Call Number Title Count
Rosenberger 17-163 Jewish newspapers and periodicals on microfilm. First supplement / 1
Rosenberger 17-164 Printed rarities in the Hebrew Union College Library. 1
Rosenberger 17-165 Taṿ-zikaron le-Tsiyon. Bibliotheca Sionistica ; hebräische Schriften über Zionismus (1852-1905) : Palästina, Nationalismus, Kolonisationsfreunde, Kultur- und politischer Zionismus. 1
Rosenberger 17-166 Österreichische Juden in der Literatur; ein bio-bibliographisches Lexicon. 1
Rosenberger 17-167 Catalogue of pamphlets belonging to the library of Zunz, now in Judith "Montefiore" College, Ramsgate. 1
Rosenberger 17-168 Russian publications on Jews and Judaism in the Soviet Union, 1917-1967 : a bibliography / 1
Rosenberger 17-169 Hebrew manuscripts in the Houghton Library of the Harvard College Library : a catalogue / 1
Rosenberger 17-170 Library resources for Jewish studies in the United States / 1
Rosenberger 17-171 A history and guide to Judaic bibliography / 1
Rosenberger 17-172 Katalog der Bücherei der Israelitischen Religionsgemeinde zu Dresden. 1
Rosenberger 17-174 Napoleon als Büchersammler; 1
Rosenberger 17-175 Spertus College of Judaica Yemenite manuscripts; an illustrated catalogue 1
Rosenberger 17-176 Judaica; classification schedule, classified listing by call number, chronological listing, author and title listing. 1
Rosenberger 17-177 Judaica in the Houghton Library. 1
Rosenberger 17-178 Spertus College of Judaica Yemenite manuscripts; an illustrated catalogue 1
Rosenberger 17-181 Supplement III: Judaica Americana printed before 1851. 1
Rosenberger 17-182 Studies in Jewish bibliography, history, and literature in honor of I. Edward Kiev. 1
Rosenberger 17-183 Catalogue of very important illuminated manuscripts and printed books : selected from the renowned library formed by Baron Horace de Landau (1824-1903), maintained and augmented by his niece Madame Finaly, of Florence (d.1938) - which will be sold by auction by messers Sotheby & Co. - Monday, the 12th of July, 1948, and following day ... 1
Rosenberger 17-184 Liste der für Jugendliche und Büchereien ungeeigneten Druckschriften. 1
Rosenberger 17-186 Del Pentateuco stampato in Napoli l'anno MCCCCXCI : e saggio di alcune varianti lezioni estratte da esso e da'libri antichi della sinagoga. 1
Rosenberger 17-187 Treasures of Judaica 1
Rosenberger 17-188 A catalogue to an exhibition of notable books and manuscripts from the collections of the University of Chicago Library. Prepared for the dedication of the Joseph Regenstein Library, October thirty-first, nineteen hundred and seventy. 1
Rosenberger 17-189 Die Bibliotheken Salman Schocken Karl Wolfskehl. 1
Rosenberger 17-190 Pirsumim Yehudiyim bi-Verit ha-Moʻatsot, 1917-1960 : reshimot bibliografiyot / 1
Rosenberger 17-191 Prejudice: racist-religious-nationalist 1
Rosenberger 17-192 Hebrew books in Harvard. 1
Rosenberger 24-1 [Supplementum]. 1
Rosenberger 24-2 Fortalicium fidei contra Iudeos, Saracenos aliosq[ue] Christiane fidei inimicos. 1
Rosenberger 24-3 Aurelij Augustini Prima[-tertia] quinquagena. 1
Rosenberger 24-4 [Biblia latina]. 1
Rosenberger 24-5 [Biblia latina]. 1
Rosenberger 24-6 [Biblia latina]. 1
Rosenberger 24-7 [Biblia latina (cum postillis Nicolai de Lyra et expositionibus Guillelmi Britonis in omnes prologos S. Hieronymi et additionibus Pauli Burgensis replicisque Matthiae Doering)]. 1
Rosenberger 24-8 Biblia. 1
Rosenberger 24-9 Incipit preclaru[m] op[us] q[uo]d biblia paupum appellat[ur] p[er]utile omnib[us] predicatoribus. 1
Rosenberger 24-10 Biblia pauperum / 1
Rosenberger 24-11 Prefatio in opus transmarine peregrinationis ad venerandum et gloriosum sepulchrum dominicum in Hierusalem eius tum laudes tum fructus paucis attollens, intentionemq[ue] exprimens auctoris [et] operis diuisionem incipit feliciter. 1
Rosenberger 24-12 [Concordantiae Bibliorum]. 1
Rosenberger 24-19 Antonij Lollij Geminianensis Oratorio passionis dominic[a]e habita coram Innocentio Octauo Pont. Max. frequenti r[everendorum] car. senatu contra cruicosam iudeorum perfidiam. 1
Rosenberger 24-21 Pharetra fidei contra iudeos. 1
Rosenberger 24-26 [Biblia latina]. 1
Rosenberger 25-1 Judischer Almanach 1
Rosenberger 26-36 Kalender der berliner Juden : das Jahr 1938. 1
Rosenberger 27-1 Jacob Abraham und Abraham Abramson, 55 jahre Berliner medaillenkunst, 1755-1810 / 1
Rosenberger 27-2 Antiquités et Guerre des Juifs de Josèphe; reproduction des 25 miniatures des Manuscrits français 247 et nouv. acq. 21013 de la Bibliothèque nationale. 1
Rosenberger 27-3 Aesthetics and history. 1
Rosenberger 27-4 Rumor and reflection. 1
Rosenberger 27-5 Sunset and twilight; from the diaries of 1947-1958. 1
Rosenberger 27-6 The Bernard Berenson treasury; a selection from the works, unpublished writings, letters, diaries, and journals of the most celebrated humanist and art historian of our times, 1887-1958. 1
Rosenberger 27-7 Aspects de l'art juif 1
Rosenberger 27-8 Memories of my life : being my personal, professional, and social recollections as woman and artist / 1
Rosenberger 27-10 Juden und Judentum in der mittelalterlichen Kunst. 1
Rosenberger 27-11 Le Juif médiéval au miroir de l'art chrétien. 1
Rosenberger 27-12 Catalogue of the collection of George and Florence Blumenthal, New York, 1
Rosenberger 27-13 Holzsynagogen in Polen / 1
Rosenberger 27-14 Juedische Kuenstler / 1
Rosenberger 27-15 Jüdische köpfe; lithographien 1
Rosenberger 27-17 Le scorpion symbole du peuple juif dans l'art religieux des XIVe, XVe, XVIe siècles, à propos de quatre peintures murales del chapelle Saint-Sébastien, à Lanslevillard (Savoie); avec cinquante planches hors texte comprenant 81 figures, dont 59 reproduisent des dessins de l'auteur. 1
Rosenberger 27-18 Marc Chagall / 1
Rosenberger 27-19 Marc Chagall; an exhibition of paintings, prints, book illustrations and theatre designs, 1908-1947, at the Tate Gallery, 4th-29th February, 1948. 1