Call Number Title Count
XXK3236.H853 1993 Human rights bibliography : United Nations documents and publications 1980-1990 / 1
XXK3236.H860 1985 Human rights : an international and comparative law bibliography / 1
XXK3236.I8 1972 Grundrechtsmissbrauch und Grundrechtsverwirkung : Isländisch-Österreichische Juristen-Konferenz am 2. und 3. Juni 1972 in Reykjavik / 1
XXK3236 .K27 2009 Katalog russkoi͡azychnykh publikat͡siĭ o pravakh cheloveka / 1
XXK3236.M540 International human rights : a bibliography, 1970-1976 / 1
XXK3236 .N34 2013 Contextual-configurative jurisprudence : the law, science and policies of human dignity / 1
XXK3236.N49 1996 Selected international human rights instruments : and, Bibliography for research on international human rights law / 1
XXK3236.S70 1987 Human rights : a selected bibliography of monographs, essays, serials, and basic compilations of documents, and bibliographies pertinent to international protection of human rights / 1
XXK3236.S98 1997 Access to human rights documentation : documentation, bibliographies, and data bases on human rights. 1
XXK3236.T635 1994 Guide to human rights research / 1
XXK3236.U65 1952 Check list of United Nations documents : part 6D, no. 1 Commission on Human Rights, 1947-1979. 1
XXK3236.U657 1993 United Nations reference guide in the field of Human Rights / 1
XXK3236 .W43 2012eb Borderline justice : the fight for refugee and migrant rights / 1
XXK3236.2.A35 ADL in the courts : litigation docket ... / 1
XXK3236.2.C686 Country reports on human rights practices.
Report on human rights practices in countries receiving U.S. aid.
Country reports on human rights practices for ... : report submitted to the Committee on Foreign Relations, U.S. Senate and Committee on Foreign Affairs, U.S. House of Representatives by the Department of State in accordance with sections 116(d) and 502B(b) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended.
XXK3236.2.E976 European human rights law review. 1
XXK3236.2.H847 Human rights brief / 2
XXK3236.2.H85 Bulletin of human rights /
Human rights bulletin.
XXK3236.2.H852 Human rights : international instruments, chart of ratifications as at ... 1
XXK3236.2.H8562 Documentation DH, HR 1
XXK3236.2.H862 Human rights practices in countries receiving U.S. security assistance. 1
XXK3236.2.H863 Human rights reports. 1
XXK3236.2.H864 Human rights law review. 1
XXK3236.2.N48 Netherlands quarterly of human rights. 1
XXK3236.2.R48 Revista românǎ de drepturile omului. 1
XXK3236.3 .A56 Human rights, the Helsinki Accords, and the United States : selected executive and Congressional documents /
Annual human rights reports submitted to Congress by the U.S. Department of State.
XXK3236.3.H82 The Human rights review. 1
XXK3236.3.H823 Human rights law journal : HRLJ. 1
XXK3236.3.H86 Human rights & international legal discourse. 2
XXK3236.3.I53 Indiana international human rights law bulletin. 1
XXK3236.3 .I57 ICJ newsletter. 1
XXK3236.3.I57 Report on activities /
Report on current activities of the International Commission of Jurists.
Annual report on the activities of the International Commission of Jurists.
ICJ report on activities /
XXK3236.3 .I58 Annual report / 1
XXK3236.3.I58 Inter-American and European human rights journal = Revista interamericana y Europea de derechos humanos. 1
XXK3236.3.I67 Israel yearbook on human rights. 1
XXK3236.3 .I87 Israel yearbook on human rights. 1
XXK3236.3.J68 Journal of human rights and the environment. 1
XXK3236.3.J83 Developing human rights jurisprudence. 1
XXK3236.3.J87 Justice initiatives. 1
XXK3236.3.M445 Mediterranean journal of human rights. 1
XXK3236.3.S87 Sur international journal on human rights. 1
XXK3236.4.A56S742 1990 Sri Lanka : compilation document / 1
XXK3236.4.S837 1990 La Convention européenne des droits de l'homme / 1
XXK3236.7 1993 Österreichische Aussenpolitik 1993 : Schwerpunkt Menschenrechte : Weltkonferenz über Menschenrechte, Wien, 14.-25. Juni 1993 : Gipfeltreffen der Staats- und Regierungschefs der Mitgliedstaaten des Europarates, Wien, 8.-9. Oktober 1993. 1
XXK3236.7 1994 CSCE Human Dimension Seminar on Migrant Workers: report, briefing, and documentation, Warsaw, Poland, March 21-25, 1994 / 1
XXK3236.8.I584 2000 International justice / 1
XXK3237.A42 1978 Human rights in United States and United Kingdom foreign policy : a colloquium, Palace of Westminster, November 27-28, 1978 / 1
XXK3237.S4A42 1978 The right to know, the right to act : documents of Helsinki dissent from the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe / 1
XXK3237.U55A5 1993 The Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action, June 1993 : with the Opening Statement of United Nations Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali / 1
XXK3237.U55U179 Official records of the Human Rights Committee.
Yearbook of the Human Rights Committee.
XXK3237.U55U18 Report of the Human Rights Committee. 1
XXK3237.U55U2 Report of the Human Rights Council. 1
XXK3237.5.I58A3 1968 Final act ... 1
XXK3237.5.I58A3 1968a Report submitted by the Organization of American States ; note by the Secretary-General. 1
XXK3237.5.I58A3 1968b United Nations and human rights ; 1
XXK3237.5.I58A3 1968c Suggestions for research on human rights ; paper, 1
XXK3237.5.I58A3 1968d Some economic foundations of human rights; 1
XXK3237.5.I58A3 1968e Human rights from the family and population viewpoint; 1
XXK3237.5.I58A3 1968f International Conference on Human Rights. 1
XXK3237.5.I58A3 1968g Provisional agenda ; note by the Secretary-General. 1