Call Number Title Count
QC982.U6 Daily 100-millibar and 50-millibar and three times monthly 30-millibar synoptic weather maps. 1
QC982.U627 Monthly climatic data for the world. 2
QC982.U63 1946 Normal weather maps, Northern Hemisphere sea level pressure. 1
QC982.U64 Daily series synoptic weather maps. Pt. 2: Northern Hemisphere data tabulations.
Daily series synoptic weather maps. Pt. 1: Northern Hemisphere sea-level and 500-millibar charts.
Daily series synoptic weather maps.
QC982.U66 U.S. Navy marine climatic atlas of the world. 1
QC982.U662 U.S. Navy Marine climatic atlas of the world / 1
QC982.V3 1970 Supplementary text to a film on the climatology of the southern hemisphere / 1
QC982.W234 Climate-diagram maps of the individual continents and the ecological climatic regions of the earth / 1
QC982.W38 1990 The Weather handbook : a summary of climatic conditions and weather phenomena for selected cities in the United States and around the world / 1
QC982.W5 World climatic data / 1
QC982.W5 1972 World climatic data 1
QC982.W9 International geophysical year 1957-1958 : Meteorological programme lists of stations / 1
QC982.W91 International Geophysical Year, 1957-1958. Meteorological programme, general survey. 1
QC982.W95 World weather records. 1
QC982.Y686 1996 Atlas of the oceans : wind and wave climate / 1
QC982.5.B76 Climate of the upper air: part 1--Southern Hemisphere. 1
QC982.5.C64U66 1995 Teleconference Scoping Meeting, January 28, 1995 / 1
QC982.5.C76 The weather handbook, a summary of weather statistics for principal cities throughout the United States and around the world. 1
QC982.5.C92 Selected meridional cross sections of heights, temperatures, and dew points of the Northern Hemisphere, 1
QC982.5.D44C55 1998 Climate change : post-Kyoto perspectives from the south / 1
QC982.5.D44C66 2000 Confronting climate change : economic priorities and climate protection in developing nations / 1
QC982.5.E16 ESSA technical report. 1
QC982.5.E161 NOAA technical report NWS. 2
QC982.5.G69 Daily aerological cross-sections at latitude 30⁰ N during the International Geophysical Year period. 1
QC982.5.G7 The daily weather report. Overseas supplement. 1
QC982.5.G71 Tables of temperature, relative humidity and precipitation for the world. 1
QC982.5.G75 C66 2003 Confronting climate change in the Great Lakes region : impacts on our communities and ecosystems / 1
QC982.5.G75V47 1998 Wind, weather & waves : a guide to marine weather in the Great Lakes region. 1
QC982.5.I584 1995 International station meteorological climate summary / 1
QC982.5.I6 World weather maps. 1
QC982.5.M57I68 2003 Intercomparison of water and energy budgets for five Mississippi sub-basins between ECMWF reanalysis (ERA-40) and NASA-DAO fvGCM for 1990-1999 / 1
QC982.5 .R39 2002 Climate change and developing countries / 1
QC982.5.R68 World maps of climatology, 1
QC982.5.R681 World maps of climatology. 1
QC982.5.S68K68 1992 Atlas of Southern Hemisphere 500 mb teleconnection patterns derived from National Meteorological Center analyses / 1
QC982.5.S8I57 1983 First International Conference on Southern Hemisphere Meteorology : July 31-August 6, 1983, Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil : [preprints] / 1
QC982.5.S8I57 1989 Third International Conference on Southern Hemisphere Meteorology & Oceanography : [extended abstracts] : November 13-17, 1989, Buenos Aires, Argentina / 1
QC982.5.U58 Publications ... 1
QC982.5.U59 Daily aerological cross sections: Pole to Pole, along meridian 75⁰ W. for the IGY period. 1
QC982.5.U6 Monthly mean aerological cross sections pole to pole along meridian 75⁰ W. for the IGY period. 1
QC982.5.Z38 [Atlas klimaticheskikh kart baricheskoĭ topografii I͡Uzhnogo polusharii͡a (1000-100 mb). 1
QC982.7.B49 Mikroklimatologie; Mikroklima der bodennahen Atmosphäre. 1
QC982.8.A547 2012 American environments : climate, cultures, catastrophe / 1
QC982.8.C35a Annual report, activities in Great Lakes research. 1
QC982.8 .C53 2009 Changing climates in North American politics : institutions, policymaking, and multilevel governance / 1
QC982.8 .C53 2009eb Changing climates in North American politics : institutions, policymaking, and multilevel governance / 1
QC982.8.C6 Climatic atlas of North and Central America = Atlas climático de América del Norte y América Central = Atlas climatique de l'Amérique du Nord et de l'Amérique Centrale / 1
QC982.8 C65 2013 Climate change policy in North America : designing integration in a regional system / 1
QC982.8.E30 Weather and climate of the Great Lakes region / 1
QC982.8 .W55 2002 Wildlife responses to climate change : North American case studies / 1
QC982.8 .W56 2002eb Wildlife responses to climate change : North American case studies / 1
QC983 Climate change impacts on the United States : the potential consequences of climate variability and change : overview / 1
QC983.A112 1840 Statistical report on the sickness and mortality in the Army of the United States /
Meteorological register for the years 1826, 1827, 1828, 1829, and 1830 : from observations made by the surgeons of the Army and others at the military posts of the United States /
QC983.A114 Army meteorological register, for twelve years, from 1843 to 1854, 1
QC983.A19 Bulletin ... 1
QC983.A2 Bulletin ... 1
QC983.A2 pt.A Summary of international meteorological observations / 1
QC983.A2 pt.B rev.ed. Surface currents of the Great Lakes : as deduced from the movements of bottle papers during the seasons of 1892, 1893, and 1894 / 1
QC983.A2 pt.C Rainfall and snow of the United States, compiled to the end of 1891, with annual, seasonal, monthly, and other charts / 1
QC983.A2 pt.D Rainfall of the United States, with annual, seasonal and other charts / 1