Call Number Title Count
TP151.H23 Handbook of chemistry.
Lange's handbook of chemistry.
TP151 .H36 2012 Handbook of industrial chemistry and biotechnology. Volume 1 and 2 / 1
TP151.H50 1996 Basic principles and calculations in chemical engineering / 1
TP151.H8 Industrial chemical calculations; the application of physico-chemical principles and data to problems of industry, 1
TP151.I530 1994 Industrial products handbook / 1
TP151.J3 1902 Manufacturers' practical recipes : comprising pigments and dry colours, paste and mixed paints, paint oils, vehicles, and mediums, distempers, and sundry paint materials. 1
TP151.K92 Applied nomography 1
TP151.L31 Digital computation for chemical engineers. 1
TP151.L36 1946 Handbook of chemistry : a reference volume for all requiring ready access to chemical and physical data used in laboratory work and manufacturing / 1
TP151.O4 Where you can sell; complete information on industrial uses of chemicals, dyestuffs, tanstuffs, solvents, oils, and drugs, and related natural products and their derivatives, of vegetable, animal, and mineral origin; a technical guide for sales exectives. 1
TP151.P45 1997 Perry's chemical engineers' handbook. 1
TP151.P450 1984 Perry's Chemical engineers' handbook. 1
TP151.R4 1902 Recipes for the colour, paint, varnish, oil, soap and drysaltery trades / 1
TP151 .R85 2005eb Rules of thumb for chemical engineers : a manual of quick, accurate solutions to everyday process engineering problems / 1
TP151 .R85 2012 Rules of thumb for chemical engineers / 1
TP151.S45 1880 How to roll in wealth, or, A sure guide to make money easily and independently : containing numerous rare and most valuable receipts, covering the latest, most important and most useful discoveries in chemical thechnology, and their practical application in the arts and industries / 1
TP151.S95 1910 Der Selbstfabrikant : Anleitung zur rationellen Darstellung chemisch-technischer und kosmetischer Präparate : ein Handbuch für Fabrikanten u. Gewerbetreibende / 1
TP151.V652 1904 Haus-Spezialitäten. 1
TP151.Z72 Industrial Research Service's Handbook of material trade names, 1
TP151.Z721 Industrial Research Service's supplement to the 1953 edition of Handbook of material trade names / 1
TP152.M4P470 1982 Perfluorinated ionomer membranes : developed in advance of the Polymer Division topical workshop on per-fluorinated ionomer membranes, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, February 23-26, 1982 / 1
TP155 Sustainable production of bulk chemicals : integration of bio-, chemo- resources and processes / Mo Xian, editor.
Kolonnen-Fibel : Für die Praxis im chemischen Anlagenbau /
Handbook of Chemical and Biochemical Technologies
Brazilian journal of chemical engineering : publication of the Brazilian Society of Chemical Engineering.
Molecular systems design & engineering.
Recent progress in chemistry and chemical engineering research /
Towards mesoscience : the principle of compromise in competition /
The Proceedings of the International Conference on Process Engineering and Advanced Materials 2012 : Selected, peer reviewed papers from the International Conference on Process Engineering and Advanced Materials 2012 (ICPEAM2012), June 12-147, 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia /
Chemical, Material and Metallurgical Engineering IV /
Chemical engineering design /
Tools for chemical product design : from consumer products to biomedicine /
Catalysis and kinetics : molecular level considerations /
Handbook of industrial chemistry and biotechnology
Chemical projects scale up how to go from laboratory to commercial /
Coulson and Richardson's chemical engineering. Volume 3B, Process control /
Coulson and Richardson's chemical engineering. Volume 3A, Chemical and biochemical reactors and reaction engineering /
Compound histories : materials, governance, and production, 1760-1840 /
Coulson and Richardson's chemical engineering. Volume 2A, Particulate systems and particle technology /
TP155-156 Advances in Biochemical Engineering, Volume 2 /
Einführung in die Technische Chemie /
Oilfield chemistry /
Practical Aspects of Chemical Engineering : Selected Contributions from PAIC 2017 /
Advances in Dye Removal Technologies /
Springer Handbook of Petroleum Technology
TP155.A35 AIChE monograph series. 1
TP155.A35 no.7 The "calculated" loss-of-coolant accident: a review 1
TP155.A35 no.8-9 Understanding and conceiving chemical processes / 1
TP155.A35 no.10 Fundamentals of fire and explosion / 1
TP155.A35 no.11 Lumps, models, and kinetics in practice / 1
TP155.A35 no.12 Lectures in atmospheric chemistry / 1
TP155.A35 no.13 Advanced process engineering / 1
TP155.A35 no.14 Synfuels from coal / 1
TP155.A35 no.17 Separations, new directions for an old field / 1
TP155 .A48 2007eb Advances in chemical engineering. Vol. 32, Chemical engineering kinetics / 1
TP155.A5 AIChE symposium series. 1
TP155.A5 no.188 Control of emissions from stationary combustion sources : pollutant detection and behavior in the atmosphere / 1
TP155.A5 no.228 Problem solving / 1
TP155.A5 no.229, etc. Tutorial lectures in electrochemical engineering and technology / 1
TP155.A5 no.230 Adsorption and ion exchange--'83 / 1
TP155.A5 no.231 Data base implementation and application / 1
TP155.A5 no.235 Diamond jubilee historical/review volume / 1
TP155.A5 no.236 Heat transfer--Niagara Falls, 1984 / 1
TP155.A5 no.237 Awareness of information sources / 1
TP155.A5 no.238 New developments in liquid-liquid extractors : selected papers from ISEC '83 / 1
TP155.A5 no.239 The Impact of energy and environmental concerns on chemical engineering in the forest products industry / 1
TP155.A5 no.240 Advances in crystallization from solutions / 1
TP155.A5 no.241 Fluidization and fluid particle systems : recent advances / 1
TP155.A5 no.242 Adsorption and ion exchange : recent developments / 1
TP155.A5 no.243 Separation of heavy metals and other trace contaminants / 1
TP155.A5 no.244 Experimental results from the Design Institute for Physical Property Data. 1., Phase equilibria / 1
TP155.A5 no.245 Heat transfer--Denver, 1985 / 1
TP155.A5 no.246 Advances in process analysis and development in the forest products industry / 1
TP155.A5 no.247 Chemical engineering data sources / 1
TP155.A5 no.248 Industrial membrane processes / 1
TP155.A5 no.249 Measurement of high temperatures in furnaces and processes / 1
TP155.A5 no.250 Recent advances in separation techniques III / 1
TP155.A5 no.251 Cryogenic properties : processes and applications, 1986 / 1
TP155.A5 no.252 Thin liquid film phenomena / 1
TP155.A5 no.253 Fundamental aspects of crystallization and precipitation processes / 1
TP155.A5 no.254 Electrochemical engineering applications / 1
TP155.A5 no.255 New developments in fluidization and fluid-particle systems / 1