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Z330.6.L6 L66 2003 The London book trade : topographies of print in the metropolis from the sixteenth century / 1
Z330.6.L6M390 1984 The London book trades, 1735-1775 : a checklist of members in trade directories and in Musgrave's "Obituary" / 1
Z330.6.L6M45 2005 A chronology and calendar of documents relating to the London book trade, 1641-1700 / 1
Z330.6.L6P40 1987 The bookshops of London / 1
Z330.6.L6R39 2014 Bookscape : geographies of printing and publishing in London before 1800 / 1
Z330.6.L6 S76 2005 'Tis treason, my good man! : four revolutionary presidents and a Piccadilly bookshop / 1
Z330.6.L6 S76 2018 The publishing game : adventures in books : 150 years of Hodder & Stoughton / 1
Z330.6.L6T64 A directory of printers and others in allied trades, London and vicinity 1800-1840; 1
Z330.6 .L66 Proposals for the printing a description of the cities of London and Westminster, with the liberties and parts adjacent, according to their present state. : And for as much as our American plantations are of such great concern in way of trade, &c. to this city and kingdom, there shall be printed a description thereof and that according to these particulars, /
Advertisement to gentlemen : Just publish'd, the second edition of Mr. Hill's History of the whole Ottoman empire, in folio contains near a 110 sheets (with a new preface, and several copies of verses, by some of the most ingenious men of the age ...) consisting of fifty-two chapters ... gentlemen and others may have them at 12 s, per book, neatly bound in calves leather, gilt edges and letter'd on the back, of J. Mayo only, over against Water-Lane-End in Fleet-street.
This day will be publish'd. The golden spy: or, a political journal of the British nights entertainment in war and peace, and love and politicks ...
[Notes in mss. about holdings of the Bodleian and Merton College libraries].
[Two memo leaflets, with various transactions in ms., mostly to do with books].
Advertisement to booksellers. August 16. 1704. : Tomorrow morning will be published The present state of Europe ; or, The historical and political monthly Mercury, &c. for July 1704. Printed for H. Rhodes in Fleet-street, Eliz. Harris, at the Harrow in Little-Britain ; and sold by J. Nutt, near Stationers-Hall.
Advertisement to gentlemen. : Whereas Hudibras in three parts, written by Mr. Samuel Butler, has not till now been well or correctly printed, tho' sold at a large price, to the great abuse of the buyers. Therefore there is published a neat and correct pocket edition, printed upon a fine Dutch paper, with a new letter, illustrated with nineteen historical cuts, design'd and engrav'd by the best masters ; also the author's effigies taken from the original and finely engraven, and sold for four shillings bound in one volume in claves leather, or five shillings bound in three volumes, by John Baker near the Queen's-Head-Tavern in Pater-Noster-Row ...
Advertisement. : Whereas a newpaper, entitled the Female tatler, was expected to be published to day, this is to inform the town, that the said paper will certainly be publish'd on Friday next, by B. Bragge at the Black Raven in Paternoster Row ...
June 26. 1703. : Whereas a nameless advertisement was slipt into the last Gazette, to insinuate that no body (through ignorance,) should meddle with the abridgment of the Lord Clarendon's History: this is to give notice to that body who is the publisher, or any body else, that, in the judgment of very ingenious persons who have perused it, the said abridgment is in all points perfect and entire ...
Proposals for the printing an entire course or body of philosophy, according to the principles of the famous Renate Des Cartes, wrote in Latin by the learned Anthony Le Grand : which will now be carefully translated into English by good hands, with large additions and alterations by the said author, and printed in folio, with an illustration of about an hundred ornamental scultptures /
Si quis linqu[e?]s, Latinam, Germanicam, Gallicam, Belgicam aut Intalicam sci[-r?-] exoptat â me Ch. de Switerda, equite Brandenburgico, toparcha â Schonenwerder ...
[List of three book titles in ms.].
Advertisement. : a choice collection of papers relating to state affairs during the late revolution ; some whereof were never before printed. Price 6s. ... Sold by the booksellers of London and Westminster.
