Call Number Title Count
RC310.E450 1994 Healing tuberculosis in the woods : medicine and science at the end of the nineteenth century / 1
RC310.F62 Development of our knowledge of tuberculosis, 1
RC310.F760 1993 From consumption to tuberculosis : a documentary history / 1
RC310.H34 2000 Sozialgeschichte der Tuberkulose : vom Kaiserreich bis zum Ende des Zweiten Weltkriegs unter besonderer Berürcksichtigung Württembergs / 1
RC310.L85 A history of the therapy of tuberculosis, and the case of Frederic Chopin. 1
RC310.P62 Histoire de la tuberculose, 1
RC310.P740 Prehistoric tuberculosis in the Americas / 1
RC310.P9 Die Geschichte der Tuberkulose. 1
RC310.R680 1994 Living in the shadow of death : tuberculosis and the social experience of illness in America / 1
RC310.R90 1993 The forgotten plague : how the battle against tuberculosis was won--and lost / 1
RC310.S250 A history of tuberculosis from the time of Sylvius to the present day : being in part a translation, with notes and additions, from the German of Dr. Arnold Spina. Containing also an account of the researches and discoveries of Dr. Robert Koch, and other recent investigators / 1
RC310 .S66 1957 National Tuberculosis Association, 1904-1954 : a study of the voluntary health movement in the United States. 1
RC310.T450 1988 The tuberculosis movement : a public health campaign in the progressive era / 1
RC310.W18 The conquest of tuberculosis 1
RC310.W36 Tuberculosis. 1
RC310.5 .A53 1891 Report to the governments of New South Wales, South Australia, and New Zealand, on the Koch method of treating tuberculosis / 1
RC310.5.B3 1857 Des tubercules au point de vue chirurgical / 1
RC310.5.B35 1810 Recherches sur la phthisie pulmonaire; ouvrage lu à la société de la Faculté de médecine de Paris, dans diverses séances, en 1809 et 1810. 1
RC310.5.B370 1896 Thérapeutique de la tuberculose / 1
RC310.5.B46 1760 Theatrum tabidorum; sive, Phtiseos, atrophiae, et hecticae xenodochium ... 1
RC310.5.B469 1872 On the treatment of pulmonary consumption by hygiene, climate, and medicine, in its connexion with modern doctrines. 1
RC310.5 .B53 1821 Dissertatio medica inauguralis, de phthisèos natura ... / 1
RC310.5.B730 1889 Traitement de la tuberculose articulaire et osseuse par l'emplâtre mercuriel / 1
RC310.5 .B83 1793 Dissertatio medica inauguralis, de phthisi pulmonali ... / 1
RC310.5 .C47 1839 Collectanea quaedam de phthisi pulmonum tuberculosa : scripsit et in universitate literarum lipsiensi gratiosi medicorum ordinis auctoritate pro loco in eodem ordine rite obtinendo illustris iurisconsultorum ordinis oncessu in auditorio iuridico die xviii. m. iunii a.c. MDCCCXXXIX : horis consuetis publice defendet / 1
RC310.5.C537 1835 A treatise on pulmonary consumption : comprehending an inquiry into the causes, nature, prevention, and treatment of tuberculosis and scrofulous diseases in general / 1
RC310.5.C593 1836 Die Lungenschwindsucht; nebst einer Untersuchung über Ursachen, Wesen, Verhütung und Behandelung tuberculöser und skrophulöser Krankheiten im Allgemeinen. 1
RC310.5.D36 1910 Die Schule im Kampfe gegen die Tuberkulose ... Herausgegeben vom Hauptverein für Volkswohlfahrt in Hannover. 1
RC310.5 .D59 1894 Possible relationship between the tubercular diathesis and nitrogenous metabolism. 1
RC310.5 .D66 1920 The domestic management of cases of pulmonary tuberculosis. 1
RC310.5 .D74 1877 Notes on consumption and wasting diseases successfully treated with "hydrated oil," with cases shewing the immediate increase in weight produced by it / 1
RC310.5 .E87 1874 Council paper. No. 22, 1874. 1
RC310.5 .F45 1995eb Disease and class : tuberculosis and the shaping of modern North American society / 1
RC310.5.F450 1995 Disease and class : tuberculosis and the shaping of modern North American society / 1
RC310.5 .F55 1886 Bulletin du laboratoire de recherches expérimentales et cliniques sur le traitement de la phtisie pulmonaire : octobre 1886 / 1
RC310.5.G66 1846 On the pathology and treatment of scrofula. 1
