Call Number Title Count
QD291.T58 Physico-chemical constants of pure organic compounds. 1
QD291.T720 1980 Organic nomenclature : a programmed introduction / 1
QD291.T720 1985 Organic nomenclature : a programmed instruction / 1
QD291.T720 1991 Organic nomenclature : a programmed introduction / 1
QD291.T78 Organic nomenclature : a programmed introduction /James G. Traynham. 1
QD291.U55 1980 The vocabulary of organic chemistry / 1
QD291.V47130 1985 A history of the nomenclature of organic chemistry / 1
QD291 .V63 2005 The vocabulary and concepts of organic chemistry / 1
QD291.W561 Name index of organic reactions, 1
QD291.Y91 Handbook of organic structural analysis. 1
QD300.A21 Aliphatic, alicyclic, and saturated heterocyclic chemistry. 1
QD300.A22 Aliphatic chemistry. 1
QD300 .A45 1973eb Aliphatic, alicyclic, and saturated heterocyclic chemistry Volume I, part III, Five- and six-membered rings, medium-sized rings, bridged and caged systems (carbocyclic and saturated heterocyclic) : a review of the literature published during 1970 and 1971 / 1
QD300.A582 Aliphatic and related natural product chemistry. 1
QD301 Aliphatic chemistry. Vol. 2 : a review of the literature published during 1972 / 1
QD301.A24 Advances in alicyclic chemistry. 1
QD301.A241 Advances in alicyclic chemistry. Supplement. 1
QD301.A241 v.1 Carbocyclic ring expansion reactions 1
QD301.R5 The aliphatic free radicals, 1
QD301.S26 Ionic aliphatic reactions 1
QD301.W6 Alicyclic chemistry 1
QD301eb Aliphatic chemistry : a review of the literature published during 1975, Vol. 5 / 1
QD305.A2 Handbook of maleic anhydride based materials : syntheses, properties and applications /
Lactic acid in the food industry
Palmitic acid : occurrence, biochemistry and health effects /
Oleic acid : production, uses and potential health effects /
Nitrate esters chemistry and technology /
QD305.A2 A15 2013eb Acetate : versatile building block of biology and chemistry / 1
QD305.A2 A34 2013eb Acetic acids : chemical properties, production and applications / 1
QD305.A2C43 1979 The Chemistry of acid derivatives / 1
QD305.A2C4850 1990 The Chemistry of sulphenic acids and their derivatives / 1
QD305.A2C4930 1992 The Chemistry of acid derivatives / 1
QD305.A2C4950 The Chemistry of cyanates and their thio derivatives / 1
QD305.A2D52 Carboxylic ortho acid derivatives; preparation and synthetic applications. 1
QD305.A2D94 Glucuronic acid, free and combined: chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, and medicine, 1
QD305.A2E18 Die Acidität der CH-Säuren. 1
QD305.A2 E25 2013eb EDTA : synthesis, uses, and environmental concerns / 1
QD305.A2 E26 1999 Phosphoric anhydride : structure, chemistry, and applications / 1
QD305.A2E76 1990 Ernährungsrelevante Aspekte der Biochemie von Fettsäuren / 1
QD305.A2 G217 1999 Tartaric and malic acids in synthesis : a source book of building blocks, ligands, auxiliaries, and resolving agents / 1
QD305.A2G630 1654 Gründliche und warhafftige Beschreibung, wie man auss der Weinhefen einen guten Weinstein in grosser Menge extrahiren soll / 1
QD305.A2G631650 1655 Vera ac perfecta descriptio, qua ratione ex vini fecibus bonum plurimumque tartarum sit extrahendum, in gratiam dulcissimae patriae publici juris facta / 1
QD305.A2G94 An introduction to the chemistry and biochemistry of fatty acids and their glycerides 1
QD305.A2K2 Sinteticheskai͡a uksusnai͡a kislota. 1
QD305.A2K92 The chemistry of the sulfenic acids, 1
QD305.A2L7 Abhandlung über die Constitution der organischen Säuren, 1
QD305.A2M2 The analysis of fermentation acids; the qualitative and quantitative estimation of formic, acetic, propionic, butyric, and lactic acids in biological material ... 1
QD305.A2M4 Fatty acids, their chemistry and physical properties. 1
QD305.A2M41 Fatty acids: their chemistry, properties, production, and uses. 1
QD305.A2M5 The C4-saccharinic acids. I. The resolution of dl-2,3-dioxybutyric acid into the optically-active components. The derivatives of these acids. 1
QD305.A2 M84 2009 Official methods for the determination of trans fats / 1
QD305.A2N470 1982 New synthetic routes to prostaglandins and thromboxanes / 1
QD305.A2N76 1999 NTP technical report on the toxicology and carcinogenesis studies of oleic acid diethanolamine condensate (CAS no. 93-83-4) in F344/N rats and B6C3F₁ mice (dermal studies) / 1
QD305.A2O330 1993 Synthesis of lactones and lactams / 1
QD305.A2O44 1991 Synthesis of carboxylic acids, esters, and their derivatives / 1
QD305.A2 O44 2013eb Oleic acid : dietary sources, functions and health benefits / 1
QD305.A2 O73 2010 Esterification : methods, reactions, and applications. 1
QD305.A2 O84 2003 Esterification : methods, reactions, and applications / 1
QD305.A2P29 The chemistry of carboxylic acids and esters / 1
QD305.A2P85 The chemistry of the aliphatic orthoesters, 1
QD305.A2P92 Komplexone in der chemischen Analyse. 1
QD305.A2R22 Fatty acids and their derivatives. 1
QD305.A2 R29 1999 Recent developments in the synthesis of fatty acid derivatives / 1
QD305.A2R3 1897 Die Fabrikation der Weinsäure 1