Advertisement. Tuesday, April 21. 1702. : the Daily courant, which for some time has been dispers'd gratis, to give the town a taste of it ; began yesterday to be sold ...
Advertisement to booksellers. December 8th, 1703. : A third and last part of the Roman history in one volume 8vo, being a continuation of Mr. Echard's first and second ... will in a short time be published by the proprietors of the former ...
Memorandum for Mr. Bagford. : He tells me he hath a prospect or view of Oxford, done by Mr. Wenc. Holler, which I am very desirous of seeing ... /
A [-?-] or two from [-?-] of the mss. in the Bodleyn [sic] at number 3622.
At the Seven Stars in Sweetings-Ally, near the Royal Exchange in Cornhill. : There is lately published, The wars in England, Scotland and Ireland, or An impartial account of all the battels, sieges, and other remarkable transactions ... which have happened from the beginning of the reign of King Charles the First, in 1625. to his Majesties happy restauration, 1660. ... Illustrated with pictures of several remarkable accidents curiously engraven on copper plates. Price one shilling.
This day is publish'd, on a broad-sheet of fine paper. : The whole and exact list of the parliament, as well Scotch as English, dissolv'd the 21st of September last, wherein ... are distinguish'd those who voted for or against Dr. Henry Sacheverel ... Sold by A. Collins, at the Black-Boy over against St. Dunstans-Church in Fleet-street, price 2 d.
This day is publish'd. : The laity's remonstrance to the late prepresentation of the H. of C--n; with a turn of the tables. Price 6 d. [etc.] Just publishe'd. The second part of the secret history of the October Clubb ... To morrow [sic] will be publish'd. A collections of hymns and poems for the use of the October-Clubb ... This week will be publish'd. The re-representation ... Printed for J. Baker at the Black-Boy in Pater-Noster-Row.
The merchants daily companion
This day is publish'd, one hundred of the Tatlers, written by Isaac Bickerstaff, Esq. : Printed in a neat pocket edition, on the same paper, and with same letter as this advertisement ... and sold by H. Hills in Black-Fryers, and J. Baker at the Black Boy in Pater-Noster-Row. Price bound in calves leather, four shillings ... Hudibras in a neat pocket edition ...
Whereas an invidious advertisement was publish'd last week affirming, that the translation of Sallust, lately printed, is publish'd under the name of one John Rowe, Esq; to deceive gentlemen into a belief that 'tis Mr. Rowe, author of Tamerlane, etc. : This is to satisfy the world, that the malicious insinuation in the late advertisement is altogether false and groundless ...
William the Third, by the Grace of God King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c. To all the nobility and gentry of our kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland, and to all other our loving subjects of what degree and quality soever, greeting. : Whereas Richard Blome of London Gent. our cosmographical printer, hath represented unto us, that he hath undertaken the printing a new survey, or description of our cities of London and Westminster, with the liberties and parts adjacent; as also of the several American plantations ...
Advertisement. : Richard Newcomb, printer, from Blackfryers, now liveth in the Great Old-Baily, at the sign of the Dyers-Arms, near the Sessions-House: where he printeth all sorts of books ...
There is now fixed at the Exhange-House in Hatton-Garden, a general office for publishing and selling books and pamphlets : as also for printing and dispersing all other papers or advertisements that upon any occasion are required by any person to be given away gratis, and which call for either a speedy or a general publication; likewise for publishing and selling all sorts of merchandizes, goods and wares, by a method never hitherto made use of.
Advertisement to gentlemen. : Whereas Hudibras, in three parts, written by Mr. Samuel Butler, has hitherto been printed on a scandalous paper (to the great abuse of the publick;) it is now printed on a very fine paper, and a new letter, illustrated with 19 cutts ... notwithstanding the false insinuations of Mr. Jacob Tonson, in the Gazette of Tuesday Novemb. 22. 1709, which are design'd only to hinder the sale of the said book ... This edition is sold for 5 s. bound in 3 volumes, and 4 s. in one, calves leather, by John Baker at the Black-Boy in Pater-noster-Row.