RC310.5.H36 1825 Dissertatio medica inauguralis, quædam de tuberculis, vomicis, et hepatizatione pulmonum, deque cœlo hæc ipsa excitante, complectens : quam, annuente summo numine : ex auctoritate reverendi admodum viri, D. Georgii Baird, SS.T.P. Academiæ Edinburgenæ Praefecti : necnon amplissimi senatus academici consensu, et nobilissimæ facultatis medicæ decreto : pro gradu doctoratus, summisque in medicina honoribus ac privilegiis rite et legitime consequendis / 1
RC310.5 .H37 Morbus Anglicus, or, A theoretick and practical discourse of consumptions, and hypochondriak melancholy : comprizing their nature, subject, kinds, causes, signs, prognosticks, and cures : likewise a discourse of spitting of blood, its differences, causes, signs, prognosticks, and cure / 1
RC310.5.H37 1672 Morbus anglicus, or, The anatomy of consumptions : containing the nature, causes, subject, progress, change, signs, prognosticks, preservatives, and several methods of curing all consumptions, coughs, and spitting of blood : with remarkable observations touching the same diseases : to which are added some brief discourses of melancholy, madness, and distraction occasioned by love : together with certain new remarques touching the scurvey, and ulcers of the lungs / 1
RC310.5 .H37 1872 Tubercular fever and its relation to enteric fever / 1
RC310.5.H4 1864 Die Entwicklung der Lehre von der Lungenschwindsucht und der Tuberculose, von den ältesten Zeiten bis auf die Gegenwart : eine historisch-kritische Abhandlung / 1
RC310.5.J95 1744 Dissertatio inauguralis medica sistens disquisitionem cur in phthisi consummata interdum tussis nulla sit ... 1
RC310.5.K54 1892 Die Behandlung der Tuberkulose mit Tuberkulocidin : vorläufige Mitteilung / 1
RC310.5.K634 1875 De la phthisie laryngée ... 1
RC310.5.L38 1864 On the early symptoms of phthisis and the means best adapted to prevent or arrest its development. A graduation essay. 1
RC310.5 .L43 1729 Deo optima Max. uni et trino ... quæstio medico, cardinalitiis disputationibus manè discutienda, in Scholis Medicorum, die Jovis, vigesimâ-quartâ Martii, 1729 : an Sagou phthisicis prodest? / 1
RC310.5.L44 1857 The effects of climate on tuberculous disease / 1
RC310.5 .L48 1881 Des effets immédiats et éloignés des eaux-bonnes dans le traitement de la phthisie pulmonaire / 1
RC310.5 M3 A treatise of consumptions. / 1
RC310.5 .M36 1883 The air cure of tubercular consumption, as conducted at Davos and the Engadine in a letter to the Medico Chirurgical / 1
RC310.5 .M37 1872 On the nutrition of muscular and pulmonary tissues in health and when affected with disease from phthisis / 1
RC310.5.M379 1784 Abhandlung von der Schwind-Lungensucht und den Mitteln wider dieselbe.
Anweisung wie man Blatternpatienten auf eine einfache und wenig kostbare Art behandeln solle. Hannover, 1784.
RC310.5 .M57 1888 Traitement de la tuberculose pulmonaire par les pulvérisations biiodo-mercuriques et technique des pulvérisations / 1
RC310.5.M67130 1694 Phthisiologia, or, A treatise of consumptions : wherein the difference, nature, causes, signs, and cure of all sorts of consumptions are explained ... : illustrated by particular cases, and observations added to every book : with a compleat table of the most remarkable things / 1
RC310.5 .N48 1703 Disputatio medica inauguralis de phthisi ... / 1
RC310.5 .N49 A treatise of consumptions : in which their nature, causes and symptoms are briefly explained, and a new and extraordinary method by specifick medicines is proposed for the cure of consumptions, even such as proceed from ulcers of the lungs / 1
RC310.5.P36 1855 An original treatise on the curability of consumption : by medicated inhalation and adjunct remedies, agreeably to the new pathological doctrines and curative treatment as founded and solely employed / 1
RC310.5.R38 1754 Observations de medecine : ou l'on trouve des remarques qui tendent à détruire le préjugé, où l'one est sur l'usage du lait dans la pulmonie / 1
RC310.5.R44 1782 An essay on the nature and cure of the phthisis pulmonalis. 1
RC310.5 .R57 1871 Soixante ans de Phtisiologie / 1