Call Number (LC) Title Results
Z5942.C73 no.336 1972 Black women in the cities, 1872-1972: a bibliography of published works on the life and achievements of black women in cities in the United States. 1
Z5942.C73 no.337 1972 A history of urban growth and development: a selected bibliography of published works on the history of urban growth and development in the United States, 1872-1972. 1
Z5942.C73 no.338 1972 A source list for the beginner in urban research 1
Z5942.C73 no.339 1972 The techniques and application of aerial photography to anthropology: a bibliography. 1
Z5942.C73 no.340 1972 Urbanization in France and Italy. 1
Z5942.C73 no.341 1972 Periodic markets: source materials on markets and fairs in peasant society. 1
Z5942.C73 no.342 1972 Residential abandonment: the environment of decay 1
Z5942.C73 no.343 1972 Economic aspects of the airport environment: noise, air pollution, and congestion. 1
Z5942.C73 no.344 1972 Housing problems, government housing policies and housing market responses: an annotated bibliography. 1
Z5942.C73 no.345 1972 An annotated bibliography on leisure. 1
Z5942.C73 no.346 1972 Working notes and bibliography on the study of shape in human geography and planning. 1
Z5942.C73 no.347 1972 Decentralization in urban government: an annotated bibliography. 1
Z5942.C73 no.348 1972 Urbanism and urban social organization: recent Canadian studies. 1
Z5942.C73 no.349 1972 The illusion of mobile homes as supplemental housing for low income families. 1
Z5942.C73 no.350 1972 The spatial organization of recreation: a bibliography of theses and dissertations on the geography of recreation. 1
Z5942.C73 no.351 1972 Malaysian politics and planning: a selected bibliography of published and unpublished English-language data (1969-1972) 1
Z5942.C73 no.352 1972 Urban applications of remote sensing (A revision of CPL Exchange bibliography no. 222) 1
Z5942.C73 no.353 1972 Environmental aspects of transportation planning; (A revision of CPL exchange bibliography no.218) 1
Z5942.C73 no.354 1973 Index to CPL exchange bibliographies no. 1-353, 1958-December 1972. 1
Z5942.C73 no.355 1973 Graduate student research in planning, urban design and urban affairs, 1970-1972. 1
Z5942.C73 no.356 1973 Housing rehabilitation: restraints, prospects, policies. 1
Z5942.C73 no.357 1973 Fiscal management and planning for local governments: a selected bibliography of recent materials. 1
Z5942.C73 no.358-360 Urban geography, 1950-'70: a comprehensive bibliography of urbanism as reflected in the articles and book reviews of 72 American, Canadian, British, Dutch, and Scandinavian geographical periodicals. 1
Z5942.C73 no.361 1973 The legislative role in urban affairs: a bibliography. 1
Z5942.C73 no.362 1973 Review and synthesis of cost-effectiveness studies of vocational and technical education. 1
Z5942.C73 no.363-364 1973 Selected bibliography on new town planning and development. 1
Z5942.C73 no.365 1973 Water-related environmental planning. 1
Z5942.C73 no.366 1973 Legal bibliography; a critical overview for environmentalists / 1
Z5942.C73 no.367 1973 User/environment interface in health care systems. 1
Z5942.C73 no.368 1973 Urban sprawl : form and process / 1
Z5942.C73 no.369 1973 Planning health care facilities : a bibliography / 1
Z5942.C73 no.370 1973 Health care consultation : a bibliography / 1
Z5942.C73 no.371 1973 Hospital merger : a bibliography / 1
Z5942.C73 no.372 1973 Inferential statistical analysis: issues, foundations and schools of thought. 1
Z5942.C73 no.373 1973 Economic anthropology: a working bibliography. 1
Z5942.C73 no.374-375 1973 Annotated bibliography on growth centres. 1
Z5942.C73 no.376-377 1973 American Indians (U.S. & Canada): a bibliography of contemporary studies and urban research, 1
Z5942.C73 no.378 1973 The optimal size for discussion groups. 1
Z5942.C73 no.379 1973 A study of the geodesic dome applied to housing: introduction and annotated bibliography. 1
Z5942.C73 no.384 1973 Architectural/building programming: an annotated bibliography. 1
Z5942.C73 no.385 1973 Environmental preferences : relevant studies for urban planning / 1
Z5942.C73 no.386 1973 Ambulatory care. 1
Z5942.C73 no.387 1973 Growth poles and growth centres in regional development: a bibliography. 1
Z5942.C73 no.388 1973 Residential location with multiple workplaces and a heterogeneous housing stock. 1
Z5942.C73 no.389 1973 The physical morphology of urban places: a selected bibliography. 1
Z5942.C73 no.390 1973 Earthquake hazards and the urban environment, 1
Z5942.C73 no.391 1973 Goals, objectives and values: selected references relating to national, state and urban or regional areas, covering general transportation aspects. 1
Z5942.C73 no.392 1973 Comprehensive health planning bibliography. 1
Z5942.C73 no.393 1973 Neighborhood cognition of elderly residents. 1
Z5942.C73 no.394 1973 Highways and the environment: a bibliography of the effects of highways on the physical, biological, recreational and aesthetic environments and of techniques for the analysis of these impacts. 1
Z5942.C73 no.395 1973 Solid waste management : economics and operation / 1
Z5942.C73 no.396 1973 Public participation in environmental decision-making. 1
Z5942.C73 no.397 1973 Conservation : the scientific aspects : a guide to the literature / 1
Z5942.C73 no.398-400 1973 Institutions of higher education and urban problems: a bibliography and review for planners. 1
Z5942.C73 no.401-402 1973 Research and theory in social psychology pertinent to current problems in public health : general and annotated bibliographies / 1
Z5942.C73 no.403 1973 Operations research: an elementary guide to the literature. 1
Z5942.C73 no.404 1973 Ambulatory care: an annotated bibliography of recent planning literature. 1
Z5942.C73 no.405 1973 Annotated bibliography of published literature on the cataloging and classification of films, pictures, and slides in architecture, city planning, and art 1
Z5942.C73 no.406 1973 The ecological impact of solid waste / 1
Z5942.C73 no.407 1973 Recycling and re-use: the future of solid waste 1