6H8430 1976 Human rights, bureaucracy, and public policy : a selected bibliography, 1976 / 1
Z7164.L6 H85 1983 Human rights in Latin America, 1964-1980 : a selective annotated bibliography / 1
Z7164.L6H88 Human rights : a topical bibliography / 1
Z7164.L6H91 Human rights in Latin America, 1964-1980 : a selective annotated bibliography / 1
Z7164.L6M322 1992 Political economy of human rights : a select bibliography / 1
Z7164.L6M97 Freedom of information and individual privacy : a selective bibliography / 1
Z7164.L6P85 2008 Pukhan inkwŏn munhŏn punsŏk : Pukhan inkwŏn, tʻalbukcha, chŏngchʻibŏm suyongso, indojuŭi, inkwŏn, isan kajok, pi chŏnhyang changgisu, nappukcha, kukkun pʻoro, puksong kyopʻo, wŏlbukcha, kwagŏ chʻŏngsan / 1
Z7164.L6T66 Wire tapping : a selected bibliography. 1
Z7164.L6 U55 1963 List of publications of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate. 1
Z7164.L6U58 Freedom of information, a selective report on recent writing. 1
Z7164.L6U6 Freedom of information; 1
Z7164.L6V470 1987 Human rights reports : an annotated bibliography of fact-finding missions / 1
Z7164.L7T66 Congressional investigation of lobbying; a selected bibliography. 1
Z7164.L7 T66 1956 Congressional investigation of lobbying : a selected bibliography / 1
Z7164.L8A34 1987 Local government in Bangladesh : a select bibliography / 1
Z7164.L8A570 1981 Sovety--vlastʹ narodnai͡a : rekomendatelʹnyĭ bibliograficheskiĭ ukazatelʹ / 1
Z7164.L8A850 1989 Panchayati raj system in India : a bibliography / 1
Z7164.L8B19 Metropolitan reform : an annotated bibliography / 1
Z7164.L8B3 1979 Public participation in Britain : a classified bibliography / 1
Z7164.L8B5 1952 Bibliography on state and local government in New England. 1
Z7164.L8B53 Central place studies; a bibliography of theory and applications 1
Z7164.L8B531 Central place studies; a bibliography of theory and applications 1
Z7164.L8B58 Bibliografia gospodarki komunalnej. 1
Z7164.L8B73 Council-manager government, 1940-64 : an annotated bibliography / 1
Z7164.L8B8 A bibliography of municipal administration and city conditions / 1
Z7164.L8C35 A bibliography on the reorganization and consolidation of local govervnment, 1
Z7164.L8C38 Administrative reorganization of state governments : a bibliography / 1
Z7164.L8C39 Metropolitan government and planning; a selected bibliography, prepared for the American Municipal Association. 1
Z7164.L8C4 Catalogue of the Chicago Municipal Library, 1908. 1
Z7164.L8C47 Check list of books and pamphlets on municipal government found in the free public libraries of Chicago. 1
Z7164.L8C5 What our city councils are doing; brief list of references to ordinances introduced in or passed by the city councils of large cities ... 1
Z7164.L8C55 Cincinnati's government : a bibliography. 1
Z7164.L8D57 A bibliography of reports, memoranda and publications of the Detroit bureau of governmental research, inc., March, 1916 to September, 1932. 1
Z7164.L8D6 Municipal affairs. Books and articles in the Detroit Public Library ... 1902. 1
Z7164.L8D66 Political and economic problems of the Boston metropolitan area : an annotated bibliography. 1
Z7164.L8E19 Economies of size in local government : an annotated bibliography / 1
Z7164.L8G6 The literature of local institutions / 1
Z7164.L8G75 Lists of books on municipal government, in the Grand Rapids Public Library. 1
Z7164.L8G801 A bibliography of British municipal history, including gilds and Parliamentary representation. 1
Z7164.L8G82 A classified list of books relating to British municipal history 1
Z7164.L8H17 Metropolis; a selected bibliography on administrative and other problems of metropolitan areas throughout the world. 1
Z7164.L8 H35 1967 Metropolis : a select bibliography of administrative and other problems in metropolitan areas throughout the world / 1
Z7164.L8H7 A brief bibliography of municipal government in the United States. 1
Z7164.L8H74 The official publications of American counties : a union list : with an introd. on the collecting of county publications / 1
Z7164.L8H75 Capacity-building (management improvement) for local governments : an annotated bibliography / 1
Z7164.L8H76 Public administration in rural areas and small jurisdictions : a guide to the literature / 1
Z7164.L8I3 Municipal documents and other publications on municipal government in the University of Illinois library, 1
Z7164.L8I6 Selected recent publications on county-government, 1
Z7164.L8I61 Metropolis; a select bibliography of administrative and other problems in metropolitan areas throughout the world. 1
Z7164.L8K77 A practitioner's guide to information sources and the literature on county government : an annotated bibliography / 1
Z7164.L8L81 Government of metropolitan areas; a selected list of publications issued since August 1, 1935 and supplementing a previous bibliography of that date. 1
Z7164. L8L85 A world of cities; a cross-cultural urban bibliography. 1
Z7164.L8M34 2009 Mestnoe samoupravlenie i kulʹtura : problemy, poiski, reshenii͡a, bibliograficheskiĭ ukazatelʹ / 1
Z7164.L8M4 Urban finance and administration : a guide to information sources / 1