Call Number Title Count
Z124.A2L68 Libri, scrittura e pubblico nel Rinascimento : guida storica e critica / 1
Z124.A2 M35 [A man offers a drink to a woman while musicians play in the background]
[A man in a crown awaits the approach of a woman and her lady-in-waiting]
[Man seated on a lifting device in front of a table set with food]
Z124.A2 M358 [Manuscript list of books]. 1
Z124.A2 M3581 [Manuscript list with references to authors and printers]. 1
Z124.A2 M47 [A centaur and a gentleman stand in front of a round table, on which lays a compass ; a broken urn on the floor between them]
[Three men in robes debate a large group of men dressed in 17th century clothes under a tree at the foot of a mountain with a winged horse at its summit]
[Woman seated at a table in a library reading and writing, watched over by a man with a winged hourglass on his head holding a lamp]
Z124.A2 M47 1603x [Mercury exchanging a purse with a woman reposing against the British royal arms of James I as a fleet of ships looms in the background ] 1
Z124.A2 M85 2017eb Interacting with print : elements of reading in the era of print saturation / 1
Z124.A2 M85 2018 Interacting with print : elements of reading in the era of print saturation / 1
Z124.A2 N55 [Nine men in a library with a woman on a raised seat holding a torch in her left hand] 1
Z124.A2 N69 Now after that the kynge Charlemayne had receyued full swetely the sones of Reynawde ... 1
Z124.A2 P477 [A person standing atop a heart laced with a banner containing the words "angvyshe", "good wyl", and "grieffe", and removing a banner with the word "thanckfvln"] 1
Z124.A2 P551 Pindarus in aedibus Justinianis 1
Z124.A2 P664 The poor man at home Z[e]bulon fed, 1
Z124.A2 P677 [Portrait of Anacreon in circular frame] 1
Z124.A2 P678 [Portrait of Lucian of Samosata above an imprint of Henry Brome] 1
Z124.A2P69a Bulletin / 1
Z124.A2P7 Printing history : journal of the American Printing History Association. 1
Z124.A2 R613 [A robed man praying on a mountainside is watched by roughly-dressed man from behind a tree] 1
Z124.A2 S36 Sapho to Phaon
Nisi Dominus adfuisset nobis 124 Psl: 1.
Z124.A2 S37 2011 Scribes, printers, and the accidentals of their texts / 1
Z124.A2 S417 [A seated ruler, possibly the pope, bent over with an open book on his shoulders] 1
Z124.A2 S533 [A sleeping king is watched by three men while a man sits at a desk in the next room] 1
Z124.A2 S813 [A standing trumpeter with a flag hanging from his trumpet] 1
Z124.A2 S86 Supper the lorde lieutenaunt callyng al the captaynes before hym ... 1
Z124.A2 T473 [Three monks talking to a fourth carrying a crozier] 1
Z124.A2 T487 The testament of Jacob 1
Z124.A2 T94 [Two men, one with a sword on his belt, the other having a spear or pike on his shoulder] 1
Z124.A2 T95 [Two examples of printer's ornaments]
[Two illustrations from an unidentified work] [the first illustration depicts two women holding the head of a man and a sword outside a group of tents : the second illustration, captioned "Hiervsale[m]", depicts a man kneeling outside the walls of the city].
[Illustration depicting Revelation 12:17, accompanied by the text and an interpretation of the images]
[Illustration depicting two shepherds and sheep at a watering trough from an unidentified work]
[Image of Christ riding into Jerusalem on a donkey]
Z124.A2 T96 [Two men outside the walls of a city, one holding a bow and arrow in one hand and a laurel wreath and document in the other; a winged horse stands atop a mountain in the background]
Two wayes, saith Aser, are prepar'd for men ...
Z124.A2 U53 [Unidentified illustration of four persons meeting, one atop a tower] 1
Z124.A2V51 Das Verhältnis der Humanisten zum Buch / 1
Z124.A2 W55 [Winged man on horseback in front of a shelter with chickens in the foreground] 1
Z124.A2W67 Works of noted designers. 1
Z124.A38 1987 The Advent of printing : historians of science respond to Elizabeth Eisenstein's The printing press as an agent of change / 1
Z124.A5B53 1997 Histoire du livre / 1
Z124.A5B735 2000 Stampa e cultura in Europa tra XV e XVI secolo / 1
Z124 .A53 2002 Avant-Garde page design, 1900-1950 / 1
Z124 .A54 2007 Agent of change : print culture studies after Elizabeth L. Eisenstein / 1
Z124.A638 2003 The anatomy of a book : format in the hand-press period, [and] the making of a Renaissance book / 1
Z124.A84 1928 Histoire de l'imprimerie par l'image / 1
Z124 .A97 2016 The aura of the word in the early age of print (1450-1600) / 2
Z124.B190 1984 L'imprimerie arabe en Occident : XVIe, XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles / 1
Z124.B2 1998 Il libro antico / 1
Z124.B2 2001 Il libro antico / 1
Z124.B25 Geschichte der Buchdruckerkunst von ihren Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart; 1
Z124.B3 The typographic treasures in Europe : and a study of contemporaneous book production in Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Holland and Belgium, with an addendum by J. W. Muller giving the principal dates and personages in printing history / 1
Z124.B39 2009 The art of the printmaker, 1500-1860 / 1
Z124.B53 Annals of printing: a chronological encyclopaedia from the earliest times to 1950: 1
Z124 .B6413 2012 The book of books : 500 years of graphic innovation / 1
Z124.B65 Geschichte der buchdruckerkunst, 1
Z124.B67 1930 Geschichte der Buchdruckerkunst / 1
Z124 .B86 2017 Broadsheets : single-sheet publishing in the first age of print / 2
Z124.B9 Buch und Text im 15. Jahrhundert : Arbeitsgespräch in der Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel vom 1. bis 3. März 1978 : Vorträge / 1
Z124.B99 2002 Illi͡ustrirovannai͡a istorīi͡a knigopechatanīi͡a i tipografskago iskusstva. Tom 1-ĭ. S izobri͡etenīi͡a knigopechatanīi͡a po XVIII vi͡ek vkli͡uchitelʹno / / 1
Z124.C367 1998 Istruzioni pratiche ad un novello capo-stampa : o sia Regolamento per la direzione di una tipografia officina (1789) / 1
Z124 .C37 2017 Flickering of the flame : print and the Reformation / 1
Z124 .C43 2014 The author's hand and the printer's mind / 1
Z124.C45 A short history of the printed word. 1
Z124.C470 A short history of the printed word. 1
Z124.C59 A chronology of printing. 1