Call Number Title Count
Z6953.5.C45L79 Chinese newspapers published in North America, 1854-1975 / 1
Z6953.5.C45 W365 1999 Meiguo Hua wen bao kan jian zhi, 1854-1997 / 1
Z6953.5.C45 Z46 1993 Zhongguo chu kou bao kan nei rong jian jie '93 = Newspapers & magazines of China '93 / 1
Z6953.5.E8N89 Nõukogude Eesti perioodilised väljaanded, 1940-1960; koondbibliograafia. 1
Z6953.5.E8N9 Nõukogude Eesti perioodilised väljaanded 1961-1970 : koondnimestik / 1
Z6953.5.F8T6 Bibliography of the French newspapers and periodicals of Louisiana / 1
Z6953.5.G3A75 German-American newspapers and periodicals, 1732-1955 : history and bibliography / 1
Z6953.5.G3A751 German-American newspapers and periodicals, 1732-1955; history and bibliography, 1
Z6953.5.G3A751 1973 The German language press of the Americas / 1
Z6953.5.G3Z540 1994 The German-language press in Indiana : a bibliography / 1
Z6953.5.J3C54 1980 Japanese economy and politics : selected serial titles in Japanese and English / 1
Z6953.5.P7R45 1988 The Polish microfilm project : a guide to Polish American newspapers and periodicals in microform / 1
Z6953.5.P7W48 Polish American serial publications, 1842-1966; an annotated bibliography. 1
Z6953.5.S4K42 Croatian newspapers and calendars in the United States. 1
Z6953.5.S6C4 1983 Soviet serials in translation held by the Center for Research Libraries / 1
Z6953.5.S62W960 1986 Guide to the American ethnic press : Slavic and East European newspapers and periodicals / 1
Z6953.5.S66K36 2000 Hispanic periodicals in the United States, origins to 1960 : a brief history and comprehensive bibliography / 1
Z6953.5.S7P3 List of daily newspaper files in the Columbus memorial library of the Pan American union. 1
Z6953.5.S9A3 Swedish-American political newspapers : a guide to the collections in the Royal Library, Stockholm, and the Augustana College Library, Rock Island / 1
Z6953.5.S9L9 Svenska tidningar och tidskrifter utgifna inom Nord-Amerikas Förenta Stater : bibliografiska öfversigt / 1
Z6953.5.S9S92 1981 Swedish-American newspapers : a guide to the microfilms held by Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center, Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois / 1
Z6953.5.U37M330 1983 The Peter Jacyk collection of Ukrainian serials : a guide to newspapers and periodicals / 1
Z6953.5.U37M97 2005 A research guide to Ukrainian and Carpatho-Rusyn American newspapers, periodicals, and calendars-almanacs on microfilm (1886-1976) / 1
Z6953.5.U37N38 2001 Neformalʹna presa v Ukraïni, 1988-1991 : kataloh za materialamy hazetnykh fondiv Nat͡sionalʹnoï biblioteky imeni V.I. Vernadsʹkoho / 1
Z6953.5.U37R41 A guide to newspapers and periodicals / 1
Z6954.A1F42 Die Presse in Lateinamerika; ein Handbuch für Wirtschaft und Werbung. 1
Z6954.A1G23 The press of Latin America: a tentative and selected bibliography in Spanish and Portuguese, 1
Z6954.A1P3 A selective list of periodicals of general interest published in Latin America. 1940. 1
Z6954.A1P31 A selective list of periodicals of general interest published in Latin America. 1940. 1
Z6954.A1U6 Latin American periodicals current in the Library of Congress, 1
Z6954.A6A7 Anuario prensa argentina; argent-press guía Solana de publicaciones, diarios, periódicos y revistas publicadas en la República argentina. 1
Z6954.A6B9 El periodismo en la provincia de Buenos Aires : año 1907 / 1
Z6954.A6G87 1998 Guía histórica de los medios gráficos argentinos en el siglo XIX : Biblioteca Nacional. 1
Z6954.A6G9 Guía periodística argentina y de las repúblicas latino-americanas ... 1
Z6954.A6P85 La Prensa ibero-americana. 1
Z6954.A7I524 1991 Indice de revistas cerradas de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, U.N.C. / 1
Z6954.A74C372 1993 Catalogo de publicaciones en serie argentinas : con registro de ISSN / 1
Z6954.A74P473 1993 La prensa literaria argentina 1890-1974 / 1
Z6954.B8A77 Catálogo de jornais brasileiros, 1808-1889 / 1
Z6954.B8B75 1994 Catálogo de periódicos brasileiros microfilmados / 1
Z6954.B8C2 Annales da imprensa periodica pernambucana de 1821-1908; dados historicos e bibliographicos coleccionados 1
Z6954.B8R59 Periódicos brasileiros de cultura. 1
Z 6954.C2 I58 1987 Inventory of Ontario newspapers, 1793-1986 / 1
Z6954.C2S770 1988 Alberta newspapers, 1880-1982 : an historical directory / 1
Z6954.C2S970 1985 Guide to Ukrainian Canadian newspapers, periodicals, and calendar-almanacs on microfilm, 1903-1970 / 1
Z6954.C2T738 1979 A survey and listing of Nova Scotia newspapers, 1752-1957 : with particular reference to the period before 1867 / 1
Z6954.C22B6 Checklist of Canadian ethnic serials = Liste des publications en série ethniques du Canada / 1
Z6954.C22C21 Canadian newspapers on microfilm. Catalogue de journaux canadiens sur microfilm /
Canadian newspapers on microfilm. Catalogue de journaux canadiens sur microfilm.
Z6954.C22C22 The Canadian newspaper directory ... A complete list of the newspapers and periodicals published in the Dominion of Canada and New Foundland, with full particulars ... 1
Z6954.C22C24 Canadian serials directory. Répertoire des publications sériées canadiennes. 1
Z6954.C22G6 A bibliography of Canadian cultural periodicals : (English and French from Colonial times to 1950) in Canadian libraries / 1
Z6954.C22M19 Ontario ethno-cultural newspapers, 1835-1972, an annotated checklist. 1
Z6954.C22N28 1974 Holdings of Canadian serials in the National Library = Inventaire des publications canadiennes en serie dans la Bibliothèque nationale. 1
Z6954.C22N35 Union list of Canadian newspapers held by Canadian libraries. Liste collective des journaux canadiens disponibles dans les bibliothèques canadiennes. 1
Z6954.C22N53H29 Historical directory of New Brunswick newspapers and periodicals. 1
Z6954.C22Q3B38 Les journaux du Québec de 1764 à 1964 / 1
Z6954.C22Q3T3 Historique des journaux de Québec, 1
Z6954.C22S3M2 Historical directory of Saskatchewan newspapers, 1878-1950. 1
Z6954.C22T69F53 Early Toronto newspapers, 1793-1867; a catalogue of newspapers published in the town of York and the city of Toronto from the beginning to confederation. 1
Z6954.C22W9 The "alternative" press in Canada: a checklist of underground, revolutionary, radical and other alternative serials from 1960, 1