Call Number Title Count
Z1001 .D227 2012 What is a book? : the study of early printed books / 1
Z1001 .D23 2013 Blind impressions : methods and mythologies in book history / 1
Z1001.D25 Bibliographic control / 1
Z1001.D25 1981 Bibliographic control / 1
Z1001.D26 An olio of bibliographical and literary anecdotes and memoranda, original and selected; including Mr. Cole's unpublished notes on the Revd. Jas. Bentham's History and antiquities of Ely cathedral. 1
Z1001 .D268 2019 Documentarity : evidence, ontology, and inscription / 1
Z1001 .D27 2014 Indexing it all : the subject in the age of documentation, information, and data / 1
Z1001.D28 Spurious reprints of early books. 1
Z1001.D32 Mémoires bibliographiques et littéraires ... 1
Z1001.D35 Mélanges de paléographie et de bibliographie / 1
Z1001.D37 Dokumentacja i informacja naukowa; zarys problematyki i kierunki rozwoju. 1
Z1001.D374 Documentation and scientific information; outline of problems and trends. (Dokumentacja i informacja naukowa. Zarys problematyki i kierunki rozwoju) 1
Z1001.D38 On the difficulty of correct description of books / 1
Z1001 .D38 1902 On the difficulty of correct description of books / 1
Z1001 .D39 2014eb Indexing it all : the subject in the age of documentation, information, and data / 1
Z1001.D4 Obshchai͡a bibliografii͡a. Ucheb. posobie dli͡a uchashchikhsi͡a bibliotechnykh tekhnikumov. 1
Z1001.D48 Comment organiser sa documentation scientifique / 1
Z1001.D539 A bibliographical, antiquarian and picturesque tour in France and Germany. 1
Z1001.D54 A bibliographical, antiquarian and picturesque tour in France and Germany. 1
Z1001.D55 A bibliographical, antiquarian and picturesque tour in the northern counties of England and in Scotland, 1
Z1001.D58 Le service de documentation face à l'explosion de l'information 1
Z1001 .D63 2007 A document (re)turn : contributions from a research field in transition / 1
Z1001.D66 Dokumentenanalyse als sprachlich-informations-theoretisches Problem. 1
Z1001.D8 Specimens of reading lists / 1
Z1001.D9 Bibliography, tiger or fat cat? / 1
Z1001.D91 Qu'est-ce que la documentation? / 1
Z1001.D95 Methodik und Technik der Bearbeitung und Nutzung von Bibliographien; eine Anleitung für die Praxis. 1
Z1001 .E36 2005 Einführung in die Bibliographie / 1
Z1001.E43 1986 Electronic transmission standards for the book world : avoiding an electronic babel : report of a 1 day seminar held on 15 October 1986 at the Royal Overseas League, London : supported by the British National Bibliography Research Fund. 1
Z1001.E7 A student's manual of bibliography, 1
Z1001.E702 A student's manual of bibliography. 1
Z1001.E703 Manual of bibliography. 1
Z1001.E703 1981 Manual of bibliography / 1
Z1001.E74 Manual de metodología y técnica bibliografícas / 1
Z1001 .E75 2001 Esdaile's manual of bibliography. 1
Z1001.F33 Elements of bibliography / 1
Z1001.F4 Some aspects of bibliography; 1
Z1001.F43 Cartas bibliographicas / 1
Z1001.F48 Curso de bibliografia geral, para uso dos alunos das escolas de biblioteconomia 1
Z1001.F595 Leitfaden der Bibliographie, mit einer Auswahl-Bibliographie der Bibliographien. 1
Z1001.F6 Wege zum Wissen; Buch, Buchhandel, Bibliotheken, Schrifttumsverzeichnung, 1
Z1001.F67 Voyages littéraires sur les quais de Paris; lettres á un bibliophile de province, 1
Z1001.F8 Thoughts on the history and future of bibliographical description / 1
Z1001.F8230 1983 Ipotesi di lavoro per una metodologia bibliografica : con una elaborazione storica della voce "bibliografia" / 1
Z1001.F86 Bibliography and modern book production; notes and sources for student librarians, printers, booksellers, stationers, book-collectors. 1
Z1001.F92 Aneddoti bibliografici / 1
Z1001.G22 L'organisation de la documentation scientifique; études 1
Z1001.G25 1990 Estructura lingüística de la documentación : teoría y método / Antonio Luis García Gutiérrez. 1
Z1001.G45 Bibliotecas y elementos bibliografieos, 1
Z1001.G53 1979 Bibliography / 1
Z1001.G533 1995 Guida alle ricerche bibliografiche : dalla biblioteca alle banche dati, alle reti telematiche / 1
Z1001.G67 Bibliography for beginners: form A. 1
Z1001.G67 1973 Bibliography for beginners. 1
Z1001.G70 1992 Textual scholarship : an introduction / 1
Z1001.G70 1994 Textual scholarship : an introduction / 1
Z1001 .G74 1998 Sir Walter Wilson Greg : a collection of his writings / 1
Z1001.G78 Documentation standards 1
Z1001.G85 1978 Documentation and information : services, techniques and systems / 1
Z1001.G853 1987 Guidelines for the compilation of a bibliography / 1
Z1001.G88 Eine neue internationale Bibliotheca bibliographica. 1