A catalogue of mathematical books, maritime charts, draughts, prints and pictures, /
Advertisement. : Whereas there is a paper publish'd, entituled, the true Protestant domestck [sic] intelligence ; and that since it is generally concluded that Benjamin Harris ; was the publisher of of the said late Intelligence ... this serves to certifie the world, that the said Benjamin Harris is neither directly nor indirectly concerned in that intelligence, nor any thing of that nature. /
Advertisement. : Whereas there was some base and scandalous reflections in Smiths Intelligence, Tuesday Febr. 8 to Febr. 11. against Mr. Hanway ... which ahs since been proved be several eminent persons upon oath, to be false and scandalous : and ... finds the said Francis Smith the bookseller, to disown the knowledge of the publication thereof, but says, it was put in by ... one Nathaniel Crouch ...
September 14. 1707. Advertisement. : Speedily will be publish'd, The nature of impurity considered, wherein is discourse'd of the causes and consequences of this sin ... : To which is added, A discourse concerning the nature of Chastity, and the means of obtaining it. By J.F. Ostervald ... /
[Advertisement] : The pleasures of matrimony; intermix'd with variety of merry and delightful stories ... price 1 s. sold by H. Rhodes, at the Star the corner of Bride-lane in Fleetstreet ...
A catalogue of books.
There is now published the most authentick account (from original papers and unquestionable records) of the rise, progress and contrivance of the horrid plot and conspiracy against the life of His most sacred Majesty King William the Third ...
Advertisements. This day is publish'd, The case is alter'd: or, Duntons re-marriage to the same wife ... : Marci Hieronymi Vidae Cremonensis Albi Episcop. Poeticorum libri tres ...
Now published. : The first vol. of the British Apollo, in a large 8vo ... The 2d edition of Mr. Hill's history of the whole Ottoman Empire, in folio ...
Books printed for William Whitwood at the Rose and Crown in Little-Britain : at which place you may have ready money for any parcel or library of books.
A catalogue of sermons printed and sold by Henry Hills in Black-Fryars, near the water-side.
A looking-glass for informers. Advertisement. : There is this day published a new book discovering: [list of 14 items]. ... Illustrated with several copper plates.
August the 6 17019 [sic] Mr. Badfords [sic] bill.
An advertisement of two books.
Sir, You are desired to meet us and other members of the Company of Stationers, at Stationers-hall, on Tuesday the 13th. of this instant March, by eight of the clock in the morning : to consider of an instrument ready drawn up and perus'd by Council for discountenancing the abuse of hawkers, and improvement of the trade; whereof you are desired not to fail, /
Ralph Woodson, Nath[anael?] Barlow.
Mr. Bagford note for binding.
Advertisement. : These are to give notice to all gentlemen and others, that there is now published, by John Bradford (and to be continued yearly) ... a large broadsheet, intituled, the The British annalist, shewing all the most remarkable occurrences ... at home and abroad, from the beginning of Queen Ann's reign to the year 1705 ... : at the same place is to be had the True gazeteer's select history of Europe, illustrated with 10 maps ... also ... a broad sheet, called, The merchants, or traders, necessary companion ...
Two very useful and necessary books are published and sold by Nathaniel Crouch.
For Mr. Cla[-?-] to be left at Mr. [C?]owley at his house in field.
Advertisement to gentlemen and booksellers. : Just publish'd, the second edition of Mr. Hill's History of the whole Ottoman empire, in folio (with a new preface, and several copies of verses, writen [sic] by some of the most ingenious men of the age ...) consisting of fifty-two chapters ... gentlemen and booksellers may have them at a moderate price, bound or unbound, of J. Mayo, over against Water-Lane-End in Fleet-street, and J. Woodward, in St. Christophers-Church-Yard, Thread-needle-Street, by the Royal-Exchange, and most booksellers.
Some books lately printed for, and to be sold by Abel Swall and Tim. Child at the Unicorn in St. Paul's Church-Yard.
This day is publish'd, by John Nutt, near Stationers Hall, and sold by the booksellers of London and Westminster, a second edition of an essay on the value of the mines late of Sir Carbery Pryse ...
