Call Number Title Count
Z1601.L32250 1992 Latin America and the Caribbean : a critical guide to research sources / 1
Z1601.L3240 1990 Latin American studies : a basic guide to sources / 1
Z1601.L32420 1991 Latin American library resources in London : a guide / 1
Z1601.L342 Latin American bibliography : a guide to sources of information & research / 1
Z1601.L35 Latin American studies in the universities of the United Kingdom. 1
Z1601.L36 Latinskai͡a Amerika v sovetskoĭ pechati / 1
Z1601.L428 Hispano-American literature in the United States; a bibliography of translations and criticism. 1
Z1601.L43 Hispano-American literature in the United States : a bibliography of translations and criticism, 1932-1934 : with additional items from earlier years / 1
Z1601.L57 Epítome de la biblioteca oriental i occidental, náutica i geográfica / 1
Z1601.L575 El Epítome de Pinelo, primera bibliografía del Nuevo Mundo. 1
Z1601.L584 1985 Literatur aus und über Lateinamerika : empfehlende bibliographie / 1
Z1601.L65 Latin American studies in the universities of the United Kingdom. Staff research in progress or recently completed in the humanities and the social sciences. 1
Z1601.L69 Libros en venta en Hispanoamérica y España.
Libros en venta en América Latina y España.
Z1601.L84 Theses in Latin American studies at British universities in progress and completed. 1
Z1601.L88 Republics of the Western hemisphere; a reading list designed to help Americans gain insight into the history, politics, resources, and customs of the countries of Latin America and an understanding of the problems of hemisphere defense. 1
Z1601.M250 1988 Libraries and special collections on Latin America and the Caribbean : a directory of European resources / 1
Z1601.M4 Bibliography of Latin America, 1955-1964; books, monographs, periodicals, articles. 1
Z1601.M5 Biblioteca hispano-americana (1493-1810) / 1
Z1601.M501 Biblioteca hispanoamericana, 1493-1810. 1
Z1601.M5750 1990 América Latina colonial : bibli[o]grafia básica / 1
Z1601.M77 Bibliografía sociopolítica latinoamericana. 1
Z1601.M9 1962 Strany Latinskoĭ Ameriki ; rekomendatelʹnyĭ ukazatelʹ literatury / 1
Z1601.N3 Latin American backgrounds, a bibliography, 1
Z1601.N32 Our neighbors to the south! A bibliography listing references including dances, music, plays, pageants, festivals, customs, games, party plans, and other sources of program material from Central and South America ... 1
Z1601.N33 Survey of research on Latin America by United States scientists and institutions. 1
Z1601.N35 Accounts of nineteenth-century South America: an annotated checklist of works 1
Z1601 .N37 1975 Directory of libraries and special collections on Latin America and the West Indies / 1
Z1601.N53 An informal list of books on Latin American for the general reader and a directory of Latin American collections in New England libraries. 1
Z1601.O41 Latin America in Soviet writings; a bibliography, 1
Z1601.O674 1978 Bibliographie zum Ibero-Amerikanischen Institut Preussischer Kulturbesitz / 1
Z1601.P18 The Pan American book shelf. 1
Z1601.P21 Theses on Pan American topics prepared by candidates for doctoral degrees in universities and colleges in the United States and Canada. 1
Z1601.P24 Bibliographical monographs. 1
Z1601.P24 no.1 Latin America through drama in English [a bibliography] 1
Z1601.P24 no.2 Historias de la literatura americana; guía bibliográfica. 1
Z1601.P24 no.3 Antologías del cuento americano; guía bibliográfica. 1
Z1601.R45 Revista de estudios hispánicos ... 1
Z1601.R47 Research on Latin America in the humanities and social sciences in the universities and polytechnics of the United Kingdom. 1
Z1601.R89 Survey of investigations in progress in the field of Latin American studies, 1
Z1601.S15 A guide to Latin American studies / 1
Z1601.S16 Latin-American studies in the non-Western World and Eastern Europe; a bibliography on Latin America in the languages of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe, 1
Z1601.S2 Bibliografía del general don José de San Martín y de la emancipación sudamericana. 1
Z1601.S25 Essai de bibliographie Belgo-Latino-Americaine; livres et brochures d'auteurs belges, traitant de questions latino-américaines, 1
Z1601.S345 1978 Bibliografia polskiej literatury latynoamerykanistycznej, 1945-1977 / 1
Z1601.S72 Sovetskai͡a latinoamerikanistika posle pobedy kubinskoĭ revoli͡ut͡sii / 1
Z1601.T35 Modern Latin America: a popular bibliography, 1
Z1601.T36 Latin American research and publications at the University of Texas at Austin, 1893-1969. 1
Z1601.T370 1989 Strany I͡Uzhnoĭ Ameriki : rekomendatelʹnyĭ bibliograficheskiĭ spravochnik / 1
Z1601.T46 A catalog of Hispanic documents in the Thomas Gilcrease Institute. 1
Z1601.U58 Latin America: hemispheric partner; a bibliographic survey. 1
Z1601.U58 1969 Latin America and the Caribbean : analytical survey of literature. 1
Z1601.U58 1975 Latin America and the Caribbean : analytical survey of literature. 1
Z1601.U6 Latin American series. 1
Z1601.U6 no.3 A guide to the law and legal literature of Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti / 1
Z1601.U6 no.4 A guide to the law and legal literature of Colombia, 1
Z1601.U6 no.5 A guide to Latin American music / 1
Z1601.U6 no.6 A guide to the law and legal literature of Mexico / 1
Z1601.U6 no.7 Bibliografías cubanas / 1
Z1601.U6 no.8 Latin American periodicals currently received in the Library of Congress and in the Library of the Department of Agriculture / 1
Z1601.U6 no.9 Argentina / 1