Call Number (LC) Title Results
RC439.B422 Mind that found itself, an autobiography. 1
RC439.B424 A mind that found itself; an autobiography, 1
RC439.B425 A mind that found itself : an autobiography / 1
RC439.B43C8 Twenty-five years after; sidelights on the mental hygiene movement and its founder, 1
RC439.B527 1980 Der verwaltete Wahnsinn : ein Sozialgeschichte des Irrenhauses / 1
RC439 .B55 2013 Restoring sanctuary : a new operating system for trauma-informed systems of care / 1
RC439.B66 Die mitarbeit der kirche an der pflege der geisteskranken, 1
RC439.B81 Methods of madness; the mental hospital as a last resort 1
RC439.B840 1978 The rehabilitation environment / 1
RC439.B86 What asylums were, are, and ought to be, being the substance of five lectures delivered before the managers of the Montrose Royal Lunatic Asylum. 1
RC439.B88 1995 What asylums were, are, and ought to be / 1
RC439.B885 1981 Caring for the mentally ill in the community / 1
RC439.B9 Administrative psychiatry. 1
RC439.C18 Insanity and insane asylums. 1
RC439 .C325 2010 Manual of inpatient psychiatry /
Manual of inpatient psychiatry.
RC439.C37 The psychiatric hospital as a small society. 1
RC439.C549 1896 Treatment of the insane : Read by title in the Section on State Medicine at the Forty-seventh annual meeting of the American Medical Association, at Atlanta, Ga., May 5-8, 1896. ... 1
RC439 .C57 Social therapy in psychiatry / 1
RC439.C59 Administrative therapy; the role of the doctor in the therapeutic community 1
RC439.C6 1968 On the relationship between voluntary family agencies and community mental health centers : report of a staff committee. 1
RC439.C62 1975 Social therapy in psychiatry / 1
RC439 .C66 1922 Report of the Committee on Administration of Public Mental Hospitals. 1
RC439.C665 1850 The Croonian lectures: delivered at the Royal College of Physicians, London, in 1849. On some of the forms of insanity. 1
RC439.C69 1971 The planned environment in psychiatric treatment; a manual for ward design, 1
RC439.C7 College students on chronic wards, 1
RC439.C72 Computers and electronic devices in psychiatry, 1
RC439 .C737 2003 The confinement of the insane : international perspectives, 1800-1965 / 1
RC439 .C737 2003eb The confinement of the insane : international perspectives, 1800-1965 / 1
RC439.C74 1961 The psychiatric hospital as a social system : proceedings / 1
RC439.C750 The construction and government of lunatic asylums and hospitals for the insane. 1
RC439.C76 1969 The new hospital psychiatry; proceedings. 1
RC439.C78 1990 The treatment of the insane without mechanical restraints / 1
RC439.C780 The treatment of the insane without mechanical restraints. 1
RC439 .C8126 1995 Practice guidelines for extended psychiatric residential care : from chaos to collaboration / 1
RC439.C9 Creating change in mental health organizations / 1
RC439 .C97 1876 An appeal for the insane poor in the county poor-houses in Pennsylvania, prepared by direction of the Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania, at its session in Philadelphia, in May, 1876 / 1
RC439 C982 1878 Report on the care of the insane / 1
RC439.D2 Des aliénés et des asiles d'aliénés. 1
RC439.D68 Insanity inside out / 1
RC439.D9 The culture of the state mental hospital, 1
RC439 .E17 1867 The psychopathic hospital of the future : an address delivered at the laying of the corner stone of the General Hospital for the Insane of the state of Connecticut, June 20, 1867. / 1
RC439.E2 The care of the psychiatric patient in general hospitals 1
RC439.E33 Clinical medicine and the psychotic patient; 1
RC439 .E875 1876 Incidents of civilization : as predisposing and exciting cases of insanity / 1
RC439.E91 Mental health volunteers : the expanding role of the volunteer in hospital and community mental health services / 1
RC439.E93 Plan d'organisation du champ de la psychiatrie. 1
RC439.F196 1864 Des maladies mentales et des asiles d'aliénés : leçons cliniques & considérations générales. 1
RC439.F360 1985 The Family, the patient, and the psychiatric hospital : toward a new model / 1
RC439.F45 Soviet and American approaches to mental illness: a comparative perspective. 1
RC439.F54 Power, greed, and stupidity in the mental health racket / 1
RC439.F61 Stray papers on cerebral subjects. 1
RC439.F6613 1974 Not made of wood : a psychiatrist discovers his own profession / 1
RC439 .F67 2011eb Therapy Skills for Healthcare : an Introduction to Brief Psychological Techniques / 1
RC439.F75 1968 Partial hospitalization: problems, purposes, and changing objectives / 1
RC439 .G2813 1999 Madness and democracy : the modern psychiatric universe / 1
RC439 .G2813 1999eb Madness and democracy : the modern psychiatric universe / 1
RC439.G46 General hospital psychiatry. 1
RC439.G4760 1983 The uses of psychiatry in smaller general hospitals / 1
RC439.G480 Psychiatric hospital treatment for the 1980s : a controlled study of short versus long hospitalization / 1
RC439.G58 1990 Asylums : essays on the social situation of mental patients and other inmates / 1