This is to acquaint all gentlemen, ladies, and others; that on Thursday next, being the 8th of December, will be publish'd the Geographical-cards of England, part of Scotland and Ireland, with the adjacent coast of France and Flanders, curiously engraved on copper-plates, and finely colour'd ... /
Mr. Raylenson [sic] [account sheet].
There are lately published seven new book[s] worthy the perusul [sic] of all ingenious persons : all printed for Nath. Crouch, at the Bell in the Poultrey near Cheapside.
Z330.6 .L66 1652 Worthy Sir : It cannot be unknown to you, what great benefit the church of God hath reaped by the care of learned men in publishing Holy Scriptures according to the best copies in the original and other learned tonges ... 1
Z330.6 .L66 1655 A second advertisement concerning Dr. Hewyts pretended sermons, to the book-sellers of London and all others whom it may concern. 1
Z330.6 .L66 1680 There is newly published a very ingenious discourse, called, The French politician found out, or Considerations on the late pretensions that France claims to England and Ireland, and her designs and plots in order thereunto: by a Well-wisher of his countrey. : In quarto. Price 6 d. Sold by Robert Harford bookseller at the Angel in Cornhill, near the Royal Exchange. 1680.
Some books lately published by James Vade, at the Cock and Sugar-Loaf, near St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-Street.
Z330.6 .L66 1682 Advertisement. : There is publish'd a new book ; entituled, English liberties : or, The free born subjects inheritance ... And are to be sold by Benjamin Harris, at the Stationers Arms, under the piazza of the Royal Exchange ; and John How, at the Seven Stars in Sweetings-Rents in Cornhill, 1682. Price bound, one shilling. 1
Z330.6 .L66 1683 Advertisement. : Newly published ; The present state of Denmark : together with reflections on the antient state thereof ... by G. Pierreville, Gent. secretary to the king's minister, residing at the court of Denmark. Pirce bound one shilling. Sold by William Benbridg [sic] in Hudgins Alley, in Woodstreet. 1
Z330.6 .L66 1684 Advertisement. : [T]here is newly published a very useful bood [sic], intituled Aristoteles masteriece. Or the secrets of generation [displa]yed in all the parts thereof. ... Price bound one shilling. ... 1
Z330.6 .L66 1690 [A]dvertisement of a very useful book now published, intituled, The art of brewing beer, ale, &c. : The contents of the book are as follows, viz. ... 1
Z330.6 .L66 1691 Advertisement. : Richard Newcomb, who liv'd in Blackfryers, is now remov'd to the Fleet ; where he printeth all sorts of books ... 1
Z330.6 .L66 1693 Advertisement to booksellers. : There is now published and sold by Randal Taylor near Stationers=Hall, Bibliotheca novissioma, Numb. 1. Or, a catalogue of books on divers subjects ... together with a catalogue of books lately printed, now printing, and reprinting in France, Germany, Holland, &c. ... 1
Z330.6 .L66 1695 There are lately published five very useful books. : All sold by Nath Crouch at the Bell in the Poultrey near Cheapside. 1. The unfortunate court favourites of England ... 2. Unparallell'd [sic] varieties, or the Matchless actions and passions of mankind ... 3. The English heroe: or, Sir Francis Drake revived ... 4. Two journeys to Jerusalem ... 5. Surprizing miracles of nature and art, in two parts ...
Advertisement. : the history of the bucaniers of America ; or, A true account of the most remarkable assaults committed ... upon the coasts of the West-Indies ... Written by John Esquemeling, and Basil RIngrose ... in this second edition is added the dangerous voyages and bold attempts of Capt. Cook and Cap. Sharp in the South-Sea ... with the effigies of the bucaniers, curiously done in nineteen copper plates. In four parts compleat.
There is newly published, the four following usefull and necessary books. : The queens closet opened ... The exact dealer refined ... the third edition, enlarged. ... The young secretary's guide: or, A speedy help to learning. In two parts. ... The strange and prodigious religions, customs, and manners, of sundry nations ... the second edition. All four printed for Henry Rhodes ...
