Call Number Title Count
Z2019.P360 1989 Papers of British politicians, 1782-1900. 1
Z2019.P690 1996 Art, truth, and high politics : a bibliographic study of the official lives of Queen Victoria's ministers in cabinet, 1843-1969 / 1
Z2019.P760 1992 Victorian studies : a research guide / 1
Z2019.S2 Teaching bibliography for Great Britain and the British Empire since 1815. 1
Z2019.S860 Primary sources for Victorian studies : a guide to the location and use of unpublished materials / 1
Z2019.S860 1989 Primary sources for Victorian studies : an updating / 1
Z2020.C7 B53 2002 Bibliography of imperial, colonial, and Commonwealth history since 1600 / 1
Z2020.H38 Modern England, 1901-1970 / 1
Z2020.H380 1987 Modern England, 1901-1984 / 1
Z2020.H39 1996 A guide to the papers of British cabinet ministers, 1900-1964 / 1
Z2020.H44 A guide to the papers of British Cabinet Ministers, 1900-1951 / 1
Z2020.M91 British history since 1926, a select bibliography. 1
Z2020.M92 Great Britain since 1914. 1
Z2020. R63 1996 A bibliography of British history. 1914-1989 / 1
Z2020.U4 Who wrote about whom; a bibliography of books on contemporary British authors, 1
Z2020.3.B63 Das britische Parlament und Europa, 1940-1972 : e. Fachbibliographie / 1
Z2020.3.C370 1991 British history, 1945-1987 : an annotated bibliography / 1
Z2020.3 .C66 2006 The Routledge guide to British political archives : sources since 1945/ 1
Z2020.3.G65 Urban walks and town trails : origins, principles, and sources / 1
Z2021.C7A301 Guide to the principal parliamentary papers relating to the dominions, 1812-1911 / 1
Z2021.C7B870 1988 Summary guide to the archive and manuscript collections relevant to the former British colonial territories in the United Kingdom / 1
Z2021.C7C5 British commonwealth relations conference, 1935; selected bibliography relevant to the agenda for the conference, 1
Z2021.C7C6 A finding-list of royal commission reports in the British dominions, 1
Z2021.C7F62 Books on the British Empire and Commonwealth: a guide for students, 1
Z2021.C7G78 Technical co-operation / 1
Z2021.C7G781 Technical co-operation. Supplement. 1
Z2021.C7K52 Survey our empire! : Robert Montgomery Martin (1801?-1868), late treasurer to the Queen at Hong-Kong, and member of Her Majesty's Legislative Council in China : a bio-bibliography / 1
Z2021.C7N25 Commonwealth history. 1
Z2021.C7N27 The Commonwealth today. 1
Z2021.C7N28 Trade and development in the Commonwealth. 1
Z2021.C7O9 Overseas official publications / 1
Z2021.C7P320 1987 The British Empire in the Victorian press, 1832-1867 : a bibliography / 1
Z2021.C7P44 Colonial government; annotated reading list on British Colonial Government, with some general and comparative material upon foreign empires, etc., 1
Z2021.C7R8 A select list of recent publications contained in the library of the Royal Colonial Institute illustrating the constitutional relations between the various parts of the British Empire. 1
Z2021.C7R82 List of publications on the constitutional relations of the British empire, 1926-1932, 1
Z2021.F2R3 Fascism in Britain / 1
Z2021.H49N4 Delightful places : a book tour of English country houses and gardens / 1
Z2021.K55U850 1996 The kings of medieval England, c. 560-1485 : a survey and research guide / 1
Z2021.M5 A Bibliography of British Military History : From the Roman Invasions to the Restoration 1660 / 1
Z2021.M5B88 A bibliography of British military history : from the Roman invasions to the Restoration, 1660 / 1
Z2021.M5H540 Suppl. British military history : a supplement to Robin Higham's Guide to the sources / 1
Z2021.M5H64 A guide to the sources of British military history. 1
Z2021.M5P47 1989 Regiments of the Empire : a bibliography of their published histories / 1
Z2021.M5R38 2008 British military operations in Egypt and the Sudan : a selected bibliography / 1
Z2021.M5U540 1979 God save the Queen : a bibliography of the British and Commonwealth holdings / 1
Z2021.M5W55 1988 A bibliography of regimental histories of the British Army / 1
Z2021.N3C89 A bibliography of the First Fleet / 1
Z2021.N3R380 1990 British naval history since 1815 : a guide to the literature / 1
Z2021.P3S5 Select list of published material on the House of Lords in the twentieth century. 1
Z2021.P8L9 Narcissus, Luttrell's Popish plot catalogues. 1
Z2021.P8T6 Certamen utriusq; ecclesiae: or, A list of all the eminent writers of controversy, Catholicks and Protestants, since the Reformation : With an historical idea of the politick attempts of both parties in every reign, in order to support their respective interests / 1
Z2021.P9C88 Tudor and Stuart proclamations 1485-1714 / 1
Z2021.P9L8 Catalogue of the collection of English, Scottish and Irish proclamations in the University Library (Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature) at the central building of the University of London ... 1
Z2021.R3G78 1973 Race relations in Britain ; a select bibliography / 1
Z2021.R3I6 Register of research on commonwealth immigrants in Britain. 1
Z2023.A54 The book of British topography. A classified catalogue of the topographical works in the library of the British museum relating to Great Britain and Ireland. 1
Z2023.D58 British local history; a selected bibliography. 1
Z2023.F95 The exploration of England; a select bibliography of travel and topography: 1570-1815, 1
Z2023.H9 A handbook to county bibliography, being a bibliography of bibliographies relating to the counties and towns of Great Britain and Ireland. 1
Z2023.H93 Local history for students; 1