Call Number (LC) Title Results
Z265.A1U6 Microfilms and microcards, their use in research; a selected list of references, 1
Z265.A51 Microfilm norms; recommended standards for libraries. 1
Z265.A53 1981 American national standard for information on microfiche headings : approved August 29, 1980 / 1
Z265.A61 Announced reprints. 1
Z265.A92 Glossary of terms for microphotography and reproductions made from micro-images. 1
Z265.B18 Microforms : the librarians' view, 1978-79 / 1
Z265.B86 Microcard images transmitted by closed-circuit TV. 1
Z265.B89 Microfiche services in libraries. An addresslist of libraries and other centres of literature information furnishing microfiche from their collections upon request, 1
Z265.C38 Catalogue de microfilms / 1
Z265.C680 1986 Brittle books : reports of the Committee on Preservation and Access. 1
Z265.C87 1995 Managing micrographic records. 1
Z265.F69 Report of a study of requirements and specifications for serial and monograph microrecording for the National Library of Medicine, 1
Z265.G15 The microform revolution in libraries / 1
Z265.H39 Production of micro-forms, 1
Z265.H57 Microtexts as media for publication : the papers and discussion of a symposium held at Hatfield Technical College on the 10th November, 1959, under the chairmanship of D.T. Richnell. 1
Z265.H863 1981 Human factors and acceptance of microforms. 1
Z265.I58 Bulletin. 1
Z265.I61 Directory of microfilm and photocopying services. 1
Z265.I612 Photocopies from abroad; directory of photocopying and microcopying services. 1
Z265.I62 International journal of micrographics & optical technology.
The International journal of micrographics & video technology.
Z265.J68 Journaux et revues sur microfilms. 1
Z265.K615 Micrographics : a user's manual / 1
Z265.L53 Microphotography for archives / 1
Z265.L93 Microfilm; a history, 1839-1900. 1
Z265.M350 Newspaper microfilming : a plea for newsprint documentation / 1
Z265.M6 Micro library. 1
Z265.M63 The Microcard bulletin. 1
Z265.M64 Microfilm points the way to harnessing the information explosion ; proceedings of a seminar held by the Microfilm Association of Great Britain, at the City University, London, on 5th December 1974 / 1
Z265.M65 Microform & digitization review.
Microform review.
Microform & imaging review.
Z265.N25 1978 NMA recommended practice for microfilming newspapers. 1
Z265.N28 Micropublishing for learned societies 1
Z265.N73 1973 Directory of library reprographic services, 1
Z265.N73 1976 Directory of library reprographic services : a world guide / 1
Z265.N73 1978 Directory of library reprographic services : a world guide / 1
Z265.N73 1982 Directory of library reprographic services / 1
Z265.O85 Nachdruckverzeichnis von Einzelwerken, Serien und Zeitschriften aus allen Wissensgebieten (Reprints) 1
Z265.R577 1999 La riproduzione dei documenti d'archivio : fotografia chimica e digitale : atti del seminario, Roma, 11 dicembre 1997 / 1
Z265.S19 Specifications for Library of Congress microfilming. 1
Z265.S19 1972 Specifications for the microfilming of newspapers in the Library of Congress. 1
Z265.S28 The active uses of microfilm / 1
Z265.S76 The invisible medium: the state of the art of microform and a guide to the literature, 1
Z265.S85 Reading devices for micro-images. 1
Z265.S93 Mikrofilmning av den Svenska dagspressen. 1
Z265.U58 Specifications for the microfilming of books and pamphlets in the Library of Congress. 1
Z265.V39 The evaluation of micropublications: a handbook for librarians 1
Z265.W18 Aspects of Victorian lithography: anastatic printing and photozincography. 1
Z265.W72 Reprints in print-serials. 1
Z266 Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis; or, Sarum and York Primers, with kindred books, and Primers of the reformed Roman use, together with an introduction; 1
Z266.A51 1979 American national standard for book spine formats / 1
Z266.B17 Bagford's notes on bookbindings. 1
Z266.B22 Short notes on the bookbindings of Salisbury Cathedral Library. 1
Z266.B38 1903 Handbuch der Buchbinderei. Eine leichtfassliche Anleitung zur Herstellung sämtlicher Buchbinderarbeiten in vollständiger Neubearbeitung 1
Z266.B66 1994 Bookbindings & other bibliophily : essays in honour of Anthony Hobson / 2
Z266.B66 1994a Bookbindings & other bibliophily : essays in honour of Anthony Hobson / 1
Z266.B68 1891 De la reliure, exemples à imiter ou à rejeter / 1
Z266.B8 Úprava knižních vazeb. 1
Z266.B82 A short introduction in the binding of books / 1
Z266.C65 Ecce mundus : industrial ideals, and the book beautiful / 1
Z266.C69 1874 A sketch of the art of bookbinding : with hints as to the care of books ; and how and where to have books bound. 1
Z266.D56 Bookbinding, its background and technique, 1