Call Number Title Count
TN23.P983 1886 Report on the mining industries of the United States (exclusive of the precious metals) : with special investigations into the iron resources of the Republic and into the cretaceous coal of the Northwest. 1
TN23.R27 Silver and gold an account of the mining and metallurgical industry of the United States, with reference chiefly to the precious metals. 1
TN23.R27 1877 Silver and gold: an account of the mining and metallurgical industry of the United States [in 1871], with reference chiefly to the precious metals. 1
TN23.R44 A history of American mining, 1
TN23.R46 Economic geology of the United States, 1
TN23.R468 Economic geology. 1
TN23.R47 Economic geology, 1
TN23.R48 Economic geology, 1
TN23.R482 Economic geology, 1
TN23.R5 Elementary economic geology, 1
TN23.R85 Strategic mineral supplies, 1
TN23 .S384 2013 Ion Implantation and Activation - Volume 1. 1
TN23.S6 ... The strategy of minerals; a study of the mineral factor in the world position of America in war and in peace, 1
TN23.S727 1994 Statistical compendium. 1
TN23.S82 Mineral forecast 2000 A.D. 1
TN23.T19 Economic geology of the United States : with briefer mention of foreign mineral products / 1
TN23.T194 Economic geology of the United States, with briefer mention of foreign mineral products, 1
TN23.T2 Economic geology of the United States, with briefer mention of foreign mineral products, 1
TN23.T93 From the ground up; facts and figures of the mineral industries of the United States. 1
TN23.U43 Report of investigations 1
TN23 .U43 Report of investigations. 1
TN23 .U43 no.4828 Investigation of Kasna Creek copper prospect, Lake Kontrashibuna, Lake Clark region, Alaska / 1
TN23 .U43 no.5430 Reconnaissance of the Beluga River coalfield, Alaska / 1
TN23 .U43 no.5433 Recovering mercury from cinnabar-stibnite ore by flotation and fluidized-bed roasting / 1
TN23 .U43 no.5447 Analyses of some crude oils from Alaska / 1
TN23 .U43 no.5642 Oil recovery and formation damage in permafrost, Umiat Field, Alaska / 1
TN23 .U43 no.6017 Washability of coals from the Matanuska Valley and Beluga River fields, Alaska / 1
TN23 .U43 no.6054 Performance of tables in cleaning Alaska coals / 1
TN23 .U43 no.8302 Electromagnetic technique for locating boreholes / 1
TN23 .U43 no.8309 Improved methods for monitoring production from vertical degasification wells / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 8700 Methodology for determining occluded gas contents in domal rock salt / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 8711 Performance evaluation of electromagnetic techniques for the location of trapped miners / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 8723 Investigation of methane emissions from an advancing face in the Belle Isle domal salt mine, Louisiana / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 8735 Sulfur hexafluoride as a mine ventilation research tool : recent field applications / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 8781 Above-the-earth field contours for a dipole buried in a homgeneous half-space / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 8795 Problems facing coal mining and gas production in the Hartshorne coalbeds of the Western Arkoma Basin, OK / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 8933 Comparison of rotary and in-hole motor techniques for drilling horizontal boreholes in coal / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 9007 Investigation of similarities between methane drainage potential of Utah's Sunnyside Coalbed and eastern U.S. coalbeds / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 9051 Self-contained self-rescuer field evaluation : first-year results of 5-year study / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 9061 Method factors for anemometer measurement at pipe outlets / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 9083 Effects of stimulation treatments on coalbeds and surrounding strata : evidence from underground observations / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 9102 Accurate directional borehole drilling : a case study at the Navajo Dam, New Mexico / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 9113 Gas content determinations of salt samples using acoustic responses / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 9186 Investigation of methane occurrence and outbursts in the Cote Blanche domal salt mine, Louisiana / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 9192 Rapid (grab) sampling during full-scale explosions : microscopic and analytical evaluation / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 9197 Pallet loading dust control system / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 9238 Rotary drilling techniques used in the Beckley coalbed / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 9282 Pressure monitoring and observed effects of mining at the Oak Grove, AL, coalbed degasification pattern / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 9291 In-mine test of the Bureau of Mines preproduction wireless survey system / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 9295 Analysis of acoustic responses of domal salt mine samples / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 9380 Fire detection for conveyor belt entries / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 9382 Evaluation of solid-block and cementitious foam seals / 1
TN23 .U43 no. 9447 Estimation of shear strength using fractals as a measure of rock fracture roughness / 1
TN23.U43 no. 9452aTN345 Characteristics of ultrasonic ranging sensors in an underground environment / 1
TN23.U44 79-777 Coal resource occurrence and coal development potential maps of the Spring Creek Ranch quadrangle, Big Horn County, Montana / 1
TN23.U44 1978 Reconnaissance evaluation of water resources for hydraulic coal mining, Crested Butte coal field, Gunnison County, Colorado / 1
TN23 .U44 1982-44 Underground mine disaster survival and rescue : an evaluation of research accomplishments and needs / 1
TN23.U44 1985 Generalization of medical and health compliance research to coal mine safety / 1
TN23.U44 1991 Zinc solubility in solid iron / 1
TN23.U5 Statistics of mines and mining in the states and territories west of the Rock Mountains : being the ... annual report of Rossiter W. Raymond, U.S. Commissioner of Mining Statistics. 1