Call Number (LC) Title Results
Z265.S76 The invisible medium: the state of the art of microform and a guide to the literature, 1
Z265.S85 Reading devices for micro-images. 1
Z265.S93 Mikrofilmning av den Svenska dagspressen. 1
Z265.U58 Specifications for the microfilming of books and pamphlets in the Library of Congress. 1
Z265.V39 The evaluation of micropublications: a handbook for librarians 1
Z265.W18 Aspects of Victorian lithography: anastatic printing and photozincography. 1
Z265.W72 Reprints in print-serials. 1
Z266 Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis; or, Sarum and York Primers, with kindred books, and Primers of the reformed Roman use, together with an introduction; 1
Z266.A51 1979 American national standard for book spine formats / 1
Z266.B17 Bagford's notes on bookbindings. 1
Z266.B22 Short notes on the bookbindings of Salisbury Cathedral Library. 1
Z266.B38 1903 Handbuch der Buchbinderei. Eine leichtfassliche Anleitung zur Herstellung sämtlicher Buchbinderarbeiten in vollständiger Neubearbeitung 1
Z266.B66 1994 Bookbindings & other bibliophily : essays in honour of Anthony Hobson / 2
Z266.B66 1994a Bookbindings & other bibliophily : essays in honour of Anthony Hobson / 1
Z266.B68 1891 De la reliure, exemples à imiter ou à rejeter / 1
Z266.B8 Úprava knižních vazeb. 1
Z266.B82 A short introduction in the binding of books / 1
Z266.C65 Ecce mundus : industrial ideals, and the book beautiful / 1
Z266.C69 1874 A sketch of the art of bookbinding : with hints as to the care of books ; and how and where to have books bound. 1
Z266.D56 Bookbinding, its background and technique, 1
Z266.D561 Bookbinding, its background and technique. 1
Z266.D667 2011 Door binden verbonden : de band tussen Breda en Antwerpen / 1
Z266.F38 1987 Beschrijvinghe ende onderwijsinghe ter discreter ende vermaerder consten des boeckbinders handwerck / 1
Z266 .G36 1983 Vivliodesia : technē kai technikē / 1
Z266.G38130 1987 Traité de la relieure des livres / by Jean-Vincent Capronnier de Gauffecourt ; a bilingual treatise on bookbinding, translated from the French by Claude Benaiteau ; with an introduction by John P. Chalmers ; edited by Elaine B. Smyth. 1
Z266.G46 1669 A general note of the price of binding all sorts of books : agreed on by the book-binders whose names are under-written. As it was presented to the master, wardens, and assistants of the Worshipful Company of Stationers, August the 2d, 1669. 1
Z266.G88 1903 Conférences sur la reliure et la dorure des livres, faites aux cours professionnels de l'Association philotechnique (1894-1895) 1
Z266.H23 Hand bookbinding today : an international art : an exhibition organized by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in cooperation with the Hand Bookbinders of California. 1
Z266.H320 1984 De boekbinder, of, Volledige beschrijving van al het gene wat tot deze konst betrekking heeft / 1
Z266.H360 1989 The bookbinding craft and industry / 1
Z266.H37 1968 Einbandfälschungen. : Imitation, Fälschung und Verfälschung historischer Bucheinbände. 1
Z266.H49 Einführung in die Einbandkunde / 1
Z266 .J6 Creative bookbinding. 1
Z266.J60 1990 Creative bookbinding / 1
Z266.L4 1820 La Reliure, poeme didactique en six chants; précédé d'une idée analytique de cet art, suivi de notes historiques et critiques, et d'un memoire, etc. 1
Z266.L453 2002 Leidraad bij het beschrijven van een boekband / 1
Z266 .L64 2000 ABC of leather bookbinding : an illustrated manual on traditional bookbinding / 1
Z266 .M544 2011 How not to create a bindery / 1
Z266.M554 2016 Sekai no kyoshō Tini Miura no tezukuri gōkabon : 1990-2015 = Tini Miura, master of bibliophile bindings, 1990-2015 / 1
Z266.M66 My world of bibliophile binding / 1
Z266.M69 Die täglichen Buchbinderarbeiten. Eine Unterweisung in d. einfachen Arbeiten d. Buchbinderei. 1
Z266.M92 Binding and repairing books by hand / 1
Z266.N370 1990 Printed information on spines : American national standard for printed information on spines / 1
Z266.N712 1922 Bokbandsdekorens stilutveckling / 1
Z266.P92 Dem hȧndindbundne bog : AArbejdsprocesser og bindtyper skildret for bogvenner / 1
Z266.P92 1976 Der in aller heut zu tag üblichen arbeit wohl anweisende accurate buchbinder und futteralmacher, welcher lehret, wie nicht nur ein buch auf das netteste zu verfertigen, sondern auch wie solches seine gebührende dauer hält ... uberdies zeiget, wie alle farben auf leder und pergament anzusetzen ... Alles aufrichtig versehen, / 1
Z266.R445 2004 La reliure : patrimoine artistique : Lille 2004 / 1
Z266.R53 1955 Innbinding av bøker som hobby / 1
Z266.S38 1978 Einführung in die Einbandbestimmung / 1
Z266.S66 New directions in bookbinding. 1
Z266.S736 1992 Hand bookbinding today : an international competition and exhibition in memory of Leah Wollenberg / 1
Z266.S83 2013 Suave mechanicals : essays on the history of bookbinding / 1
Z266.T92 1854 Folious appearances : a consideration on our ways of lettering books / 1
Z266.W341 Hand bookbinding : a manual of instruction / 1
Z266.W64 2005 Der Bucheinband : eine Arbeitskunde mit Werkzeichnungen / 1
Z266.Z34 1904 On art binding : a monograph / 1
Z266.5.A937 1903 Works on bookbinding, practical and historical : examples of bookbindings of the XVIth to XIXth centuries from the collection of Samuel Putnam Avery, A.M. : exhibited at Columbia University Library MDCCCCIII. 1
Z266.5.B83 Bookbinding, a guide to the literature / 1
Z266.5.C6 Catalogue raisonnée. Works on bookbinding, practical and historical. 1
Z266.5.M5 Bibliographie der Buchbindereiliteratur. 1