Call Number Title Count
QD271.B46 Elementary organic analysis; the determination of carbon and hydrogen, 1
QD271.B49 Analytical reaction gas chromatography, 1
QD271.B49 1968 The mass spectra of organic molecules / 1
QD271.B65 Paper chromatography, a laboratory manual, 1
QD271.B651 A manual of paper chromatography and paper electrophoresis 1
QD271.B652 A manual of paper chromatography and paper electrophoresis 1
QD271.B66 Thin-layer chromatography. 1
QD271.B67 Über die Fehlerquellen bei der mikroanalytischen Bestimmung des Kohlenstoffes und Wasserstoffes nach der Methode von Fritz Pregl, 1
QD271.B92 Biochemical applications of gas chromatography 1
QD271.C48 Organic functional group analysis by micro and semimicro methods 1
QD271.C5 Considérations générales sur l'analyse organique et sur ses applications, 1
QD271.C54 Chromatographia. 2
QD271.C55 Chromatographic reviews. 2
QD271.C602 A handbook of organic analysis, qualitative and quantitative. 1
QD271.C680 Reaction mechanisms in organic analytical chemistry 1
QD271.C75 1972 Infrared spectroscopy 1
QD271 .C76 2000 Determination of organic compounds in soils, sediments and sludges / 1
QD271.C876 Papierchromatographie. 1
QD271.C88 Paper chromatography. 1
QD271.C91 Organic functional group analysis. 1
QD271.D18 Gas-liquid chromatography, theory and practice 1
QD271.D479 1967 Gelchromatographie, Gelfiltration, Gelpermeation, Molekülsiebe: ein Laboratoriumsbuch / 1
QD271.D48 Gel chromatography, gel filtration, gel permeation, molecular sieves; a laboratory handbook. 1
QD271.D62 Modern methods in organic microanalysis 1
QD271.D8 Vereinfachte quantitative Mikroelementaranalyse organischer Substanzen. 1
QD271.E29 Zahlentafel zur Massenspektrometrie und Elementaranalyse; Ermittlung von CHNO(S)-Summenformeln. Tables for mass spectrometry and elementary analysis; determination of CHNO(S) molecular formulae. Tableaux pour la spectrométrie de masse et l'analyse élémentaire; détermination des formules moléculaires de CHNO(S). 1
QD271.E46 Infra-red spectra and structure of organic long-chain polymers. 1
QD271.E84 Ancillary techniques of gas chromatography, 1
QD271.E85 The practice of gas chromatography, 1
QD271 .F45 2011eb Update on undertaking extractable and leachable testing / 1
QD271.F88 Die praxis der quantitativen organischen mikroanalyse, 1
QD271.G24 Gas chromatography abstracts. 1
QD271.G241 Gas and liquid chromatography abstracts. 1
QD271.G45 Dynamics of chromatography 1
QD271.G66 Practical chromatographic techniques, 1
QD271.G661 Practical chromatographic techniques. 1
QD271.G84 1970 Enzymatic methods of analysis, 1
QD271.G9 Gas chromatographic analysis of drugs and pesticides 1
QD271.H16 An introduction to chromatography on impregnated glass fiber, 1
QD271.H18 Paper chromatography; a comprehensive treatise, 1
QD271.H2 Some general problems of paper chromatography: relations between paper chromatographic behaviour and chemical structure : attempts at systematic analysis / 1
QD271 .H3186 2000 Handbook of property estimation methods for chemicals : environmental and health sciences / 1
QD271.H32 Programmed temperature gas chromatography 1
QD271.H46 Chromatography: adsorption, partition, ion exchange, electrochromatography, column, slab, paper, gas. 1
QD271.H54 Fluorescence and phosphorescence analysis : principles and applications / 1
QD271.H6 Adsorptionsmethoden im chemischen laboratorium mit besonderer berucksichtigung der chromatograpishcen adsorptionanalyse (Tswett-analyse) / von Gerhard Hesse, mit 21 abbildungen im text und vier tafeln. 1
QD271.H91 Identification and analysis of surface-active agents by infrared and chemical methods. 1
QD271.I53 Gas chromatography; proceedings of the symposium. 1
QD271.I540 Instrumental organic elemental analysis / 1
QD271.I55 Gas chromatography; [proceedings of the] international symposium. 1
QD271.I550 Instrumentation in gas chromatography. 1
QD271.I59 1964 Stationary phase in paper and thin-layer chromatography; proceedings. 1
QD271.I6 1968 Fifth International Symposium on Chromatography and Electrophoresis. 1
QD271.I61 Thin-layer chromatography; proceedings of the symposium held at the Istituto superiore di sanità. 1
QD271.J6 Journal of chromatography. 2
QD271.J62 Journal of chromatography. A. 2
QD271.J623 Journal of chromatography. B, Biomedical sciences and applications.
Journal of chromatography. B, Biomedical applications.
Journal of chromatography. B, Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences.
Journal of chromatography. B. Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences.
QD271.J63 Journal of gas chromatography. 1
QD271.J631 Journal of chromatographic science. 1
QD271.J73 Mass spectrometry for organic chemists 1