Call Number Title Count
Z1001-9000 Scottish Latin authors in print up to 1700 : a short-title list / 1
Z1001.A2 Cours élémentaire de bibliographie; ou La science du bibliothécaire. Ouvrage mis à la portée des élèves des lycées et des écoles secondaires. 1
Z1001.A2F67 1999 FormatEase 1
Z1001.A2K67 1990 Bibliografovedenie : obshchiĭ kurs / 1
Z1001.A2Y5 1995 Punsŏk sŏjihak : iron kwa silche : Syeiksŭpʻiŏ sŏjihakchadŭl iyagi / 1
Z1001.A25 Advances in documentation and library science. 1
Z1001.A25 v.1 Progress report in chemical literature retrieval. 1
Z1001.A25 v.2 Information systems in documentation; based on the symposium on systems information retrieval, held at Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, in April 1957 [under the auspices of the School of Library Science of Western Reserve University and its Center for Documentation and Communication Research]. 1
Z1001.A25 v.3 Information retrieval and machine translation : based on the International Conference for Standards on a Common Language for Machine Searching and Translation / 1
Z1001.A31 Pravila bibliograficheskogo opisanii͡a proizvedeniĭ pechati; posobie dli͡a bibliografov, nauchnykh i izdatelʹskikh rabotnikov. 1
Z1001.A330 Abbildungen zur Bibliographienkunde : Abb. aus Katalogen u. Bibliogr., zur Einf. in d. Probleme d. Erschliessung u. Ordnung in Druckschriftenverz. / 1
Z1001.A37 2006 EndNote® 1-2-3 easy! : reference management for the professional / 1
Z1001 .A44 2006eb EndNote® 1-2-3 easy! : reference management for the professional / 1
Z1001 .A44 2009 EndNote 1-2-3 easy! : reference management for the professional / 1
Z1001.A5 A restatement of the A.L.A. plan for the promotion of research library service by cooperative methods. 1
Z1001.A54 Resources of American libraries : a preliminary study of available records and of efforts toward the coordination of the resources of American libraries / 1
Z1001.A55 1982 UBC : a survey of universal bibliographic control / 1
Z1001.A550 1985 American national standard for information sciences : extended latin alphabet coded character set for bibliographic use / 1
Z1001.A550 1985a American national standard for information sciences--abbreviation of titles of publications / 1
Z1001.A56 1977 American National Standard for bibliographic references / 1
Z1001.A64 Bibliographical citation in the social sciences; a handbook of style, 1
Z1001.A642 Bibliographical citation in the social sciences and the humanities; a handbook of style for authors, editors and students. 1
Z1001.A69 1992 Manual de bibliografía / 1
Z1001.A91 Automatic documentation and mathematical linguistics. 1
Z1001.A974 1984 USBC (Universal Standard Book Code) : its development and use as a method of bibliographic control / 1
Z1001.B18 Bibliographie und bibliographische Arbeitstechnik; eine Einführung. 1
Z1001.B35 The fortune of books : essays, memories and prophecies of a librarian / 1
Z1001.B420 1984 Bibliographical services throughout the world, 1975-1979 / 1
Z1001.B420 1984 Suppl.1 Bibliographical services throughout the world. Supplement, 1980 / 1
Z1001.B420 1984 Suppl.2 Bibliographic services throughout the world. Supplement, 1981-1982 / 1
Z1001.B4537 1991 The design of bibliographies : observations, references and examples / 1
Z1001.B47 Bibliograficheskai͡a ėvristika (k teorii i metodike bibliograficheskikh razyskaniĭ) 1
Z1001.B48 Comment concevoir réaliser et utliser une documentation. 1
Z1001.B498 1927 Bibliograficheskoe delo : sbornik / 1
Z1001.B4990 1992 Bibliograficheskoe opisanie sostavnoĭ chasti dokumenta / 1
Z1001.B5 The beginnings of systematic bibliography / 1
Z1001.B501 The beginnings of systematic bibliography. 1
Z1001.B504 Les débuts de la bibliographie méthodique. 1
Z1001.B507 New trends in scientific communication 1
Z1001.B5085 The Bibliographic control of official publications / 1
Z1001.B51 Bibliografický sborník. 1
Z1001.B515 Bibliografii͡a khudozhestvennoǐ literatury i literaturovedenii͡a : uchebnik dli͡a bibliotechnykh institutov. 1
Z1001.B515 1971 Bibliografii͡a khudozhestvennoĭ literatury i literaturovedenii͡a. 1
Z1001.B52 The Bibliographical and retrospective miscellany, containing notices of, and extracts from, rare, curious, and useful books, in all languages; original matter illustrative of the history and antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland; abstracts from valuable manuscripts; unpublished autograph letters of eminent characters; and notices of book sales [no. 1-4] 1
Z1001.B55 Bibliography in an age of science 1
Z1001.B58 Bibliography and reading : a festschrift in honour of Ronald Staveley / 1
Z1001.B59 Die Informationslawine. Wie ist die Nachrichtenffülle zu bewältigen? 1
Z1001.B61 Jacob Jonas Björnståhl ... Briefe auf seinen ausländischen reisen an den königlichen bibliothekar C. C. Gjörwell in Stockholm. 1
Z1001.B63 Books in chains, and other bibliographical papers, 1
Z1001.B64 2010 A guide to early printed books and manuscripts / 1
Z1001.B644 2008 Archäologie des gedruckten Buches / 1
Z1001.B668 2002 Books and bibliography : essays in commemoration of Don McKenzie / 1
Z1001.B669 Einführung in die Buchkunde : ein Handbuch für Bibliothekare, Bücherliebhaber und Antiquare / 1
Z1001.B67 Einführung in die buchkunde; ein handbuch für bibliothekare, bücherliebhaber und antiquare, 1
Z1001.B69 Blueprint for bibliography; a system for the social sciences and humanities 1
Z1001.B72 The Bookman literary year-book. 1
Z1001.B74 A text-book on bibliography. 1
Z1001.B769 1987 Towards a theoretical information science : information science and the concept of a paradigm / 1
Z1001.B775 Bibliography and textual criticism / 1
Z1001.B78 Principles of bibliographical description. 1