Z330.6 .L66 1696 Advertisement : This day is published, the exact Tryal and condemnation of Sir William Parkyns, Knight; for the horrid and excrable conspiracy to assassinate His Sacred Majesty, King William ... 1
Z330.6 .L66 1697 Advertisement. : Marci Antonini Imperatoris Opera, Gr. Lat. with Mr. Gataker's notes, being now reprinted, and carefully corrected by Mr. B. Mott ... to which will now be added ... The life of Antonin, compil'd by Mons. Dacier ... The whole work to single subscribers 10 s. to those that please to subscribe in classes, 9 s. which will be received till June 20th, 1697. by Mr. Kettilby in St. Paul's Churchyard, Mr. H. Clement in Oxford, Mr. Thurlburne jun. in Cambridge ...
February, 8. 1696/7. Tomorrow will be publish'd The tryal and condemnation of Captain Thomas Vaughan, for high treason, in adhering to the French-king, and for endeavouring the destruction of His Majesty's ships in the Nore ...
Z330.6 .L66 1698 Books lately printed for Richard Wellington, at the Lute in St. Paul's-Church-Yard. 1
Z330.6 .L66 1700 Advertisement. : On Munday next, 15th. of April, 1700. at eight in the morning, will be publish'd by John Nutt, near Stationers-Hall, the proceedings upon the bill of divorce between his Grace the Duke of Norfolk, and the Lady Mary Mordant ... Printed by his Grace's order.
London, Feb. 22. 1699/1700. : Whereas advertisements are this day printed in the Post-Poy [sic], Post-Man, and Flying Post, that a book intiutled, The history of the reign of Lewis the Thirteenth, King of France and Navarre, &c. by Mr. Michel le Vassor, is this day published by John Nutt; Richard Wellington (the known publisher) being asham'd to put his name to it ... the same is a false and spurious edition of the said book ... and that a translation ... will be publish'd in a fortnight ... for Thomas Cockerill, bookseller in the Poultrey.
Z330.6 .L66 1701 There is this day publish'd, The case is alter'd; or, Dunton's re-marriage to the same wife ...
Advertisement to booksellers. February 5th. 1701. : Tomorrow morning will be published The present state of Europe ; or, The historical and political monthly Mercury, &c. for January 1701. Printed for H. Rhodes in Fleetstreet, Eliz. Harris, at the Harrow in Little-Britain ; and sold by J. Nutt, near Stationers-Hall.
The works of Plato abridg'd. : With an account of his life ... By M. Dacier. Tran]lated from the French. In two volumes. Sold by [A. Bell at] the Cross-Keys and Bible in Cornhill ... Price nine shillings.
Advertisement. : There is now publish'd England's enemies exposed, and its true friends and patriots defended ... : being a ... confutation of all themalicious calumnies ... and false accusation contain'd in a wretched libel call'd the Legion. By a true Englishman.
Advertisement. : On Monday the 17th of this instant February, 1701. will be publish'd, a book intitul'd The unhappiness of England, as to its trade by sea and land truly stated ... to which is added, An essay of the happiness of man in observing the rules of morality By Charles Povey ...
Z330.6 .L66 1702 Advertisement to booksellers 1
Z330.6 .L66 1703 Advertisement. : There is now printed at Oxford, a large Bible in quarto, upon very good paper and a fair character : with several thousand references more than Dr. Scattergood's : with the years ... according to Primate Usher's Annals ; and a chronological table and index ... Which book is ready to be delivered at the Oxford warehouse at Stationers-Hall, and are sold by the several booksellers in London and Westminster. July the 15th, 1703. 1
Z330.6 .L66 1704 Advertisement. August 15. 1704. : Whereas on Thursday night last a sham Postscript came out, under the title of a Postscript to the Fleeing-Post, and yesterday another, under the name of the Filing Post, said to be printed for J. Breggs, near Ave-Mary Lane ; tho' there be no such person ... the true Postscript to the Flying-Post, is printed only by Ann Snowden, in Great Carter-Lane, near Doctors Commons. 1
Z330.6 .L66 1705 London, Jan. 18th. 1704/5. : Whereas in the Postman of (December 26.) it is suggested the Posthumous works of Mr. de St. Evremont, lately English'd. are ... spurious and defective ... this is to inform the learned, that it is a false and malicious insinuation ... It is printed for Jeffery Wale, at the Angel in St. Paul's Church-yard.
