Call Number Title Count
QD518.K31 Schmelzpunktstabellen zur organischen Molekular-Analyse nebst einer Einführung 1
QD518.S4 Feuerfeste und hochfeuerfeste Stoffe, 1
QD518.S94 Azeotropy and polyazeotropy. 1
QD518.U88 Melting point tables of organic compounds 1
QD518.U89 Schmelzpunkt-Tabellen organischer Verbindungen. 1
QD518.U891 Schmelzpunkttabellen organischer Verbindungen. 1
QD519.9.E434 W47 2005 Electrophoresis in practice : a guide to methods and applications of DNA and protein separations. 1
QD521.M71 Molecular association. 1
QD522 Electricity-sector Reforms in the MENA Region : Evaluation and Prospects / 1
QD526 .A94 2004 Azeotropic data / 1
QD526.C3 Laboratory fractional distillation. 1
QD526.R702 The elements of fractional distillation, 1
QD526.R703 Elements of fractional distillation, 1
QD531.C46 The characterization of high-temperature vapors, 1
QD531.C85 Molecular energy transfer in gases 1
QD531.G8 1952 Traité de manipulation et d'analyse des gaz. 1
QD531.H64 High-temperature properties of gases; physical gas dynamics, thermodynamics, and physics of combustion. 1
QD531.J4 Physikalische chemie; der homogenen und heterogenen gasreaktionen, unter besonderer berücksichtigung der strahlungs- und quantenlehre, sowie des Nernstschen theorems, 1
QD531.T8 The experimental study of gases; an account of the experimental methods involved in the determination of the properties of gases, and of the more important researches connected with the subject, 1
QD533.C22 Sketch of a course of chemical philosophy / 1
QD533 .Y39 2007 The Yaws handbook of vapor pressure : Antoine coefficients / 1
QD535.A45 1903 La liquefazione dei gas e dell'aria in particolare / 1
QD535.B37 1918 Rectification de l'air liquide, séparation et purification des gaz de l'atmosphère, 1
QD535.C61 L'air liquide, sa production, ses propriétés, ses applications, 1
QD535.C63 Liquid air, oxygen, nitrogen, 1
QD535.C63 1913 Liquid air, oxygen, nitrogen / 1
QD535.C64 1920 Flüssige Luft : Sauerstoff, Stickstoff, Wasserstoff / 1
QD535.D25 The physical principles of gas liquefaction and low temperature rectification. 1
QD535.F21 1902 The liquefaction of gases : papers / 1
QD535.H26 The Rise and development of the liquefaction of gases. 1
QD535.H445 1901 Flüssige Luft : Kurze Beschreibung der Herstellung der flüssigen Luft unter Hinweisung auf die Fortschritte der letzten Jahre. 1
QD535.K38 1902 Die Herstellung und Verwendung von flüssiger Luft. Unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Patent-Litteratur zusammengestellt.--Mit 32 Abbildugen. 1
QD535 .L44 1888 The fumifier : a descriptive account of its construction and use / 1
QD536.B32 Stabilization of free radicals at low temperatures; summary of the NBS program, 1
QD536.B92 Phenomena at the temperature of liquid helium, 1
QD538 Cleaning with solvents : science and technology /
Supercritical and other high-pressure solvent systems : for extraction, reaction and material processing /
QD538 .C44 1996 Chemistry under extreme or non-classical conditions / 1
QD538 .H54 2002 High pressure chemistry : synthetic, mechanistic, and supercritical applications / 1
QD538.H540 1989 High pressure chemical synthesis / 1
QD538 .H55 1997 High pressure techniques in chemistry and physics : a practical approach / 1
QD538 .M55 2012 Energetic materials at extreme conditions / 1
QD538.N380 1992 High pressure chemistry, biochemistry, and materials science / 1
QD538 .S34 2014eb Materials under extreme conditions : molecular crystals at high pressure / 1
QD540.I58 2005 Ionic liquids III : fundamentals, progress, challenges, and opportunities / 1
QD540 .I582 2005 Ionic liquids IV : not just solvents anymore / 1
QD540.K6 Lösungen und Adsorption : Vorträge der 28. Hauptversammlung der Kolloid-Gesellschaft in Kiel vom 3.-6. Oktober 1977 / 1
QD540.R43 1989 Reactive and flexible molecules in liquids / 1
QD540.S770 1994 Structure and reactivity in aqueous solution : characterization of chemical and biological systems / 1
QD541 Ionic liquids : synthesis, characterization and applications /
Solvation dynamics : a notion of charge injection /
Solution thermodynamics and its application to aqueous solutions : a differential approach /
Application of ionic liquids on rare earth green separation and utilization /
QD541.A1P57 Physics and chemistry of liquids. 1
QD541.A260 1991 Kinetic and thermodynamic lumping of multicomponent mixtures : proceedings of an ACS Symposium on Kinetic and Thermodynamic Lumping of Multicomponent Mixtures, Atlanta, GA, April 15, 1991 / 1
QD541 .A28 1986 Activity coefficients at infinite dilution / 1
QD541.A50 Precipitation from solid solution, 1
QD541.A52 Solvent effects on chemical phenomena 1
QD541.A7 Theories of solutions, 1
QD541 .B458 2006 Molecular theory of solutions / 1
QD541 .B458 2006eb Molecular theory of solutions / 1
QD541 .B459 2009 Molecular theory of water and aqueous solutions / 1
QD541 .B459eb vol.1 Molecular theory of water and aqueous solutions. Part 1, Understanding water / 1
QD541.B47 Water and aqueous solutions; introduction to a molecular theory 1