Call Number Title Count
Z6944.J4H45 Jewish newspapers and periodicals on microfilm, available at the American Jewish Periodical Center. 1
Z6944.J4H45 1984 Jewish newspapers and periodicals on microfilm : available at the American Jewish Periodical Center / 1
Z6944.J4H46 Jewish newspapers and periodicals on microfilm, available at the American Jewish Periodical Center. 1
Z6944.J4P77 A short history of the Jewish press and literature of South Africa from its earliest days until the present time. 1
Z6944.L4B89 Library and documentation periodicals, 1
Z6944.L4B891 The library and documentation journals. 1
Z6944.L4B892 Library and documentation journals. 1
Z6944.L4E6 Library periodicals in English. 1
Z6944.L5B86 British directory of little magazines and small presses. 1
Z6944.L5D5 Directory of little magazines and small presses.
Directory of little magazines.
Z6944.L5D51 International directory of little magazines & small presses. 1
Z6944.L5D51 suppl. The whole COSMEP catalog / 1
Z6944.L5D52 Directory of small magazine/press editors and publishers.
The Directory of small press & magazine editors & publishers.
Z6944.L5G86 1992 The world of zines : a guide to the independent magazine revolution / 1
Z6944.L5N91 1974 Directory of alternative periodicals / 1
Z6944.L5S16 Comprehensive index to English-language little magazines, 1890-1970, series one / 1
Z6944.L5W570 1979 Catalog of little magazines : a collection in the Rare Book Room, Memorial Library, University of Wisconsin--Madison / 1
Z6944.N39 A37 1998 African-American newspapers and periodicals : a national bibliography / 1
Z6944.N39C18 Extant collections of early Black newspapers : a research guide to the Black press, 1880-1915, with an index to the Boston guardian, 1902-1904 / 1
Z6944.N39D6 Directory of U.S. Negro newspapers, magazines & periodicals. 1
Z6944.N39H460 1995 Bibliographic checklist of African American newspapers / 1
Z6944.N39L17 The Black newspaper in America; a guide, 1
Z6944.N39L17 1979 A survey of Black newspapers in America / 1
Z6944.N39L66 Directory of Black literary magazines, 1
Z6944.N39P360 1993 A reference guide to Afro-American publications and editors, 1827-1946 / 1
Z6944.N39P9 1953 Negro newspapers on microfilm : a selected list. 1
Z6944.N39S36 A selected list of periodicals relating to Negroes, with holdings in the libraries of Yale University. 1
Z6944.N39U58 U.S. Negro world. 1
Z6944.N44S78 Oxbridge directory of newsletters. 1
Z6944.P84 F57 2004 Complete bibliographical manual of books about the Pulitzer Prizes, 1935-2003 : monographs and anthologies on the coveted awards / 1
Z6944.R44R440 1991 Regional interest magazines of the United States / 1
Z6944.S3 Directory of open access journals : DOAJ. 1
Z6944.S3A19 1975 Catalogo dei periodici e atti accademici posseduti dalla Biblioteca : con elenco degli enti e bibliografia / 1
Z6944.S3A220 1994 Academic and literary journals of India. 1
Z6944.S3A24 An Advertiser's guide to scholarly periodicals. 1
Z6944.S3A85 Catalogue des publications périodiques universitaires de langue française. 1
Z6944.S3 I68 2017 INTERNATIONAL SURVEY OF BUSINESS & ECONOMICS UNIVERSITY FACULTY : use of scholarly journals & other periodicals. 1
Z6944.S3K640 1991 Kokuritsu Minzokugaku Hakubutsukan Nihongo gakujutsu zasshi mokuroku, 1990 / 1
Z6944.S3K640 1993 Kokuritsu Minzokugaku Hakubutsukan gaikokugo gakujutsu zasshi mokuroku, 1992 / 1
Z6944.S3L375 Latindex. 1
Z6944.S3L43 1990 A directory of scholarly journals in English language and literature / 1
Z6944.S3L57 2005 al-Liqāʼ al-ʻilmī li-masʼūlī al-taḥrīr fī al-majallāt al-ʻilmīyah al-maḥkamah fī al-Mamlakah al-ʻArabīyah al-Saʻūdīyah 19/3/1425H/ al-muwāfiq 8/5/2004 M. 1
Z6944.S3L66 Guía de publicaciones periódicas de universidades latinoamericanas. 1
Z6944.S3T92 Bibliography of Chinese academic serials, pre-1949 : material in Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace = [Chung-kuo ta hsüeh yü chuan kʻo chʻi kʻan mu lu] / 1
Z6944.S3Z466 Zhongguo xue shu qi kan ping jia yan jiu bao gao : RCCSE quan wei, he xin qi kan pai hang bang yu zhi nan / 1
Z6944.S45G760 1996 Tabloid journalism : an annotated bibliography of English-language sources / 1
Z6944.S55C3 1986 Journals of dissent and social change : a bibliography of titles in the California State University, Sacramento, Library / 1
Z6944.S6M370 1986 Revolucionarna i ratna štampa, 1871-1945 : periodika : katalog Biblioteke Matice srpske / 1
Z6944.S8A51 Periodicals for school libraries; a guide to magazines, newspapers, and periodical indexes. 1
Z6944.S8A51 1973 Periodicals for school libraries: a guide to magazines, newspapers, and periodical indexes. 1
Z6944.S8C38 1999 Catalogo delle riviste studentesche / 1
Z6944.T7J6 Journals in translation. 1
Z6944.U4U4 Bibliohrafichnyĭ pokaz͡hchyk ukraïnsʹkoï presy poza mez͡hamy Ukraïny. 1
Z6944.U5D2 Undergrounds; a union list of alternative periodicals in libraries of the United States and Canada. 1
Z6944.U5 H37 1986 Solidarność żyje : Polskie Wydawnictwa Podziemne, 1981-1985 : Wystawa / 1
Z6944.U5H7 The alternative press in Britain : a select bibliography / 1
Z6944.U5L25 Student's guide to leftist periodicals : an international bibliography / 1
Z6944.U5L85 1999 Den frie hemmelige pressen i Norge under okkupasjonen 1940-45 : en fortellende bibliografi / 1
Z6944.U5N88 Guide to underground newspapers in the Special Collections Department. 1
Z6944.U5O2 1973 Altenative press publication guide : fall 1973 / 1