Call Number Title Count
Z6621.O71 Inventaire des manuscrits de la Bibliothèque d'Orléans : Fonds de Fleury. 1
Z6621.O732B75 2001 Subject-guide to the Arabic manuscripts in the British Library / 1
Z6621.O747O7560 An alphabetical catalogue of Oriya & other manuscripts in the collection of the Orissa State Museum, Bhubaneswar/ 1
Z6621.O747S350 An alphabetical catalogue of Sanskrit manuscripts in the collection of the Orissa State Museum, Bhubaneswar / 1
Z6621.O75 A738 1997x Katalog rukopisa Orijentalnog instituta : lijepa književnost / 1
Z6621.O773M239 1956 Az Országos Széchényi Könyvtár magyar nyelvű újkori kötetes kéziratainak katalógusa. 1
Z6621.O78 1950 Kéziratos források az Országos Széchényi Könyvtárban, 1789-1867 / 1
Z6621.O8 Norske og danske dikteres originalmanuskripter / 1
Z6621.O82A2 Verzeichniss der handschriften in der bibliothek des stiftes Ossegg / 1
Z6621.O833 O83 1995 Ōtani Daigaku Toshokan shozō baiyō shahon mokuroku / 1
Z6621.O883L3 Die mittelalterlichen Handschriften in der Abtei Ottobeuren : Kurzverzeichnis / 1
Z6621.O883 P47 2003 Fihrist-i dastnivis'hā-yi Fārsī dar Kitābkhāna-yi Millī-yi Utrīsh va Ārshīv-i Dawlatī Utrīsh dar Vīyan / 1
Z6621.O9P67 1998 A catalogue of manuscripts in Harris Manchester College Oxford / 1
Z6621.O92 Catálogo de los pergaminos de la Catedral de Oviedo / 1
Z6621.O95C6 Catalogus sive notitia manuscriptorum qui a cel. E.D. Clarke comparati in bibliotheca Bodleiana adservantur ... 1
Z6621.O95C8 Catalogus codicum mss. qui in collegiis aulisque oxoniensibus hodie adservantur / 1
Z6621.O95C81 Summary catalog of manuscripts 213-305 [i.e. 310] : being a supplement to Coxe's catalog of 1852. 1
Z6621.O95C85 Recensionem codicum graecorum continens / 1
Z6621.O95M2 A summary catalogue of Western manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford. 1
Z6621.O95S2 Catalogue of the Persian, Turkish, Hind̂ust̂an̂i and Pusht̂u manuscripts / 1
Z6621.O96A8 A descriptive, analytical and critical catalogue of the manuscripts bequeathed ... by Elias Ashmole ... : also of some additional mss. contributed by Kingsley, Lhuyd, Borlaise, and others / 1
Z6621.O96A81 Index to the catalogue of the manuscripts of Elias Ashmole ... in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. 1
Z6621.O96C3 Codices græcos et latinos Canonicianos complectens / 1
Z6621.O96D54 1999 Digby manuscripts. 1
Z6621.O96H9 Three catalogues : describing the contents of the Red Book of the Exchequer, of the Dodsworth manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, and of the manuscripts in the library of the honourable society of Lincoln's Inn. / 1
Z6621.O96L37 1973 Laudian manuscripts / 1
Z6621.O96L94 Catalogue of the collection of medieval manuscripts bequeathed to the Bodleian Library, Oxford by James P.R. Lyell / 1
Z6621.O96R3 Viri munificentissimi Ricardi Rawlinson, J.C.D., codicum classes duas priores, ad rem historicam præcipue et topographicam spectantes, complectens / 1
Z6621.O96R5 1970 Manuscript collections (excluding Africana) in Rhodes House Library,Oxford / 1
Z6621.O96S367 1996 Scots and their books in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance : an exhibition in the Bodleian Library, Oxford / 1
Z6621.O96T2 Codices viri admodum reverendi Thomæ Tanneri ... complectens : Confecit Alfredus Hackman ... 1
Z6621.O96T21 Codices viri admodum reverendi Thomas Tanneri, complectens / 1