Advertisement, October 22, 1705. : This day is publish'd, Remarks on the grand tour of France and Italy: perform'd by a person of quality in the year 1691. The second edition. To which is added, a table of the principal matters. Printed for John Nutt, near Stationers-Hall, 1705. Price 3s. 6d.
Z330.6 .L66 1706 July the 18th, 1706. Advertisement to gentlemen and booksellers. : Whereas this day publish'd a book entituled, The Carthusian gard'ner, & c in five parts, translated from the French ... printed for Benjamin Tooke in Fleetstreet ... These are therefor to inform the world that there is already made a translation of the said book in two volumes ... very much enlarg'd and improv'd according to our English way of gard'ning, by Mr. London and Mr. Wise ... printed only for Jacob Tonson ... 1
Z330.6 .L66 1708 Monday, July 19, 1708. : To morrow [sic] will be publish'd, by John Morphew near Stationers-Hall, Atlas geographus for June; or, a compleat system of geography, ancient and modern ...
Advertisement. : On Monday next will be published, after the method of Mr. Echard's Roman and Mr. Stanyan's Grecian history, the Jewish history, as well ecclesiastical as civil ...
Decemb. 6. 1708. Advertisement to book-sellers, and others. : Whereas there hath been a book lately printed and publish'd, intituled, The neat duties (all discounts and abatements deducted) of all merchandize specify'd in the Book of Rates, begun in the 12th Car. II. with the several variations to this present year 1708. The said book hath, upon examination, been found very erroneous and false ... besides several omissions. This is to give notice, that there is preparing for the press, and will speedily be publish'd at Her Majesties printing-office in Black-Fryers, a book of all the neat duties upon merchandize both inwards and outwards ... and will be sold at a very reasonable price at the place aforesaid, and at most book-sellers ...
Z330.6 .L66 1709 Advertisement, Nov. 1, 1709. : Whereas Henry Hills, printer, notorious for pyrating booksellers copies, to their exceeding loss, hath lately practic'd the same upon An interest book, composed by and printed for John Castaing, broker : which book contains a multitude of errors ...
Advertisement to gentlemen. : Whereas Hudibras, in three parts, written by Mr. Samuel Butler, has hitherto been printed on a scandalous paper ... it is now printed on a very fine paper ... illustrated with 19 cutts ... taken from the original, and finely engraven, as all persons allow who have seen it, notwithstanding the false insinuations of Mr. Jacob Tonson, in the Gazette of Tuesday Novemb. 22. 1709, which are design'd only to hinder the sale of the said book ... This edition is sold ... by John Baker, at the Black Boy in Pater-noster-Row.
Z330.6 .L66 1710 Advertisement. : To morrow will be publish'd, The speech of Henry Sacheverell, D.D. upon his impeachment at the bar of the House of Lords, in Westminster-Hall, on Tuesday, March 7. 1709/10, with the doctor's dedication to their lordships ; to which will be prefix'd his effigies, curiously engrav'd on copper. Price 3 d. N.B. No cutts will be sold without the speech.
Advertisement. : There is this day publish'd, a neat pocket edition in 12°. on good paper and fair letter, Memoirs of the most material transactions in England, for the last hundred years preceding the revolution in 1688. By James Welwood ...
This day is publish'd A true state of the case of the Reverend Mr. Greenshields, now prisoner in the Tolbooth in Edinburgh, for reading Common-Prayer, in an Episcopal congregation there ... : with copies of several original papers relating to his accusation ... Printed for Jonah Bowyer, at the Rose in Ludgate-street. Price 1 s.
