Call Number Title Count
TX371 .K69 2012 Man bites dog : hot dog culture in America / 1
TX371 .L4713 2016 Eat this book : a carnivore's manifesto / 1
TX371.M37 2009 The face on your plate : the truth about food / 1
TX371.M455 2000 Fleisch : Ursprung und Wandel einer Lust : eine kulturanthropologische Studie / 1
TX371 .M47 2019 Messy eating : conversations on animals as food / 1
TX371 .O39 2013 In meat we trust : an unexpected history of carnivore America / 1
TX371.P3 1919 Meats, poultry and game how to buy, cook and carve, with a potpourri of recipes / 1
TX371.P3 1920 Meats, poultry and game how to buy, cook and carve, with a potpourri of recipes. 1
TX371.S380 Unmentionable cuisine / 1
TX371.S8 Not by bread alone, 1
TX371.S801 The fat of the land. Enl. ed. of Not by bread alone. 1
TX371 .T68 2018 Tourism experiences and animal consumption : contested values, morality and ethics / 1
TX371 .W37 2018 Meat makes people powerful : a global history of the modern era / 1
TX372 .B47 2019 The meat question : animals, humans, and the deep history of food / 1
TX373.D8 Rare and well done; some historical notes on meats and meatmen. 1
TX373.G94 2005 Field guide to meat : how to identify, select, and prepare virtually every meat, poultry, and game cut / 1
TX373.H3 1933 How to buy beef : a set of 48 charts / 1
TX373.H641 The story of meat, 1
TX373.H66 The dark side of the beef trust; a treatise concerning the "canner" cow, the cold-storage fowl, the diseased meats, the dopes and preservatives, and what takes place on the other side of the partitions of the packing houses while the public is being entertained by tinsel and music and a parade of prize steers for government inspection, 1
TX373.I57 International meat science dictionary : English-French-German-Spanish-Russian, with English definitions and a listing of meat research institutes by country / 1
TX373.M43 2001 Meat science and applications / 1
TX373.M43 2010 Meat, medicine, and human health in the twentieth century / 1
TX373.M45 1990 The born-again carnivore : the real meat guide / 1
TX373.M67 2016 The moral complexities of eating meat / 1
TX373.Z64 The meat we eat, 1
TX375.A547 1888 The American standard of perfection, as adopted by the American Poultry Association, at its thirteenth annual meeting ... 1888, containing a complete description of all recognized varieties of fowls / 1
TX375 .L44 2013 Game : a global history / 1
TX375.L476 1902 Aviculture : Le jardin d'acclimatation chez soi. La volière: ... L'élevage pratique par un éleveur. 1
TX375.T17 The meat production potencial of wild animals in Africa ; a review of biological knowledge / 1
TX377.P480 1787 Essai sur le lait, considéré médicinalement sous ses différens aspects, ou, Histoire de ce qui a rapport à ce fluide chez les femmes, les enfans & les adultes, soit qu'on le regarde comme cause de maladies, comme aliment, ou comme médicament / 1
TX379.D3 1919 The milky way to economy 1
TX379 .G623 1684 Disputatio medica inauguralis de lacte ejusque vitiis : quam, praeside Deo opt. max. ex authoritate magnifici rectoris, D. Lucae Schacht ... ; nec non amplissimi senatûs academici consensu, & almae facultatis medicae decretô, pro gradu doctoratus, summisque in medicina honoribus & privilegiis ritè ac legitimè consequendis, publico examini subjicit Johannes Melchior Göbel, Güstr. Megap. Ad diem 24. Februarii locô horisque solitis. 1
TX379.G630 1684 Disputatio medica inauguralis de lacte ejusque vitiis / 1
TX379.H330 An historical, scientific, and practical essay on milk, as an article of human sustenance; with a consideration of the effects consequent upon the present unnatural methods of producing it for the supply of large cities. 1
TX379.N28 Newer knowledge of milk. 1
TX379.V45 2010 Milk : a global history / 1
TX379.W3 The story of milk and how it came about, 1
TX379.W3 1927 The story of milk and how it came about 1
TX380 Yogurt in health and disease prevention / 1
TX380.I4N877 1987 Nutritional status, physical work capacity, and mental function in school children / 1
TX382.C87 1935 Lettres de noblesse / 1
TX382.K54 Notes on cheese. 1
TX382.M30 The cheese book; a definitive guide to the cheeses of the world, from fresh country cheeses to Cheddars and blues, Parmesan, Camembert and Brie, pungent goat cheeses and the richest crèmes...and a collection of great cheese recipes. 1
TX382 .P4 1978 Completely cheese : the cheeselover's companion / 1
TX384 .M384 2014 Food Politics : Studying Food, Identity and Difference among the Garos. 1
TX385 Handbook of seafood : quality and safety maintenance and applications / 1
TX385.B6 1961 Fish as food. 1
TX385.C28 2005 Mācha : nānā diśa, nānā kathā / 1
TX385 .C43 2013 Marine fishes in India : their importance in health & nutrition / 1
TX385.F54 2010 Caviar : a global history / 1
TX385.G68 2008 Bottomfeeder : how to eat ethically in a world of vanishing seafood / 1
TX385.G96 2009 Gyoshoku bunka no keifu / 1
TX385 .H67 2011 Nutrient composition of small indigenous fish Species (SIS) and processed SIS of Bangladesh / 1
TX385 .M37 2011eb Marine medicinal foods : implications and applications, macro and microalgae / 1
TX385.M95 2008 Fish-eating in Greece from the fifth century B.C. to the seventh century A.D. : a story of impoverished fishermen or luxurious fish banquets? / 1
TX385.N480 1943 Seafood : their wartime rôle in maintaining nutritional standards / 1
TX385.S24 2002 Caviar : the strange history and uncertain future of the world's most coveted delicacy / 1
TX385 .S65 2012 American tuna : the rise and fall of an improbable food / 1
TX385 .S65 2012eb American tuna : the rise and fall of an improbable food / 1
TX387.B69 The glorious oyster, its history in Rome and Britain : what various writers and poets have said in its praise / 1