Z6621.O96W8 Catalogus librorum manuscriptorum viri clarissimi Antonii a Wood : Being a minute catalogue of each particular contained in the manuscript collections of Antony a Wood deposited in the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford / 1
Z6621.O975A7 Catalogue of the Armenian manuscripts in the Bodleian Library / 1
Z6621.O975E8 Codices aethiopici / 1
Z6621.O975G7 Greek manuscripts in the Bodleian Library : an exhibition held in connection with the 13th International Congress of Byzantine Studies. 1
Z6621.O975H4 Catalogue of the Hebrew manuscripts in the Bodleian Library and in the college libraries of Oxford, including mss. in other languages, which are written with Hebrew characters, or relating to the Hebrew language or literature; and a few Samaritan mss. / 1
Z6621.O975H423 1994 Catalogue of the Hebrew manuscripts in the Bodleian Library and in the college libraries of Oxford : including mss. in other languages, which are written with Hebrew characters, or relating to the Hebrew language or literature, and a few Samaritan mss. / 1
Z6621.O975H43 1994 Catalogue of the Hebrew manuscripts in the Bodleian Library : supplement of addenda and corrigenda to Vol. I (A. Neubauer's catalogue) / 1
Z6621.O975I8 Catalogo dei manoscritti italiani che sotto la denominazione di codici Canonicani italici ... / 1
Z6621.O975L3E5 Specimens of Latin palaeography from mss. in the Bodleian Library / 1
Z6621.O975O6 Bibliothecæ Bodleianæ codicum manuscriptorum orientalium ... catalogus ... 1
Z6621.O975O61 Index ad codices reperiendos, cum notarum numeralium, quibus nonnulli hoc in Catalogo passim obvii olim signati erant, ad eas, quas hodie obtinent, accommodatione. 1
Z6621.O975P8 Catalogue of Prākrit manuscripts in the Bodleian library, 1
Z6621.O975S3 1864 Codices Sanscriticos complectens / 1
Z6621.O976H6 A student's guide to the manuscripts relating to English history in the seventeenth century in the Bodleian Library. 1
Z6621.O98C3 Report to the Right Honorable the Master of the rolls, upon the Carte and carew papers in the Bodleian and Lambeth libraries. 1
Z6621.O981A42 1842 Catalogue of manuscripts in the library of All Souls College. 1
Z6621.O981B19 1963 Catalogue of the manuscripts of Balliol College, Oxford / 1
Z6621.O981C4 1867 Catalogus codicum mss. qui in bibliotheca Ædis Christi apud Oxonienses adservantur / 1
Z6621.O981H355 2017 A descriptive catalogue of the western manuscripts, to c. 1600, in Christ Church, Oxford / 1
Z6621.P122 1996 Incipitario dei manoscritti della Biblioteca Antoniana di Padova / 1
Z6621.P1223 1975 Codici e manoscritti della Biblioteca antoniana / 1
Z6621.P15 1842 Catalogo dei codici manoscritti esistenti nella Biblioteca di Sant'Antonio di Padova : con brevissimi cenni biografici degli autori / 1
Z6621.P18A5 1893 Catalogue des manuscrits de la Bibliothèque de la ville de Paris / 1
Z6621.P2 1739 Catalogus codicum manuscriptorum bibliothecæ regiæ. 1
Z6621.P2A32 Catalogue général des manuscrits français / 1
Z6621.P2A323 Catalogue générale des manuscrits français : Table générale alphabétique des ancien et nouveaux fonds (nos 1-33264) et des nouvelles acquisitions (nos 1-10000) / 1
Z6621.P2A325 Manuscrits latins et français ajoutés aux fonds des nouvelles acquisitions pendant les années 1875-1891 / 1
Z6621.P2A33 Catalogue des manuscrits grecs, latins, français et espagnols et des portulans recueillis / 1