Call Number Title Count
XXKF170.J66 1919 Legal forms : contractual, business and conveyancing forms ; complete forms for ordinary uses and suggestive clauses for unusual requirements / 1
XXKF170 .L46 2004 101 law forms for personal use / 1
XXKF170.L46 2007 101 law forms for personal use / 1
XXKF170.L46 2011 101 law forms for personal use / 1
XXKF170.M664 1992 More everyday legal forms / 1
XXKF170.N5 Cyclopedia of legal forms annotated / 1
XXKF170 .N52 Nichols cyclopedia of legal forms annotated / 1
XXKF170.N53 1925 Annotated forms : a comprehensive collection of legal and business forms annotated with references to judicial decisions and standard legal works / 1
XXKF170.P63 1830 The Pocket companion : or, Every man his own lawyer / 1
XXKF170 .P68 1824 The farmer's instructor : or, Every man his own lawyer / 1
XXKF170.P70 1984 The Practical lawyer's manual of business forms and checklists. 1
XXKF170.R43 1894 Forms of deeds, mortgages, etc., and wills : with attestation clause used in the several states and territories. Also, acknowledgments for all legal instruments and judicial oaths, and before whom taken in the United States, territories and foreign countries / 1
XXKF170.S29 1878 Sayler's American form book : containing the most improved legal forms and instruments for the use of professional and business men; also, a statement of the law of deeds, mortgages, chattel mortgages, exemptions from executions, interests, mechanics' liens, wills; with forms for every state and territory / 1
XXKF170.S53 2004 Letters for litigators : essential communications for opposing counsel, witnesses, clients, and others / 1
XXKF170.T28 1850 The American form book : containing legally approved precedents for agreements, arbitrations, assignments, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, conveyancing, letters of attorney, receipts, partnerships, releases, transfers, wills, deeds in trust, and other matters of importance, with a complete index to the whole / 1
XXKF170 .W37 2002 101 law forms for personal use / 1
XXKF170.W47 F43 Westlaw eforms: All federal courts & agencies. 1
XXKF170 .W47 v.1-6A Business organizations with tax analysis--West's legal forms. 1
XXKF170 .W47 v.7 Domestic relations with tax analysis--West's legal forms. 1
XXKF170 .W47 v.8-8B Retirement plans with tax analysis--West's legal forms. 1
XXKF170 .W47 v.9-9B Debtor and creditor relations, bankruptcy--West's legal forms. 1
XXKF170 .W47 v.10-11 Debtor and creditor relations, non-bankruptcy rights and remedies--West's legal forms. 1
XXKF170 .W47 v.12-15 Commercial transactions--West's legal forms. 1
XXKF170 .W47 v.16-18 Estate planning with tax analysis--West's legal forms. 1
XXKF170 .W47 v.18A Elderlaw--West's legal forms. 1
XXKF170 .W47 v.19-19A Real estate transactions, residential--West's legal forms. 1
XXKF170 .W47 v.20-23 Real estate transactions, commercial--West's legal forms. 1
XXKF170 .W47 v.24 Agents and independent contractors--West's legal forms. 1
XXKF170 .W47 v.24A Employment--West's legal forms. 1
XXKF170 .W47 v.25-25B Intellectual property--West's legal forms. 1
XXKF170 .W47 v.26 Alternative dispute resolution--West's legal forms. 1
XXKF170 .W47 v.27-31 Specialized forms--West's legal forms. 1
XXKF170 .W49 West's legal forms. 1
XXKF175.P665 [Eric Posner's blog] / 1
XXKF177 4th .U553 Criminal case files of the U.S. Circuit Court for the district of Maryland, 1795-1860 1
XXKF178.A5 Annual survey of American law.
New York University annual survey of American law.
XXKF178.S95 Survey of law. 1
XXKF180 .A16 2005 2003-2004 district court case-weighting study : final report to the Subcommittee on Judicial Statistics of the Committee on Judicial Resources of the Judicial Conference of the United States / 1
XXKF180.A354 Federal judicial workload statistics / 1
XXKF180.A3542 Federal judicial caseload statistics / 1
XXKF180 .F356 Statistical tables for the federal judiciary. 1
XXKF180 .F44 Federal judicial caseload statistics : reformatted from the original and including Federal judicial workload statistics ... 1
XXKF180 .J86 United States Attorneys' Offices statistical report. 1
XXKF180.M37 1933 Unlocking the treasuries of the trial courts / 1
XXKF180.N370 State court caseload statistics : the state of the art / 1
XXKF180.S84 1997 Statistical tables for the federal judiciary, June 30, 1997. 1
XXKF180.U555 The judicial business of the United States Courts of the Seventh Circuit. 1
XXKF180 .U555 The judicial business of the United States Courts of the Seventh Circuit. 1
XXKF180.U56 The United States courts. 1
XXKF180.U58 1980 Workload statistics for the decade of the 1970's : United States courts of appeals / 1
XXKF183.A37 United States District Courts sentences imposed chart. 1
XXKF183.B66 1982 Bureau of Justice Statistics five year program plan : FY 1982-1986. 1
XXKF183.B87 P47 1998 Perceptions of neighborhood crime, 1995 / 1
XXKF183.B87 S49 1997 Sex differences in violent victimization, 1994 / 1
XXKF183.B87 S83 1998 Substance abuse and treatment of adults on probation, 1995 / 1
XXKF183.B87 W67 1998 Workplace violence, 1992-96 / 1
XXKF183.C8650 1987 Sentencing outcomes in 28 felony courts, 1985 / 1
XXKF183.D380 1990 Felons sentenced to probation in state courts, 1986 / 1
XXKF183 .E26 2008 Economics of criminal law 1
XXKF183.F4 1999 Federal criminal case processing, 1999 with trends 1982-99. 1