Z330.6 .L66 1711 Advertisement. July .3 1711. : This day is publish'd a correct edition of A representation of the present state of religion with regard to the late excessive growth of infidelity, heresy, and profaneness: as it pass'd the lower house of convocation, of the province of Canterbury. : Corrected from the errors of a former edition. : To which is added, the representation as drawn up by the upper house. / 1
Z330.6.L66 C76 1693 Bibliotheca Cropperiana sive catalogus bibliothecae incomparabilis Doct. V.D. Johan. Cropperi, Londinens. defuncti, libris philologicis insignibus praesertim, classicis & historicis, nec non in aliis artibus quotquot sunt claris, refertissimae. : Quorum auctio habebitur Londini apud domum appellatam, Will's-Coffee-House, olim Roll's-Coffee-House in coemeterio D. Pauli. Die Lunae 19 Junii, 1693 / 1
Z330.6 .M55 1689 A catalogue of books in quires : which will be sold in small numbers, in lots, &c. by auction, to the book-sellers of London and Westminster; at the auction-house, over against the Black-Swan, in Ave-Mary-Lane, near Ludgate-Street, on Wednesday the 17th of July, 1689. The sale will began at three of the clock in the afternoon exactly. / 1
Z330.6.S84C6 1994 Book distribution and printing in Suffolk, 1534-1850 : booksellers, stationers, binders and printers / 1
Z330.6.W54 The diary of a bookseller / 1
Z330.6.W54 B98 2017 The diary of a bookseller / 1
Z331 A select bibliography for students of history. 1
Z331 .D68 To all people to whome this present vvriting shall come, I, Thomas Dovvnes of the citie of Dublin, stationer, send greeting ...
To all Christian people to whom this present writing shall come, wee Felix Kyngston and Thomas Downes, citizens and stationers of London send greeting ...
Z331.M16 1978 A study of the evolution of concentration in the Irish publishing industry / 1
Z331 .T42 2005 That woman : studies in Irish bibliography a festschrift for Mary "Paul" Pollard / 1
Z331.3 .B66 1996 Books beyond the pale : aspects of the provincial book trade in Ireland before 1850 : proceedings of the Rare Books Group seminar 1994 / 1
Z331.3.C640 1986 Irish booksellers and English writers, 1740-1800 / 1
Z331.3.D83K560 1994 A history of the Dublin University Press, 1734-1976 / 1
Z331.3 .F67 2018 Print and party politics in Ireland, 1689-1714 / 1
Z331.3.I75 2006 The Irish book in English, 1550-1800 / 1
Z331.3 .I75 2011 The Irish book in English, 1891-2000 /
The Irish book in English, 1800-1891 /
Z331.3.L5913 2006 The book in Ireland / 1
Z331.3.L597 2006 Le livre en Irlande : l'imprimé en contexte / 1
Z331.86.D8 B46 2021 The Dublin book trade, 1801-1850 : a thesis submitted to Trinity College, University of Dublin, with an editorial preface by David Dickson and an updated bibliography / 1
Z331.86.D8 P55 1998 Printing and bookselling in Dublin, 1670-1800 : a bibliographical enquiry / 1
Z331.86.D8P6 2000 A dictionary of members of the Dublin book trade 1550-1800 / 1
Z331.86.D8P640 1989 Dublin's trade in books, 1550-1800 / 1
Z332 Bibliothèque du Comité de législation étrangère. Catalogue. Janvier 1889. 1
Z333 Mechanized searching experiments using the WRU searching selector; preliminary report [under contract no. AF49(638)-357] 1
Z333.W560 1979 Buchproduktion und Buchdistribution in Griechenland : Probleme und Eigentümlichkeiten des griechischen Buch- und Verlagswesens / 1
Z333.2.D76 2001 Hē historia tou hellēnikou vivliou : prosengiseis kai synchrones kateuthynseis tēs ereunas : vivliographia tōn hellēnikōn ergasiōn (1965-2000) / 1
Z333.3.A90 1984 Ekdotikē drastēriotēta kai kinēsē tōn ideōn stēn Hellada : mia kritikē prosengisē tēs ekdotikēs drastēriotētas sta chronia 1960-1981 / 1
Z333.3.V45 V45 2010 Ētan varys ho cheimōnas pou gennēthēka / 1