Call Number Title Count
Z10999 Eaton The free-reading use of the library by patients in a veterans hospital.
The wandering printers of Spain and Portugal, 1473-1536.
Current political science publications in five Chicago libraries : a study of coverage, duplication, and omission : a part of a dissertation submitted to the faculty of the Graduate Library School in candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, 1944 /
Current political science publications in five Chicago libraries: a study of coverage duplication, and omission /
Z10999 Eberhart The mapping of Greenland : an examination of cartographic and geographic sources from ancient times to the present / 1
Z10999 Echols Personal and social values in the reading of high school girls. 1
Z10999 Edmond A comparison of Index Medicus and Index Veterinarius in the field of veterinary medicine. 1
Z10999 Edmonds The treatment of race in books for young children / 1
Z10999 Edwards The image of the high school librarian as reflected in textbooks on secondary school administration. 1
Z10999 el-Sheniti The university library and the scholar : a study of the recorded faculty use of a large university library. 1
Z10999 Elder The beginnings of Greek printing; a study of early attempts to print Greek in the 1465 Subjaco Lactantius and the 1466 Mainz Cicero. 1
Z10999 Elliot Federal relations of the American Library Association, 1930-1940. 1
Z10999 Elliott Federal relations of the American Library Association, 1930-1940. 1
Z10999 Ellsworth The distribution of books and magazines in selected communities /
The distribution of books and magazines in selected communities.
Z10999 Emich A comparative study of senior high school libraries. 1
Z10999 Emmett The gazetteers of India : their origins and development during the nineteenth century / 1
Z10999 Engley The emergence of the Amherst College Library, 1821-1911. 1
Z10999 Erdel The reading habits of Evangelical Mennonite ministers / 1
Z10999 Ersted The education of school librarians. 1
Z10999 Evans A comparison of some aids to the selection of current fiction. 1
Z10999 Evensen The bibliographical control of art exhibition catalogs: an historical and comparative analysis of cataloging rules and library procedures in France, Great Britain and the United States. 1
Z10999 Fabry List structured addressing. 1
Z10999 Fadell Factors influencing teacher use of the high school library. 1
Z10999 Fair The public library versus other sources of books. 1
Z10999 Falconer A study of the reviews of books about music and musicians in selected general and scholarly periodicals, 1951-1955. 1
Z10999 Falk The International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation : its work for international bibliography / 1
Z10999 Farkas A pilot study of maintenance and retrieval of information from medical records. 1
Z10999 Farkas-Conn From documentation to information science : the origins and early development of the American Documentation Institute-American Society for Information Science / 1
Z10999 Fedder The origin and development of the Sunday school library in America. 1
Z10999 Feingold The treatment of minority groups in junior and senior high school literature textbooks. 1
Z10999 Fenstermacher Putting context into knowledge management / 1
Z10999 Fenton Paul Timothée Charles Heitz, 1857-1943, publisher and historian of printing / 1
Z10999 Fenwick The education of librarians working with children in public libraries. 1
Z10999 Fern The comics as serial fiction.
Library catalogs as reference sources.
Z10999 Fietze Press censorship in Russia, 1900-1932. 1
Z10999 Finlay The image of Africa : a survey of fiction about Africa as young adult literature / 1
Z10999 Fisher Sources and nature of errors in transcribing bibliographic data into machine readable form.
The visual aspects of children's books: an examination of critical standards and the evaluation of a selected list of books on visual subjects.
Z10999 Fitzpatrick Book selection in a medium-size library. 1
Z10999 Flandorf Music periodicals in the United States; a survey of their history and content. 1
Z10999 Flandreau The users and uses of newspaper files. 1
Z10999 Flickinger A survey of bibliographic forms in a select number of journals in the fields of information science, library science, linguistics, and psychology / 1
Z10999 Foster An experiment in classifying fiction based on the characteristics of its readers. 1
Z10999 Fouty Techniques for the compaction of machine-readable bibliographic records. 1
Z10999 Fowler Children's outreach programs : their theories and practices / 1
Z10999 Fraser The Fry reports and the decision to automate library circulation systems. 1
Z10999 Frederic A comparison of the indexing coverage of English language psychiatric periodical literature by Excerpta medica, Index medicus, and Psychological abstracts for 1968. 1
Z10999 Freiberger The value of checklists in analyzing hospital literature. 1
Z10999 Freisinger A program for library services at Billings Library, the University of Chicago / 1
Z10999 Frost Use of scholarly materials in German literary research : an analysis of reference citations in publications about literary works written in the German language / 1
Z10999 Fryden The use of a branch library in a period of community stress. 1
Z10999 Fulchino "The right to know" and the library: a case history in the popularization of a slogan. 1
Z10999 Fullmer Improving the effectiveness of browsing / 1
Z10999 Fund The Boston Public Library building of 1895. 1
Z10999 Furgal 16mm film service in selected Illinois public libraries. 1
Z10999 Fussler Administrative aspects of photographic reproduction for libraries.
Characteristics of the research literature used by chemists and physicists in the United States.
Z10999 Gale The Development of the public library in Canada. 1
Z10999 Gallagher An analysis of non-fiction circulated by the three regional branches of the Chicago Public Library. 1
Z10999 Gardiner On reference and its empirical studies: a critical review. 1
Z10999 Garwin An analysis of the treatment of the American Indian in juvenile fiction. 1
Z10999 Gecas The Depository Library Act of 1962 : a legislative history and survey of implementation / 1
Z10999 Genberg A comparison of French and American children's books and their translations / 1
Z10999 Gillaspie Communication and contract : implications for natural language processing / 1
Z10999 Ginnis The "complete book" in art nouveau and modern expressionist book design / 1