Call Number (LC) Title Results
R154.T7A22 An autobiography, 1
R154.T7C5 The beloved physician, Edward Livingston Trudeau / 1
R154.T834A3 1866 A few passages in the life of Dr. Francis Tumblety, the Indian herb doctor : including his experience in the old capitol prison, to which he was consigned, with a wanton disregard to justice and liberty by order of Edwin Stanton, Secretary of War. Also journalistic and documentary vindication of his name and fame, and professional testimonials respectfully inscribed to the American public. 1
R154.T837 T83 2012 Around the world with nephrology : an autobiography / 1
R154.T84A3 2015 Black man in a white coat : a doctor's reflections on race and medicine / 1
R154.T84P60 Memoir of Samuel D. Turney, M.D., of Circleville, Ohio. Professor of diseases of women and children in Starling medical college. 1
R154.T85A3 1999 Looking at a century : a strand of memories / 1
R154.T9B7 Memoir of Amos Twitchell, M.D., with an appendix, containing his addresses, etc. 1
R154.U535P39 1925 Hipólito Unanue : el padre de la medicina americana / 1
R154.V3A3 Petticoat surgeon ... 1
R154.V34 A3 2004 Medicine, science and Merck / 1
R154.V356D64 2007 The best specimen of a tyrant : the ambitious Dr. Abraham Van Norstrand and the Wisconsin Insane Hospital / 1
R154.V356 D64 2013 The best specimen of a tyrant : the ambitious Dr. Abraham Van Norstrand and the Wisconsin Insane Hospital / 1
R154.V47 A3 2009 The art and politics of science / 1
R154.V5A30 A doctor's memories / 1
R154.V53 A3 1998 The tennis partner : a doctor's story of friendship and loss / 1
R154.V57 A33 The making of a psychiatrist 1
R154.W157 A3 2006eb A personal history of nuclear medicine / 1
R154.W18 H37 2009 Dr. Mary Walker : an American radical, 1832-1919 / 1
R154.W18 H37 2009eb Dr. Mary Walker : an American radical, 1832-1919 / 1
R154.W18 W35 2005 Mary Edwards Walker : above and beyond / 1
R154.W19 A3 Three voyages; the story of an inquiring soul exploring his way through life and living it as he goes, being fragments of an autobiography. 1
R154.W2S68 Dr. Mary Walker: the little lady in pants. 1
R154.W21M82 The biography of Doctor D. R. Wallace: pioneer physician, educator, philosopher, and author, the first eminent psychiatrist of Texas and the Southwest. 1
R154.W22S8 Memorial and reminiscences of L.F. Warner, M.D., Boston, Mass. 1
R154.W24A3 A doctor's experiences in three continents. 1
R154.W28W3 The life of John Warren, M.D., surgeon-general during the war of the revolution; first professor of anatomy and surgery in Harvard college; president of the Massachusetts medical society, etc., 1
R154.W29 C37 2006 Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse : a life in medicine and public service (1754-1846) / 1
R154.W29W28 The life of John Collins Warren, M.D., comp. chiefly from his autobiography and journals. 1
R154.W295A3 To work in the vineyards of surgery ; the reminiscences of J. Collins Warren, 1842-1927. 1
R154.W2995C570 1984 Dr. Webb of Colorado Springs / 1
R154.W3A76 Memoir of Jonathan Mason Warren, M.D. 1
R154.W305T86 The doctors Warren of Boston; first family of surgery. 1
R154.W31A3 A country doctor in the South Mountains. 1
R154.W3143M53 1995 Melchior Adam Weikard (1742-1803) und sein Weg in den Brownianismus : Medizin zwischen Aufklärung und Romantik : eine medizinhistorische Biographie / 1
R154.W32 A24 2004 The young William Henry Welch : early path of a life : founding of an academic career : on pulmonary edema / 1
R154.W32B30 Memorial meeting in honor of William Henry Welch, held at the University club, Tuesday, May 22, 1934. 1
R154.W32F50 1987 William H. Welch and the rise of modern medicine / 1
R154.W33B64 Benjamin Waterhouse and the introduction of vaccination; a reappraisal. 1
R154.W34A3 2006 A personal history of nuclear medicine / 1
R154.W356A30 Doctor woman of the Cumberlands; the autobiography of May Cravath Wharton, M.D. 1
R154.W37 Kenneth Warren and the great neglected diseases of mankind programme : the transformation of geographical medicine in the US and beyond / 1
R154.W39A2 Autobiography. 1
R154.W4C7 The eightieth birthday of William Henry Welch; the addresses delivered at the ceremonies in Memorial continental hall, Washington, D.C., April 8, 1930 and an account of the celebrations in honor of Dr. Welch in many parts of the world, with two illustrations. 1
R154.W4F59 William H. Welch and the rise of modern medicine. 1
R154.W4F6 William Henry Welch and the heroic age of American medicine, 1
R154.W42C73 William Henry Welch at eighty; a memorial record of celebrations around the world in his honor, 1
R154.W44A2 What happened in between; a doctor's story 1
R154 .W47 A3 2007 This common secret : my journey as an abortion doctor / 1
R154.W48A3 Memoirs of a small-town surgeon, 1
R154.W49C82 George Hoyt Whipple and his friends; the life-story of a Nobel prize pathologist. 1
R154.W495A3 My life and medicine; an autobiographical memoir, 1
R154.W5R4 J. William White, M.D., a biography, 1
R154.W52D58 Paul Dudley White; a portrait. 1
R154.W5219A30 My friends the doctors. 1
R154.W526F40 Memoir of Butler Wilmarth, M.D.; one of the victims of the late terrible railroad catastrophe at Norwalk Bridge, Ct.: with extracts from his correspondence and manuscripts. 1
R154.W53T50 An eulogium in commemoration of Doctor Caspar Wistar, late president of the American philosophical society held at Philadelphia for promoting useful knowledge. Delivered before the society, pursuant to their appointment, in the German Lutheran church in Fourth street, in the city of Philadelphia, on the 11th day of March, 1818. 1
R154.W54A3 William Alanson White; the autobiography of a purpose, 1
R154.W54C562 1992 Chocolate Chips Theatre Company presents the Smart Cookie Awards : May 2, 1992 : Dunham Theatre, Kennedy-King College. 1
R154.W65C60 The beloved physician : Sermon preached at the funeral of Denis Wortman, M.D., in the Reformed Dutch church, Hopewell, N.Y., May 5, 1864 / 2