Call Number Title Count
TN23.A19 no.433 Open-cut metal mining, 1
TN23.A19 no.436 Sponge chromium / 1
TN23.A19 no.439 Some essential safety factors in tunneling, 1
TN23.A19 no.441 Investigations of permissible electric mine lamps, 1930-1940 / 1
TN23.A19 no.442 Seismic effects of quarry blasting / 1
TN23.A19 no.443 Intercrystalline cracking of boiler steel and its prevention / 1
TN23.A19 no.445 Plastic and swelling properties of bituminous coking coals, 1
TN23.A19 no.446 Typical analyses of coals of the United States, 1
TN23.A19 no.449 Development and use of certain flotation reagents, 1
TN23.A19 no.451 Syllabus of clay testing / 1
TN23.A19 no.453 Report submitted to the Trail Smelter Arbitration Tribunal, 1
TN23.A19 no.454 Fundamentals of coal sampling / 1
TN23.A19 no.455 Anthracite mine fires : their behavior and control / 1
TN23.A19 no.459 Potash salts from Texas-New Mexico polyhalite deposits, commercial possibilities, proposed technology, and pertinent salt-solution equilibria, 1
TN23.A19 no.460 Diatomites of the Pacific Northwest as filter-aids / 1
TN23.A19 no.463 Operation of electrolytic manganese pilot plant, Boulder City, Nev. ... 1
TN23.A19 no.464 Mineral-dressing characteristics of the red iron ores of Birmingham, Ala. / 1
TN23.A19 no.465 Production of metallurgical alumina from Pennsylvania nodular diaspore clays / 1
TN23.A19 no.466 A guide for reducing fuel consumption in commercial plants, 1
TN23.A19 no.467 An index of shale-oil patents. 1
TN23.A19 no.468 An index of oil-shale patents. 1
TN23.A19 no.469 The national fuel efficiency program during the war years, 1943-45 / 1
TN23.A19 no.470 Safety practices in dredging and hydraulic mining / 1
TN23.A19 no.471 Analyses of complex mixtures of gases : application to control and extinguish fires and to prevent explosions in mines, tunnels and hazardous industrial processes / 1
TN23.A19 no.473 Information on the prevention of quarry accidents / 1
TN23.A19 no.474 Coals of Chile / 1
TN23.A19 no.475 Burning Washington coals on different types of domestic stokers in the same hot-water boiler : comparison with hand and oil firing / 1
TN23.A19 no.478 Review of literature on dusts, 1
TN23.A19 no.479 Iron blast-furnace slag production, processing, properties, and uses, 1
TN23.A19 no.480 Comparison of BM-AGA and slot-oven experimental methods of carbonization : with results for eleven coals / 1
TN23.A19 no.481 Safety in the mining industry / 1
TN23.A19 no.482 American lignites : geological occurence, petrographic composition and extractable waxes / 1
TN23.A19 no.483 High-sulfur Pittsburgh coal : upgrading in southwestern Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia / 1
TN23.A19 no.484 Helium : bibliography of technical and scientific literature from its discovery (1868) to January 1, 1947 / 1
TN23.A19 no.485, etc. Bibliography of pressure hydrogenation / 1
TN23.A19 no.486 Helium-bearing natural gases of the United States : analyses and analytical methods / 1
TN23.A19 no.487 Characterization of tar acids from coal-hydrogenation oils / 1
TN23.A19 no.488 The isosynthesis / 1
TN23.A19 no.489, etc. Proceedings. 1
TN23.A19 no.491 Inundated anthracite reserves : eastern middle field of Pennsylvania / 1
TN23.A19 no.492 Methods of analyzing coal and coke / 1
TN23.A19 no.493 Carbonizing properties : West Virginia coals from the Eagle, No. 2 gas, Pocahontas No. 3 and Pocahontas No. 4 beds / 1
TN23.A19 no.494 Buried valley of the Susquehanna River : anthracite region of Pennsylvania / 1
TN23.A19 no.495 Preparation characteristics of some coals available for the synthetic liquid fuels industry / 1
TN23.A19 no.496 Carbonizing properties : Pocahontas No.6, Davy Sewell and Fire Creek coals from West Virginia and Upper and Lower Kittanning and Upper and Lower Freeport coals from Pennsylvania / 1
TN23.A19 no.497 Aviation gasoline and its component hydrocarbons : wartime research (1940-45) / 1
TN23.A19 no.498 Lurgi process : use for complete gasification of coals with steam and oxygen under pressure / 1
TN23.A19 no.499 Analyses of Ohio coals / 1
TN23.A19 no.500 Carbonizing properties : Chilton coal from Lorado No. 5 Mine, Lorado, Logan County, W. Va. / 1
TN23.A19 no.501 Coal deposit, Coal Creek district, Gunnison County Colo. : reserves, coking properties and petrographic and chemical characteristics / 1
TN23.A19 no.502 Lignite in Greece / 1
TN23.A19 no.503 Limits of flammability of gases and vapors, 1
TN23.A19 no.506 Carbonizing properties : West Virginia coals from the Pittsburgh bed, Jamison No. 9 Mine, Marion County and Upper Freeport bed, Bull Run No. 1 Mine, Preston County / 1
TN23.A19 no.507 Castleman Basin, Garrett County, Md. : coal beds in central part, reserves, petrographic and chemical characteristics of coals, stratigraphy of area / 1
TN23.A19 no.508 Acid-mine-drainage problems : anthracite region of Pennsylvania / 1
TN23.A19 no.509 Injury experience in coal mining, 1948 : detailed analysis of factors influencing mine safety and related employment, production, and productivity data / 1
TN23.A19 no.510 Carbonizing properties : British Columbia, Matanuska Valley (Alaska) and Washington coals and blends of six of them with lower Sunnyside (Utah) coals / 1
TN23.A19 no.511 Carbonizing properties : eastern Kentucky coals from Elkhorn No.1, Elkhorn No.2, Leatherwood and Harlan beds / 1
TN23.A19 no.512 Analyses of foreign coals / 1
TN23.A19 no.513 Core drilling at shaft sites of proposed mine-water drainage tunnel : anthracite region of Pennsylvania / 1