Call Number Title Count
QD65.G66 The chemist's companion: a handbook of practical data, techniques, and references 1
QD65 .H64 1830 A series of chemical and medical tables forming a synopsis of chemistry, materia medica, pharmacy and nosology / 1
QD65 .H64 2009eb Elements of synthesis planning / 1
QD65.J58 Chemist's guide: basic chemical and physical data. 1
QD65.K680 Optische Daten zur Bestimmung anorganischer Substanzen mit dem Polarisationsmikroskop; mit einer kurzen Einführung in die kristall-optischen Arbeitsmethoden. 1
QD65.L87 Tabellen für Chemiker und Physiker für theoretische und praktische Arbeiten. 1
QD65.L9 Raschetnye i spravochnye tablit͡sy dli͡a khimikov. 1
QD65.M3 Selected values of properties of chemical compounds. 1
QD65.M65 Quantum chemistry integrals and tables / 1
QD65.M71 Molecular structures and dimensions. 1
QD65.N28 Consolidated index of selected property values: physical chemistry and thermodynamics. 1
QD65 .N35 Consolidated index of selected property values physical chemistry and thermodynamics. 1
QD65.P27 Handbook of electrochemical constants. 1
QD65.P370 1800 The chemical pocket-book, or, Memoranda chemica : arranged in a compendium of chemistry, according to the latest discoveries, with Bergman's table of single elective attractions, as improved by Dr. G. Pearson : calculated, as well for the occasional reference of the professional student, as to supply others with a general knowledge of chemistry / 1
QD65.S53 Chemical tables. 1
QD65.S5370 1990 The chemist's ready reference handbook / 1
QD65.S560 1986 Critical data of pure substances / 1
QD65 .S584 2003 Perry's standard tables and formulas for chemical engineers / 1
QD65.S8 1982 Chemistry data book / 1
QD65.S87 The chemistry handbook / 1
QD65.T15 Tables of interatomic distances and configuration in molecules and ions, 1
QD65.T15 Suppl. Tables of interatomic distances and configuration in molecules and ions. Supplement, 1956-1959. 1
QD65.U594 Selected values of chemical thermodynamic properties, 1
QD65.U596 Selected values of chemical thermodynamic properties 1
QD65.U596 1982 The NBS tables of chemical thermodynamic properties : selected values for inorganic, C₁, C₂, organic substances in SI units / 1
QD65.U6 Tables of chemical kinetics, homogeneous reactions 1
QD65.V2 Van Nostrand's chemical annual ... a handbook of useful data for analytical, manufacturing, and investigating chemists, and chemical students ... 1
QD65.V64 1755 Rvdolphi Avgvstini Vogel medicinae doctoris ... Institvtiones chemiae : ad lectiones academicas accomodatae. 1
QD65.W52 Statistique des volumes des équivalents chimiques et d'autres données relatives à leurs propriétés physiques, suivie d'un mémoire sur quelques questions moléculaires ... 1
QD65 .Y39 2009 Transport properties of chemicals and hydrocarbons : viscosity, thermal conductivity, and diffusivity of C1 to C100 organics and Ac to Zr inorganics / 1
QD65.5.C52 Chemie in nichtwässrigen ionisierenden Lösungsmitteln, eine Monographienreihe. Chemistry in nonaqueous ionizing solvents, a series of monographs. 1
QD65.5.C52 v.1 Chemie in wasserfreiem flüssigem Ammoniak. Chemistry in anhydrous liquid ammonia. 1
QD65.5.C52 v.3 Chemie in flüssigem Distickstofftetroxid und Schwefeldioxid. Chemistry in liquid dinitrogen tetroxide and sulphur dioxide. 1
QD65.5.C52 v.4 Chemie in niederen Fettsäuren und ihren Derivaten. Chemistry in lower fatty acids and derivates. 1
QD65.5.D9 Solvents, 1
QD65.5.D906 Solvents. 1
QD65.5.S62 Chemistry in non-aqueous solvents. 1
QD65.5.W16 Non-aqueous solvent systems, 1
QD66.C73 1896 A dictionary of chemical solubilities : inorganic / 1
QD66.C74 A dictionary of chemical solubilities, inorganic. 1
QD66.S45 Solubilities of inorganic and organic substances; a handbook of the most reliable quantitative solubility determinations, 1
QD66.S46 Solubilities of inorganic and organic compounds; a compilation of quantitative solubility data from the periodical literature, 1
QD66.S47 Solubilities of inorganic and organic compounds; a compilation of quantitative solubility data from the periodical literature. Supplement to the second edition, containing data published during the years 1917-1928 inclusive. 1
QD66.S471 Solubilities of inorganic and metal organic compounds; a compilation of quantitative solubility data from the periodical literature. 1
QD66.S471 Suppl. Solubilities of inorganic and organic compounds. 1
QD66.S472 Solubilities: inorganic and metal-organic compounds; a compilation of solubility data from the periodical literature. 1
QD69.W3 G87 2002 Practical density measurement and hydrometry / 1
QD71 Analytical communications /
International journal of environmental analytical chemistry.
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry.
Mitteilungsblatt /
QD71-142 Analytical problems /
Chromatography /
Analytical Chemistry Progress /
Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry /
Anwendung der Gaschromatographie zur Trennung und Bestimmung anorganischer Stoffe : Gas Chromatography of Inorganic Compounds /
Bioseparation /
Chemometrics and species identification /
Contrast agents I.
Analytical Problems.
Lösungen und Adsorption /
Inorganic Gas Chromatography /
Chemical Equilibria in Analytical Chemistry The Theory of Acid–Base, Complex, Precipitation and Redox Equilibria /
Miniature Fluidic Devices for Rapid Biological Detection
Foundations of Analytical Chemistry : a Teaching-Learning Approach /
QD71-142RC261-271QC4 Soft Probes for Bio-Electrochemical Imaging 1
QD71.A24 Advances in analytical chemistry and instrumentation. 1
QD71.A52 Analysis instrumentation. 1
QD71.A527 The analyst online /
The Analyst.
QD71.A53 Analytica chimica acta. 2
QD71.A531 Analytical letters. 1
QD71.A532 Analytical sciences the international journal of the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry. 1
QD71.A54 Analytical abstracts. 1
QD71.A55 Proceedings of the Society for Analytical Chemistry, Analytical Division, Chemical Society.
Proceedings of the Analytical Division of the Chemical Society.
Analytical proceedings.
QD71.A56 Annual review of analytical chemistry. 1
QD71.A65 Applied spectroscopy reviews. 1