Call Number Title Count
Z1277.G721 State and local government in Illinois : supplement. 1
Z1277.G722 State and local government in Illinois: a bibliography, 1954-1965, 1
Z1277.G78 1988 A Guide to the cultural resources in Illinois / 1
Z1277.G860 1991 A Guide to the history of Illinois / 1
Z1277.H37 1990 Government and politics in Illinois : a selected guide to information sources / 1
Z1277.H66 Reading for boys and girls: Illinois; a subject index and annotated bibliography 1
Z1277.I25 1981 Directory of local history collections in northern Illinois / 1
Z1277.I260 1983 Illinois authors. 1
Z1277.I29 Alphabetic catalog of the books, manuscripts, maps, pictures and curios of the Illinois state historical library. Authors, titles and subjects. 1900. 1
Z1277.I44 1992 Federal Writers' Project : Illinois [inventory]. 1
Z1277.I554 1994 Large-scale topographic quadrangles of Illinois held by the Illinois State Library. 1
Z1277.K370 1984 Gardens of delight : maps and travel accounts of Illinois and the Great Lakes from the collection of Hermon Dunlap Smith : an exhibition at the Newberry Library, 29 October 1984 - 31 January 1985 : catalog / 1
Z1277.K48 Illinois! Illinois! : An annotated bibliography of fiction / 1
Z1277 .K54 1998 Illinois! Illinois! : an annotated bibliography of fiction : twenty-year supplement 1976-1996 / 1
Z1277.S2 General index to Collections, Journals, Publications, 1899-1928; 1
Z1277 .S73 1953 State and local government in Illinois : a bibliography / 1
Z1277.U58 Illinois: the sesquicentennial of statehood; an exhibition in the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., December 3, 1968, to October 31, 1969. 1
Z1277.W470 1995 Illinois history : an annotated bibliography / 1
Z1277.W85 A reference guide for genealogical and historical research in Illinois, 1
Z1277.W91 Directory of Illinois oral history resources / 1
Z1278.C5A55 Analysis of previous studies of the Chicago central area. 1
Z1278.C5B8 Local history collections in the Chicago area : a directory / 1
Z1278.C5C45 Check-list of publications issued by local governing bodies in Chicago and Cook County. 1
Z1278.C5C46 Checklist of publications issued by the City of Chicago. 1
Z1278.C5C48 Index of sources of data for the Chicago metropolitan area. 1
Z1278.C5C481 Index of sources of data for the Chicago metropolitan area. First supplement. 1
Z1278.C5C5 Chicago and Cook county: a union list of their official publications including the semi-official institutions. 1
Z1278.C5D94 Prairie Avenue : an annotated bibliography / 1
Z1278.C5G32 Genealogical sources in Chicago, Illinois, 1835-1900 / 1
Z1278.C5H67 Check list of Chicago ante-fire imprints, 1851-1871. 1
Z1278.C5H83 Basic planning studies on metropolitan Chicago : an inventory of local research / 1
Z1278.C5H831 Basic planning studies on metropolitan Chicago. Cumulative supplement. 1
Z1278.C5I583 1987 Inventory of data sources and economic development studies of the Chicago area : a report of the Research Committee, the Economic Development Commission of the City of Chicago. 1
Z1278.C5M2 A bibliography of Chicago imprints, 1835-1850, 1
Z1278.C5N87 A Selected bibliography on the Chicago metropolitan area : population, housing, economy, land use, planning, transportation, public utilities, schools, health and welfare. 1
Z1278.C5S61 Chicago's politics and society; 1
Z1278.C5S97 1996 Chicago and Cook County : a guide to research / 1
Z1278.C5S98 1986 Chicago and Cook County sources : a genealogical and historical guide / 1
Z1278.C5T37 1988 Titles relating to Chicago listed in the University Microfilms International's database of dissertations and masters theses. 1
Z1278.C5U5 Chicago community resources and problems : a bibliography of source materials from January 1940 to March 1945 / 1
Z1278.C5U55 1965 Bibliography of Ph. D. dissertations and M.A. theses relating to Chicago through 1964. 1
Z1278.C5W9 Chicago in periodical literature, a summary of artiles. 1
Z1278.D8S760 1992 Du Page County, Illinois genealogical records : located in Du Page County repositories, libraries, historical societies, colleges, etc. / 1
Z1281.B95 1974 Guide to the regional history collections of the Byron R. Lewis Historical Library. 1
Z1281.F83 Catalog of the David Demaree Banta Indiana collection / 1
Z1281.H370 1985 Indiana genealogy and history sources index / 1
Z1281.I39 Indiana authors and their books / 1
Z1281.I53 1977 Guide to Indiana University Oral History Research Project and related studies. 1
Z1281.J37 Studies on Indiana : a bibliography of theses and dissertations submitted to Indiana institutions of higher education for advanced degrees, 1902-1977 / 1
Z1281.M62 Bibliography of literature on Indiana archaeology. 1
Z1281.P850 1986 A guide to the manuscript collections of the Indiana Historical Society and Indiana State Library / 1
Z1281.V8 Bibliography of Indiana geography, 1
Z1282.C34T87 The Calumet region, an historical resource guide / 1
Z1282.C8R9 Bibliographical studies of seven authors of Crawfordsville, Indiana: Lew and Susan Wallace, Maurice and Will Thompson, Mary Hannah and Caroline Virginia Krout, and Meredith Nicholson, 1
Z1283.D380 1989 Iowa history and culture : a bibliography of materials published between 1952 and 1986 / 1
Z1283.I78 List of books by Iowa authors; collected by the Auxiliary committee of the Iowa commission, Louisiana purchase exposition, for the exhibit of books by Iowa authors in the Iowa state building, St. Louis, 1904. 1
Z1283.I8 Check list of the publications of the state of Iowa. With an index to the Iowa documents. 1
Z1283.M3 Iowa authors and their works; a contribution toward a bibliography, 1
Z1283.M9 Literature of pioneer life in Iowa, 1
Z1283.O52 A checklist of Iowa state documents, 1938-1955 / 1