Call Number Title Count
Z1002.W4 A bibliography of seventeenth century bibliographies : a list of the bibliographies cited on the catalog cards for the titles in Wing's Short title catalog, 1641-1700 / 1
Z1002.W44 Die deutschen nationalen Bibliographien; eine Anleitung zu ihrer Benutzung. 1
Z1002.W441 Die deutschen nationalen Bibliographien. Eine Anleitung zu ihrer Benutzung. 1
Z1002.W49 1976 Books in other languages : how to select and where to order them / 1
Z1002.W49 1979 Books in other languages, 1979 : a guide to selection aids and suppliers / 1
Z1002.W619 A catalogue of the bibliographies of special subjects in the Boston Public Library : together with an index to the notes upon books and reading to be found in library catalogues, in periodical and other publications. 1
Z1002.W75 Locating books for interlibrary loan, with a bibliography of printed aids which show location of books in American libraries, 1
Z1002.Z34 1986 Zasshi shinbun shoshi kaidai / 1
Z1003 Re-Inventing the Book : Challenges from the Past for the Publishing Industry /
Who needs books? : reading in the digital age /
Reading and the reader /
Z1003 1996 About Mrs. Wharton, in "Chronicle and comment" 1
Z1003.A150 Hints for home reading. A series of papers on books and their use, 1
Z1003 .A19 1996 Aying shu hua / 1
Z1003.A197 The guide to reading, 1
Z1003.A2 Hints for home reading. A series of chapters on books and their use, 1
Z1003.A280 A.S.P. readership study. 1
Z1003.A370 1989 Fast capitalism : a critical theory of significance / 1
Z1003.A4314 2004 Avantages et inconvénients des lettres / 1
Z1003.A45 Reading for professional advancement / 1
Z1003.A47 The English common reader : a social history of the mass reading public, 1800-1900 / 1
Z1003.A47 1983 The English common reader : a social history of the mass reading public 1800-1900 / 1
Z1003.A5 Report of sub-committee on readable books. 1
Z1003.A5670 1989 The pleasures of reading : in an ideological age / 1
Z1003.A6 1981 The anti-booklist / 1
Z1003.A66 1977 Leser und Lesen im 18. Jahrhundert : Colloquium d. Arbeitsstelle 18. Jh. Gesamthochsch, Wuppertal, Schloss Lüntenbeck, 24.-26. Oktober 1975. 1
Z1003 .A74 2006 Ustedes que leen : controversias y mandatos, equívocos y mentiras sobre el libro y las lectura / 1
Z1003 .A74 2010 La letra muerta : tres diálogos virtuales sobre la realidad de leer / 1
Z1003.A82 Report on the conference on reading development, January 20-21, 1951. 1
Z1003.A83 The place, the man and the book 1
Z1003.A84 Books and reading 1
Z1003.A84 1992 Die Aufgabe des Lesers : on the ethics of reading / 1
Z1003.B179 The book-lover, a guide to the best reading. 1
Z1003.B18 The book-lover, a guide to the best reading, 1
Z1003.B21 The book-lover : a guide to the best reading / 1
Z1003.B22 The book lover; a guide to the best reading, 1
Z1003.B225 Books are the best things; an anthology from old Hebrew writings. 1
Z1003.B226 Promoting the reading habit / 1
Z1003.B228 Izuchenie chitateleĭ v Rossii (XIX v.) / 1
Z1003.B23 The implications of literacy; an inaugural lecture delivered in the University of Leicester, 19 October 1965, 1
Z1003.B25 Nouvelle bibliothèque d'un homme de goût, entièrement refondue, corrigée et augmentée, contenant des jugemens tirés des journaux les plus connus et des critiques les plus estimés sur les meilleurs ouvrages qui out paru dans tous les genres, taut en France que chez l'étranger jusqu'à ce jour; 1
Z1003.B27 The book hunger, 1
Z1003 .B324 2003 The well-educated mind : a guide to the classical education you never had / 1
Z1003.B324 2016 The well-educated mind : a guide to the classical education you never had / 1
Z1003.B34 Seasoned to taste. 1
Z1003 .B34 2011eb Over leven, lezen en schrijven : de bandbreedte van boekgeschiedenis : rede uitgesproken bij de aanvaarding van het ambt van hoogleraar Geschiedenis van Uitgeverij en Boekhandel aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam op vrijdag 5 november 2010 / 1
Z1003.B340 1987 The Delights of reading : quotes, notes & anecdotes / 1
Z1003.B35 In the house of memories (table talk) 1
Z1003 .B36 2017 Eighteenth-century manners of reading : print culture and popular instruction in the Anglophone Atlantic world / 1
Z1003.B36G736 2003 Granthabarsha smārakagrantha 2002 / 1
Z1003.B36M343 2005 Svarūpera sandhāne / 1
Z1003.B36M35 1999 Pāṭhānurāga o baiẏera bājāra / 1
Z1003.B37 1676 De libris legendis dissertationes VII. cum Mantissa poetica editae á Th. Bartholino, filio.
Orationes varii argumenti.
Z1003.B385 Adventures in reading. 1
Z1003.B39 Reading menus for young people; chats about much loved books old and new ... 1
Z1003.B42 Reading for profit. 1
Z1003.B43 A scientific study of the voluntary reading of fifth grade children, white, and colored, in the public schools of Louisville, Kentucky, 1
Z1003.B445 1991 The Beginning of understanding : writing in the ancient world / 1
Z1003.B45 2001 Beijing da xue jiao shou tui jian wo zui xi ai de shu / 1
Z1003.B4720 What people read in East Pakistan: a survey 1
Z1003.B4730 What women read in East Pakistan, a survey 1
Z1003.B5 Bücher und Wege zu Büchern / 1