Call Number (LC) Title Results
RC126.B92 Asiatic cholera. 1
RC126.B97 1850 Cholera and its cures: an historical sketch. 1
RC126.B99 1855 An essay to prove the contagious character of malignant cholera : with brief instructions for its prevention and cure / 1
RC126.C34 1833 Cholera-morbus opinione / 1
RC126.C350 General observations respecting cholera-morbus: 1
RC126 .C37 1865 Istruzioni sommarie sul colera asiatico : dirette ai suoi alunni / 1
RC126.C44 1885 Cholera curable : a demonstration of the causes, non-contagiousness, and successful treatment of the disease / 1
RC126.C47 1866 Diarrhoea and cholera : their nature, origin, and treatment through the agency of the nervous system. 1
RC126.C5220 1992 Cholera / 1
RC126.C53 Cholera. 1
RC126.C54 1965 Proceedings. 1
RC126.C546 1996 Cholera and the ecology of Vibrio cholerae / 1
RC126 .C557 2011eb Cholera : symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment / 1
RC126.C56 1867 Verhandlungen / 1
RC126.C565 Cholera-Archiv mit Benutzung amtlicher Quellen. 1
RC126.C64 1990 La maladie et les maladies dans la Collection hippocratique : actes du VIe Colloque international hippocratique (Québec, du 28 septembre au 3 octobre 1987 / 1
RC126.C69 1848 A disquisition on pestilential cholera : being an attempt to explain its phenomena, nature, cause, prevention, and treatment, by reference to an extrinsic fungous origin. 1
RC126.C720 The cholera : a familiar treatise on its history, causes, symptoms and treatment : with the most effective remedies, and proper mode of their administration, without the aid of a physician, the whole in language free from medical terms, especially adapted for the use of the public generally : also containing a history of the epidemics of the Middle Ages / 1
RC126.C74 Conference on Cholera : papers presented and summaries of discussions : East Pakistan Assembly House, Dacca, East Pakistan, December 5-8, 1960 / 1
RC126.C8 1849 Epidemic cholera: its history, causes, pathology, and treatment ... 1
RC126 .C87 1888 Cholera : a practical study as well as a personal experience / 1
RC126.D28 Cholera, its pathology and pathogenesis. 1
RC126.D537 2000 Diarrhoeal diseases : research perspectives / 1
RC126 .D63 1848 Cholera, or orotra : an essay on the use of the liquor potassæ and liquor alkalinus, in the treatment of malignant cholera, with numerous cases / 1
RC126.D97 1831 Kurzgefasste Anweisung die orientalische Cholera zu verhüten : zu erkennen und zu behandeln; nach praktischen Erfahrungen. 1
RC126.E76 1885 Recherches sur le microbe du choléra asiatique; rapport présenté à M. le Ministre de l'intérieur, le 3 novembre 1884. 1
RC126.F32 The cholera problem. 1
RC126 .F39 1886 On the origin, habits and diffusion of cholera, and what may be done to prevent or arrest its progress, and to mitigate its ravages. 1
RC126.F88 1854 The nature of cholera investigated : with a supplemental chapter on treatment; addressed to junior practitioners / 1
RC126.G662 1831 Die ostindische Cholera. 1
RC126 .G68 1865 Troisième mémoire : sur le choléra, et sur le succès du traitement de cette maladie, par les sinapismes et l'usage extérieur et intérieur de la quinine / 1
RC126 .G76 1873 Notice sur la nature et le traitement du choléra asiatique / 1
RC126.G7640 Principles and prospects in the treatment of cholera and related dehydrating diarrheas / 1
RC126.G786P3 1831 Papers relative to the disease called cholera spasmodica in India : now prevailing in the north of Europe : with extracts of letters, reports, and communications received from the continent. 1
RC126.G794 1836 Theorie der orientalischen Cholera : oder, Versuchte Beantwortung der von der Russischen Regierung aufgegebenen Frage über diese Krankheit. 1
RC126.G85 1831 Instruction populaire sur le choléra asiatique : imprimé aux frais du gouvernement. 1
RC126.H3 Clinical lecture on cholera ... 1
RC126.H4 1848 Die epidemische cholera; ein neuer versuch über ihre ursache, natur und behandlung, ihr schutzmittel und die furcht vor derselben. 1
RC126.H420 Cholera, its cure and prevention. The true pathological nature of cholera, and an infallible method of treating it. In a series of letters. 1
RC126.H45 1874 Die epidemische Cholera in ihren elementaren Lebenseigenschaften und in ihrer physiologischen Behandlungsmethode, aus der grossen Epidemie von Speyer, 1873 dargestellt. 1
RC126.H46 Ueber das Verhältniss der nervösen Fieber zu Cholera und Intermittens; pathologisch-therapeutische Abhandlung. 1
RC126.H86 1849 The cholera and its homoeopathic treatment. 1
RC126.I570 Immunological aspects of a cholera toxoid field trial in Bangladesh / 1
RC126.J28 1831 Noth- Trost- und Hülfs-Büchlein gegen die Cholera morbus (Morgenländische Brechruhr) / 1
RC126.J32 A treatise on epidemic cholera / 1
RC126.J32 1855 A treatise on epidemic cholera / 1
RC126.J44 1867 The cholera : its origin, idiosyncracy, and treatment. 1
RC126.J656 1983 Abstracts, Nineteenth Joint Conference on Cholera / 1
RC126.J656 1985 Abstracts, Twenty First Joint Conference on Cholera : Bethesda, Maryland, October 21, 22, 23, 1985 / 1
RC126.J68 1855 On epidemic diarrhœa and cholera : their pathology and treatment. With a record of cases / 1
RC126.K42 1831 The history of the contagious cholera : with facts explanatory of its origin and laws, and of a rational method of cure / 1
RC126.K46 1846 Notes on the epidemic cholera / 1
RC126.K47 1831 Memoir on the cholera morbus of India / 1
RC126.K55 1889 The bacteria in Asiatic cholera / 1
RC126 .K56 1867 Pathologisch-anatomische Studien über das Wesen des Cholera-processes / 1
RC126.K6 Practical observations on cholera asphyxia, communicated in a report to the Greenock Board of Health, as the result of a mission to the infected districts. With an appendix. 1
RC126 .K67 1653 Disputationem inauguralem de cholera ... / 1
RC126.K78 1831 Curbilder, mit Bezug auf Cholera. 1
RC126 .L36 1664 Disputatio medica inauguralis, de cholera morbo ... / 1
RC126 .L39 1870 Observations on the influence of epidemics of fever in checking the advance of those of cholera / 1