Call Number Title Count
RC126.S36 1832 A medical and topographical history of the cholera morbus, including the mode of prevention and treatment. 1
RC126.S43 1830 Cholera, its nature, cause, and treatment : with original views, physiological, pathological, and therapeutical, in relation to fever; the action of poisons on the systems; &c., &c. To which is added, An essay on vital temperature and nervous energy; explanatory more particularly of the nature, source, and distribution of the latter; and of connection between the mind and the body: &c., &c. / 1
RC126.S43 1856 On the nature of cholera, as a guide to treatment. 1
RC126.S44 1835 On the pathology of epidemic cholera, with some preliminary observations on the history of the disease, and the general cause and nature of epidemics: containing an improved plan of treatment, the means of prevention, and rules for corporations and individuals to pursue. 1
RC126.S45 1866 Cholera, its prevention and cure; 1
RC126.S47 1866 Cholera : its seat, nature, and treatment / 1
RC126.S55 1866 The cholera; its history, course and treatment; 1
RC126.S56 1832 Die indische Brechruhr, oder Cholera morbus : ihre Symptome, ihr Wesen und ihre Behandlung ... / 1
RC126.S64 1833 An essay on the nature of the epidemic usually called Asiatic cholera, &c., with the reasons why it should be regarded as an epidemic diarrhoea serosa, instead of common cholera morbus; and an attempt to found the treatment upon the pathology of the disease: being the annual communication to the Medical Society of the State of New York. February 5, 1833. 1
RC126 .S65 1849 Cholera : an inquiry, physiological and pathological, into its proximate cause / 1
RC126.S67 Snow on cholera, being a reprint of two papers / 1
RC126.S675 On the mode of communication of cholera. 1
RC126.S77 1831 Ueber die specifische Behandlung der Cholera / 1
RC126.S8 Cholera: its origin, history, causation, symptoms, lesions, prevention, and treatment. 1
RC126.S84 1832 Dr. Steven's treatise on the cholera, extracted from his work entitled Observations on the healthy and diseased properties of the blood. 1
RC126.S840 Observations on the nature and the treatment of the Asiatic cholera / 1
RC126.S8513 1831 Sammlung der wichtigsten Abhandlungen über die jetzt herrschende Cholera-Seuche / 1
RC126.S910 Cholera, its symptoms and treatment. 1
RC126.S95 1971 Symposium on Cholera : proceedings of the 7th joint conference, U.S.-Japan Cooperative Medical Science Program, Cholera Panel / 1
RC126.T22 Treatise on epidemic cholera : being lectures delivered under the authority of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris / 1
RC126.T355 1781 Dissertatio inauguralis medica de cholera ... 1
RC126.T50 Neuste ableitende behandlungsart der krampfartigen cholera Asiatica. Mit abbildungen der instrumenta discussoria der orientalischen nationen. 1
RC126.T54 1909 The etiology of cholera infantum, typhoid fever and appendicitis with the hygienic and dietetic treatment. 1
RC126.U440 Interim report. 1
RC126.V530 1994 Vibrio cholerae and cholera : molecular to global perspectives / 1
RC126.V9 A chapter on cholera, for lay readers. History, symptoms, prevention, and treatment of the disease. 1
RC126.W36 A treatise on cholera : with the causes, symptoms, mode of prevention and cure, on a new and successful plan / 1
RC126.W47 A treatise on Asiatic cholera / 1
RC126.W55 1831 Die bewährtesten und auf Autoritäten gegründeten Heilmethoden und Arznei-Vorschriften über ... Cholera : oder, Das Wissenswürdigste über die sogenannte epidemische asiatische Brechruhr ... 1
RC126.W55 1849 A treatise upon the electrical philosophy and cure of cholera. 1
RC127 .F39 1888 The natural history and epidemiology of cholera : being the annual oration of the Medical Society of London, May 7, 1888 / 1
RC127 .F94 1883 An account of the successful treatment of cholera in 1854 / 1
RC127.G52 La civilisation et le choléra / 1
RC127 .G75 2018 Colera : scienza, storia, costume, letteratura / 1
RC127.H3 1832 The substance of the official medical reports upon the epidemic, called cholera, which prevailed among the poor at Dantzick, between the end of May and the first part of September, 1831, as transmitted to their lordships ... 1
RC127.L45 1925 Health organisation. A memorandum on the epidemioilogy of cholera, 1
RC127.M19 A history of Asiatic cholera. 1
RC127.M2 Annals of cholera : from the earliest periods to the year 1817. 1
RC127.P85 1921 Væ inventoribus magnis! : la odisea de un descubrimiento médico grandioso. El doctor Ferrán y el cólera morbo asiático en la guerra europea. 1
RC127.S3 1832 Amtlicher Bericht über die epidemische Cholera. 1
RC127.U5 Report on cholera in Europe and India. 1
RC127 .W65 Itinerarium der indischen Cholera-Epidemie in chronologischen Tabellen von ihrem Ausbruche in Indien im Jahre 1817 bis zu ihrem jüngsten Auftreten innerhalb der Gränzen unseres Vaterlandes. 1
RC128.7 .B742 The pisse-prophet, or, Certain pisse-pot lectures : wherein are newly discovered the old fallacies, deceit, and jugling of the pis-pot science used by all those (whether quacks, and empiricks, or other methodical physicians) who pretend knowledg of diseases by the urine in giving judgement of the same / 1
RC128.7.S837 1721 Arcanismo anti-galico, o, Margarita mercurial / 1
RC131.A1 1873 The cholera epidemic of 1873 in the United States. 1
RC131.A2 The cholera years : the United States in 1832, 1849, and 1866 / 1
RC131.A2C5 The conquest of cholera. America's greatest scourge, 1
RC131.A2D73 1832 An account of the epidemic cholera, as it appeared in Cincinnati ... Extracted from the sixth volume of the Western journal of medical and physical sciences. 1
RC131.A2R6 The Cholera Years : the United States in 1832, 1849, and 1866. 1
RC131.A2R67 1987 The cholera years : the United States in 1832, 1849, and 1866 / 1
RC131.A2 R67 1987eb The cholera years : the United States in 1832, 1849, and 1866 / 1
RC131.A2R670 1987 The cholera years : the United States in 1832, 1849, and 1866 / 1
RC131.A2R81 The cholera years : the United States in 1832, 1849, and 1866. 1
RC131.A2R81 1968 The cholera years : the United States in 1832, 1849 and 1866 / 1
RC131.A2 W46 2013 Knowledge in the time of cholera : the struggle over American medicine in the nineteenth century / 1
RC131.A2 W46 2013eb Knowledge in the time of cholera : the struggle over American medicine in the nineteenth century / 1
RC131.A22 1867 Report on epidemic cholera in the Army of the United States, during the year 1866. 1
RC131.A23 1868 Report on epidemic cholera and yellow fever in the Army of the United States, during the year 1867. 1
RC131.M41 1849 Report of the Committee on internal health on the Asiatic cholera, together with a report of the city physician on the cholera hospital. 1
RC131.M52 D483 2013 Cholera in Detroit : a history / 1