Call Number Title Count
Z2015.A1 O43 1988eb Old and Middle English language studies : a classified bibliography, 1923-1985 / 1
Z2015.A1R460 1993 Englische Sprachwissenschaft : eine Bibliographie / 1
Z2015.A1S73 2000 A finding-list of unpublished bibliographies in English and American literature (from 1910 to 1950) : an abridged version ... 1
Z2015.A1T30 1988 Old and Middle English language studies : a classified bibliography, 1923-1985 / 1
Z2015.A1T37 A select bibliography of studies in spoken English / 1
Z2015.A44R620 1987 Alphabet books as a key to language patterns : an annotated action bibliography / 1
Z2015.A46 A bibliography of the English language from the invention of printing to the year 1800; a systematic record of writings on English, and on other languages in English, based on the collections of the principal libraries of the world. 1
Z2015.A461 A bibliography of the English language from the invention of printing to the year 1800 : supplement. 1
Z2015.B66 Dictionaries. Ein verzeichnis der bekanntesten englischen wörterbücher aus allen gebieten der sprachen, der fachwissenschaften, der kunst und des gewerblichen lebens. 1
Z2015.B94 The literature of slang, 1
Z2015.B941 The literature of slang. 1
Z2015.C48 A bibliographical guide to Old English syntax, 1
Z2015.D5 A Directory of dissertations on English produced by Indian scholars. 1
Z2015.D6C57 1972 A catalog of dictionaries: English language, American Indian, and foreign languages. The Louis E. Kahn Collection in the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections. 1
Z2015.D6K62 Dictionary buying guide : a consumer guide to general English-language wordbooks in print / 1
Z2015.D6O530 1988 English-language dictionaries, 1604-1900 : the catalog of the Warren N. and Suzanne B. Cordell collection / 1
Z2015.D6P540 1986 Desk dictionaries : a consumer's guide / 1
Z2015.D6V360 1993 Catalog of dictionaries, word books, and philological texts, 1440-1900 : inventory of the Cordell Collection, Indiana State University / 1
Z2015.E382 1990 A directory of English dialect resources : the English counties / 1
Z2015.E5 Catalogue of the English Dialect Library ... Manchester. Founded under the auspices of the English Dialect Society. 1
Z2015.E85 L53 2010 PE1571 A bibliography of English etymology / 1
Z2015.G34 Kurze Bibliographie für das Studium der Anglistik und Amerikanistik. 1
Z2015.G7G967 2000 A checklist of English grammatical manuscripts and early printed grammars c. 1400-1540 / 1
Z2015.G95 Kontrastive Linguistik, Englisch als Zielsprache / 1
Z2015.H75 Englische sprachkunde, 1
Z2015.K35 A bibliography of writings on the English language from the beginning of printing to the end of 1922, 1
Z2015.K351 A bibliography of writings on the English language from the beginning of printing to the end of 1922. 1
Z2015.K6 Some landmarks in the history of English grammars / 1
Z2015.K9 Bibliographie zur Didaktik der neueren Sprachen, besonders des Englischunterrichts. Deutsche Veröffentlichungen 1880 bis 1960 1
Z2015.L49C660 1984 Johnson's Dictionary : bibliographical survey, 1746-1984, with excerpts for all entries / 1
Z2015.L49 S95 2000 Middle English word studies : a word and author index / 1
Z2015.M42 A survey of English dictionaries, 1
Z2015.M7 Bibliography of English language and literature /
Annual bibliography of English language and literature.
Z2015.P4D56 Directory of periodicals publishing articles on English and American literature and language. 1
Z2015.R5A62 An Annotated bibliography of texts on writing skills : grammar and usage, composition, rhetoric, and technical writing / 1
Z2015.R5H680 1989 Nineteenth-century rhetoric : an enumerative bibliography / 1
Z2015.R5P52 Englische Rhetorik und Poetik, 1479-1660 : eine systematische Bibliographie / 1
Z2015.R5P570 1995 English Renaissance rhetoric and poetics : a systematic bibliography of primary and secondary sources / 1
Z2015.R5R43 Research in composition and rhetoric : a bibliographic sourcebook / 1
Z2015.S32 Analytical bibliography of writings on modern English morphology and syntax, 1877- , 1
Z2015.S4C350 1983 Old English word studies : a preliminary author and word index / 1
Z2015.S52 A bibliography of modern prosody. 1
Z2015.S55 Teaching English as a second language; a classified bibliography 1
Z2015.S6 A bibliographical list of the works that have been published, towards illustrating the provincial dialects of England. 1
Z2015.S9M580 1990 A critical bibliography of Old English syntax to the end of 1984 : including addenda and corrigenda to Old English syntax / 1
Z2015.V27G580 1993 A new bibliography of writings on varieties of English 1984-1992/3 / 1
Z2015.V27 V54 1984eb A bibliography of writings on varieties of English, 1965-1983 / 1
Z2015.V37B86 English versification, 1570-1980 : a reference guide with a global appendix / 1
Z2015.W65S82 English word-formation over two centuries; in honour of Hans Marchand on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday, 1 October 1972. 1
Z2016.A3 1901 Catalogue (rev. to 16th May, 1901), of English, Scotch, and Irish record publications, reports of the Historical manuscripts commission, and annual reports of the deputy keepers of the public records, England and Ireland, printed for His Majesty's Stationery office ... 1
Z2016.A3 1970 Film catalogue. 1
Z2016.A3 1976 Catalogue of microfilm / 1
Z2016.A35 MacBean collection; a catalogue of books, pamphlets, broadsides, portraits, etc., in the Stuart and Jacobite collection 1
Z2016.A38 Istorii︠a︡ Anglii i Irlandii : bibliograficheskiĭ ukazatelʹ literatury, izdannoĭ v SSSR za 1918-1962 gg. / 1
Z2016.A402 The reader's guide to English history. Supplement. 1
Z2016.A52 Annotated titles of books on English and American history published in ... 1
Z2016.A53 Annual bibliography of British and Irish history. 1
Z2016.A619 Archaeological bulletin for the British Isles. 1
Z2016.A62 Archaeological bibliography for Great Britain and Ireland. 1
Z2016.B44 Dissertations on British history, 1815-1914; an index to British and American theses, 1