Call Number Title Count
Z4692.S59 Impresos del siglo XVII. Bibliografía selectiva por materias de 3500 ediciones príncipes en lengua castellana. 1
Z4701.F67 1998 Hawaiian national bibliography, 1780-1900 / 1
Z4701.H39 Hawaii register of historic places: bibliography of Hawaiiana, 1
Z4701 .L54 2004 Hawaiian history : an annotated bibliography / 1
Z4701.M670 1992 Hawaiʻi / 1
Z4701.M80 1990 Basic Hawaiiana. 1
Z4701.M93 Basic Hawaiiana, 1
Z4703.C93 Current Hawaiiana. 1
Z4703.U5a Acquisition list / 1
Z4705.H34 Hawaii documents. 1
Z4705 .H35 Official publications of the Territory of Hawaii, 1900-1959 / 1
Z4705.H39 Official publications of the Territory of Hawaii, 1900-1959. 1
Z4705.P5 A preliminary check list of the printed reports and correspondence of the Minister of Foreign Relations of the government of the Hawaiian Islands, 1845 to 1862, inclusive : together with a list of the printed government documents referred to, or quoted therein / 1
Z4706.C32 Preliminary catalogue of Hawaiiana in the library of George R. Carter... Part I 1
Z4706.H4 Voyages to Hawaii before 1860 : a study based on historical narratives in the library of the Hawaiian Mission Children's Society / 1
Z4706.H91 Bibliography of the Hawaiian Islands / 1
Z4706.J9 Hawaiian language imprints, 1822-1899 : a bibliography / 1
Z4706.U5 List of books relating to Hawaii (including references to collected works and periodicals), 1
Z4708.A8H38 Hawaii series. 1
Z4708.A8H38 no.1 The Japanese in Hawaii, 1868-1967: a bibliography of the first hundred years. 1
Z4708.A8H38 no.3 Culture and behavior in Hawaii; an annotated bibliography. 1
Z4708.A8H38 no.5 The Japanese in Hawaii : an annotated bibliography of Japanese Americans / 1
Z4708.A8H38 no.6 The Filipinos in Hawaii : an annotated bibliography / 1
Z4708.A8H38 no.7 The Hawaiians : an annotated bibliography / 1
Z4708.C5L37 The Chinese in Hawaii : a checklist of Chinese materials in the Asia and Hawaiian collections of the University of Hawaii Library / 1
Z4708.C54L8 The Chinese in Hawaii: a bibliographic survey, 1
Z4708.L5N4 Hawaiian language. 1
Z4709.H25 Catalogue of the bound books in the library of the Hawaiian historical society. 1
Z4741.R35 Bibliography of the island of Guam; 1
Z4783.T5W530 1995 American literary publishing in the mid-nineteenth century : the business of Ticknor and Fields / 1
Z4795.O66 Bibliographie méthodique, analytique et critique de la Nouvelle-Calédonie. 1
Z4805.O66 Bibliographie méthodique, analytique et critique des îles Wallis et Futuna. 1
Z4805.P67 Bibliographie méthodique, analytique et critique de la Nouvelle-Calédonie, 1955-1982 / 1
Z4811.A24 The Charles Barrett collection of New Guineana; an author checklist 1
Z4811.B880 1984 A New Guinea bibliography / 1
Z4811.G375 2011 French speaking scholars and writers on Papua New Guinea, Irian Jaya, and the Solomon Islands, in anthropology, history, and literature / 1
Z4811.M280 1988 Papua New Guinea / 1
Z4811.N53 New Guinea bibliography.
Papua New Guinea national bibliography.
New Guinea periodical index.
Z4811.S340 1992 Bibliographie deutschsprachiger kolonialer Literatur zu Quellen der Ethnographie und Geschichte der Bevölkerung von Kaiser Wilhelms-Land, dem Bismarck-Archipel und den Deutschen Salomon Inseln, 1880-1914, annotiert = Bibliography of German colonial literature for references of ethnology and history of the population of Kaiser Wilhelms Land, the Bismarck Archipelago, and the German Solomons Islands, 1880-1914, annotated / 1
Z4812.D9G19 Bibliography of West New Guinea. 1
Z4812.D9G2 Bibliographie van Nederlands-Nieuw-Guinea. 1
Z4812.G72 Government publications of Papua and New Guinea. 1
Z4813.M33K34 1999 A bibliography of Madang Province / 1
Z4813.S26.K35 2000 A bibliography of West Sepik, Sandaun Province / 1
Z4814.E7A62 Annotated Anga (Kukukuku) bibliography 1
Z4814.E74O40 1987 Motu-Koita bibliography / 1
Z4814.E85M18 The kula : a bibliography / 1
Z4814.L5C37 1996 A linguistic bibliography of the New Guinea area / 1
Z4814.L5H43 Bibliography of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, Papua New Guinea Branch, 1956-1972 : publications in linguistics, literacy and anthropology / 1
Z4815.G48 New Guinea: catalogue of books relating to New Guinea (but with special reference to Papua) in the library of Evan R. Gill. 1
Z4816.B335 1984 West Irian : a bibliography / 1
Z4820.K9 Bibliography of the Banks Islands, Western Pacific, 1
Z4820.O66 Bibliographie méthodique, analytique et critique des Nouvelles-Hébrides. 1
Z4891.C655 1978 Catalogue of theses and dissertations relating to the Samoan islands / 1
Z4891.D35 Calendar of the George Handy Bates Samoan papers at the University of Delaware. 1
Z4891.H650 1984 Samoan Islands bibliography / 1
Z4891 .H84 1997 Samoa : American Samoa, Western Samoa, Samoans abroad / 1
Z4891.L544 1999 Samoa 1880-1914 : Bibliographie deutschsprachiger kolonialer Literatur zu Quellen der Ethnographie und Geschichte annotiert = A bibliography of German-language colonial literature as ethnographical and historical sources annotated / 1
Z4891.P470 1983 A check list of selected material on Samoa / 1
Z4891.U5 A list of books (with references to periodicals) on Samoa and Guam. 1