Call Number Title Count
RA982.C52U559 1990 Reminiscences of the Bobs Roberts Memorial Hospital : the growth and development of a Department of Pediatrics / 1
RA982.C6C64 Cleveland clinic foundation, 1
RA982.C6C645 To act as a unit; the story of the Cleveland Clinic, 1
RA982.C6C74 1938 Hospital accounting manual ... 1
RA982.C6C74 1938a Hospital procedures. 1
RA982.C6U6 Annual report ... 1
RA982.C62 C555 2005 Specialty care in the era of managed care : Cleveland Clinic versus University Hospitals of Cleveland / 1
RA982.D242B398 2003 How we care : the centennial history of Baylor University Medical Center, Baylor Health Care System, 1903-2003 / 1
RA982.D3G43 Geisinger. 1
RA982.D6H29 Harper of Detroit; the origin and growth of a great metropolitan hospital, 1
RA982.D6H3 Improvement of patient care; a study at Harper Hospital. 1
RA982.D6N87 Sinai Hospital and the North End Clinic; reminiscences of the history of the Jewish hospital movement in Detroit. 1
RA982.D6S2 Early Detroit. St. Mary's Hospital, 1845-1945. 1
RA982.D84D8470 1988 Caring by the hour : women, work, and organizing at Duke Medical Center / 1
RA982.D84 L56 2001 Durham's Lincoln Hospital / 1
RA982.E25M4470 1982 75 years of caring : a history of the Memorial Hospital at Easton, Md., 1907-1982 / 1
RA982.E44 E443 2007 Forgotten Ellis Island : the extraordinary story of America's immigrant hospital / 1
RA982.F52H8670 Twenty years of community medicine : a Hunterdon Medical Center symposium / 1
RA982.F74C6 City-county hospital, Fort Worth, Texas, December 1934. For G.D. Fairtrace, 1
RA982.H62 T49 2014 Enduring legacy : the M.D. Anderson Foundation and the Texas Medical Center / 1
RA982.H662Q446 2007 Ma ka malu aliʻi the legacy of Hawaii's aliʻi / 1
RA982.H84B46 The hospital. 1
RA982.H92T9 Hunterdon Medical Center; the story of one approach to rural medical care. 1
RA982.I6 U55 1997 The rise of a university teaching hospital : a leadership perspective : the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, 1898-1995 / 1
RA982.I61I62 Report of the Committee on medical education and hospitals : Iowa State Medical Society, December, 1930 : A study of the laws relating to the commitment of patients to the State university hospitals and the operation thereof. 1
RA982.K36L960 1989 The community hospitals of Kansas City, Missouri, 1870-1915 / 1
RA982.L8L81 Report and petition of the managers of the Louisville Hospital to the honorable, the legislature of Kentucky, now in session. 1
RA982.M18G7 The McPherson experiment; expanding community hospital services, 1
RA982.M2W8 Manual of routine, Wisconsin General Hospital. 1
RA982.M34 M4 Ward 4; the Mallinckrodt Research Ward of the Massachusetts General Hospital. 1
RA982 .M6B36 2008 Management lessons from Mayo Clinic : inside one of the world's most admired service organizations / 1
RA982.M6M6 Annual report. 1
RA982.M77D3 Report on hospitals and hospitalization in Montgomery County. 1
RA982.N26V3650 1987 Making medical doctors : science and medicine at Vanderbilt since Flexner / 1
RA982.N44G35 General hospital society of Connecticut, 1826 ... 1926. Centenary. 1
RA982.N45C4870 1992 New Orleans' Charity Hospital : a story of physicians, politics, and poverty / 1
RA982.N45O19 Early history of the Ochsner Medical Center; the first twenty-two years, 1
RA982.N45O3880 1985 Ochsner's : an informal history of the South's largest private medical center / 1
RA982.N46C5 Report of the Board of Administrators of the Charity Hospital to the General Assembly of the State of Louisiana. 1
RA982.N49B7450 1995 Privatization and public hospitals : choosing wisely for New York City / 1
RA982.N49H67 1947 The master plan for hospitals and related facilities for New York City. 1
RA982.N49H687 2000 Hospital / 1
RA982.N49 O63 1999 No one was turned away : the role of public hospitals in New York City since 1900 / 1
RA982.N49 O63 1999eb No one was turned away : the role of public hospitals in New York City since 1900 / 1
RA982.N49 -- R676 1987eb A Once Charitable Enterprise : Hospitals and Health Care in Brooklyn and New York, 1885-1915 / 1
RA982.N49 R676 1987eb A once charitable enterprise : hospitals and health care in Brooklyn and New York, 1885-1915 / 1
RA982.N49R6760 A once charitable enterprise : hospitals and health care in Brooklyn and New York, 1885-1915 / 1
RA982.N492 N495 2007 Covenant of care : Newark Beth Israel and the Jewish Hospital in America / 1
RA982.N492 N495 2007eb Covenant of care : Newark Beth Israel and the Jewish Hospital in America / 1
RA982.N5A2 Annual report. 1
RA982.N5A32 The road to recovery from illness : a study of convalescent homes serving New York City / prepared by Elizabeth G. Gardiner and Francisca K. Turner. 1
RA982.N5A34 Hospital discharge study; an analysis of 576,623 patients discharged from hospitals in New York city in 1933, 1
RA982.N5A345 Planning for better hospital care; report on the hospitals and health agencies of the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, 1
RA982.N5A35 Morbidity in the municipal hospitals of the city of New York : report of an exploratory study in hospital morbidity reporting / 1
RA982.N5A36 Hospital staff appointments of physicians in New York City. 1
RA982.N5A37 Report of the hospital survey for New York, 1
RA982.N5A4 1924 The hospital situation in greater New York; report of a survey of hospitals in New York City by the Public Health Committee of the New York Academy of Medicine, 1
RA982.N5A41 Hospital care in New York City; the roles of voluntary and municipal hospitals. 1
RA982.N5A415 Islands of compassion; a history of the Jewish hospitals of New York. 1
RA982.N5A42 1932 A survey of the communicable disease hospital needs of the borough of the Bronx, city of New York / 1