Call Number Title Count
Z2051.A6 A list of books printed in Scotland before 1700, including those printed furth of the realm for Scottish booksellers, 1
Z2051.A65 A short bibliography on Scottish history and literature, 1
Z2051.G76 Scotland / 1
Z2051.H21 A bibliography of works relating to Scotland, 1916-1950. 1
Z2051.N28 Reader's guide to Scotland: a bibliography. 1
Z2051.N55 A list of works relating to Scotland, 1
Z2051 .S65 1998 Scotland / 1
Z2052.A36 A list of books printed in Scotland before 1700: including those printed furth of the realm for Scottish booksellers, 1
Z2052 .S368 2012 Scottish Latin authors in print up to 1700 : a short-title list / 1
Z2054.G74 Scottish books / 1
Z2054.S91 A bibliography of articles in Blackwood's magazine, volumes I through XVIII, 1817-1825. 1
Z2055.W9 Bibliography for Scottish linguistic studies / 1
Z2057.D94 The modern Scottish Renaissance, 1920-1960 : a catalogue of the period. 1
Z2057.M2 Typographia scoto-gadelica; or, Books printed in the Gaelic of Scotland from the year 1567 to the year 1914, with bibliographical and biographical notes; 1
Z2057.R35 Bibliotheca scoto-celtica; or, An account of all the books which have been printed in the Gaelic language. 1
Z2057.U58 A register of Scottish literary studies. 1
Z2059.B58 A bibliography of local poetry, to 1860. 1
Z2059.G3M18 Twentieth century publications in Scottish Gaelic / 1
Z2059.P6G63 1991 The poetry of the Scots : an introduction and bibliographical guide to poetry in Gaelic, Scots, Latin and English / 1
Z2059.P6S330 1986 Middle Scots poets : a reference guide to James I of Scotland, Robert Henryson, William Dunbar, and Gavin Douglas / 1
Z2061 .C38 1909 A catalogue of the publications of Scottish historical and kindred clubs and societies : and of the volumes relative to Scottish history, issued by His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1780-1908, with a subject-index / 1
Z2061.C767 1994 Bibliography of monuments in the care of the Secretary of State for Scotland / 1
Z2061.D9 An introduction to Scottish history for teachers, 1
Z2061.H380 1993 Scotland in the nineteenth century : an analytical bibliography of material relating to Scotland in parliamentary papers, 1800-1900 / 1
Z2061.J7 A concise bibliography of the history, topography, and institutions of the shires of Aberdeen, Banff, and Kincardine, 1
Z2061.M42 A catalogue of the publications of Scottish historical and kindred clubs and societies, and of the papers relative to Scottish history issued by H. M. Stationery office, including the Reports of the Royal commission on historical mss., 1908-1927, with a subject-index, 1
Z2061.N65 The Scottish historical library : containing a short view and character of most of the writers, records, registers, lawbooks, &c., which may be serviceable to the undertakers of a general history of Scotland, down to the union of the two kingdoms in K. James the VI. / 1
Z2061.T33 A catalogue of the publications of Scottish historical and kindred clubs and societies, and of the volumes relative to Scottish history, issued by His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1780-1908, with a subject-index. 1
Z2061.T34 An index to the papers relating to Scotland, described or calendared in the Historical Mss. Commission's Reports / 1
Z2063.A1A74 Local collections in Scotland / 1
Z2063.A2J7 Bibliographia aberdonensis : being an account of books relating to or printed in the shires of Aberdeen, Banff, Kincardine or written by natives or residents or by officers, graduates or alumni of the universities of Aberdeen / 1
Z2063.C59C75 1995 The River and Firth of Clyde, 1549-1993 : a selective bibliography / 1
Z2063.E2J25 Bibliography of East Lothian / 1
Z2063.H5N28 The Highlands and Islands of Scotland; 1
Z2063.I7A5 A concise bibliography of the printed & ms. material on the history , topography & institutions of the burgh, parish and shire of Inverness, 1
Z2063.O7C9 List of books and pamphlets relating to Orkney and Shetland, with notes of those by local authors; 1
Z2063.S2B4 Collections towards a bibliography of St. Andrews. 1
Z2067.N35B91 Scottish nationalism and cultural identity in the twentieth century : an annotated bibliography of secondary sources / 1
Z2069 .G84 Guilielmus Rig, trecentas minas ad Bibliothecam Academiæ Edinburgenæ augendam testamento reliquit : quâquidem pecuniâ unicus filius & hæres eiusdem no minis, consensu & consilio præceptorum academiæ infra scriptos libros coemit & bibliothecæ addidit. 1
Z2069.I29 1972 Ex libris: F. S. Ferguson; a checklist of the F. S. Ferguson collection of Scottish imprints and Scotica at the University of Illinois, 1
Z2069.L72 1985 Scotland before the Union : an exhibition / 1
Z2069.M7 Catalogue of an exhibition of 20th-century Scottish books at the Mitchell Library, Glasgow [June 1 to July 28, 1951. 1
Z2069.S42 Scottish manuscripts. 1
Z2069.S75 1926 Bibliotheca scotia; a catalogue of books relating to Scotland, 1
Z2071.A3 1916 A nation and its books. 1
Z2071.B56 Bibliotheca celtica, a register of publications relating to Wales and the Celtic peoples & languages. 1
Z2071.B63 A bibliography of Welsh Americana, 1
Z2071.B63 1977 A bibliography of Welsh Americana / 1
Z2071.B750 1985 Guide bibliographique des études d'histoire de la littérature française moderne / 1
Z2071.C27 Llyfrau cymraeg mewn print = Welsh books in print. 1
Z2071 .D26 Traethodau Ymchwil Cymraeg a Chymreig a dderbyniwyd gan brifysgolion Prydeinig, Americanaidd ac Almaenaidd, 1887-1971. : Welsh language and Welsh dissertations accepted by British, American and German universities, 1887-1971. 1
Z2071.H88 1991 Wales / 1
Z2071.L59 Llyfryddiaeth Cymru / 1
Z2071.N37 1998 Welsh imprints of Central New York / 1
Z2071.R88 Cambrian bibliography; containing an account of the books printed in the Welsh language, or relating to Wales, from the year 1546 to the end of the eighteenth century; with biographical notices. 1
Z2072.A3 1916 Catalogue of manuscripts & rare books exhibited in the great hall of the library, 1916. 1
Z2072.R4 Libri Walliae : a catalogue of Welsh books and books printed in Wales, 1546-1820 / 1
Z2074.W5 Journal. 1
Z2076.J77 Cyfarwyddiadur awduron Cymraeg cyfoes; bywgraffyddol a llyfryddol. 1
Z2077.H24 Authors of Wales today: being a checklist of authors born in Wales, together with brief particulars of authors born elsewhere who are currently working or residing in Wales - an assemblage of more than 600 authors together with addresses and (where applicable) their pseudonyms; 1