Call Number Title Count
QC879.G663 1995 Global gridded upper air statistics, 1980-1991. 1
QC879.G756 1982 Modelling of total electron content measured by the ATS-6 radio beacon experiment/ 1
QC879 .G85 1997 Guide to reference and standard atmosphere models / 1
QC879.G89 Zur Geschichte der Erdatmosphäre im Zusammenhang mit gewissen astrophysikalischen, geophysikalischen, geologischen und paläontologischen Grundproblemen. 1
QC879 .H26 2007 Handbook of the solar-terrestrial environment / 1
QC879 .H26 2007eb Handbook of the solar-terrestrial environment / 1
QC879.H2780 1992 The solar-terrestrial environment : an introduction to geospace--the science of the terrestrial upper atmosphere, ionosphere, and magnetosphere / 1
QC879.H37 The physical state of the upper atmosphere, 1
QC879.H374 1960 The disturbed circulation of the arctic stratosphere / 1
QC879.H66 Physics of the earth's upper atmosphere. 1
QC879.H85 1950 On the formation of shear lines in the upper atmosphere / 1
QC879.I615 1962 Proceedings. 1
QC879.I62 CIRA 1961: COSPAR international reference atmosphere, 1961; 1
QC879.I625 Physics of the upper atmosphere. 1
QC879.I63 Some ionospheric results obtained during the International Geophysical Year; proceedings of a symposium organised by the URSI/AGI Committee, at Brussels, Belgium, September, 1959. 1
QC879.I632 The ionosphere : review papers presented at Commission III on ionospheric radio during the XIVth General Assembly of URSI, Tokyo, September, 1963 / 1
QC879.I633 Ionosfernye issledovanii͡a. 1
QC879.I64 Ionosphère. 1
QC879.I64 1956 Problèmes de la physique de la haute atmosphère : communications présentées à la réunion à Rome, septembre 1954, de l'Association internationale de magnétisme et électricité terrestres. 1
QC879.J35 Aerological data of Japan : IQSY (1964-'65) upper air data of dew-point temperature, atmospheric electricity, long wave radiation. 1
QC879.J8 L'ionosphère, 1
QC879.K18 Aėrologii͡a. Dopushcheno v kachestve uchebnika dli͡a gidrometeorologicheskikh vuzov i universitetov. 1
QC879.K43 1963 A solution to the reaction rate equations in the atmosphere below 150 kilometers / 1
QC879.K82 Teplovoĭ rezhim verkhnikh sloev atmosfery. 1
QC879.L458 1964 Numerical simulation of the earth's atmosphere / 1
QC879.L554 1999 Du soleil à la terre : aéronomie et météorologie de l'espace / 1
QC879.L9 The book of the sky : a résumé of personal experience and observation / 1
QC879.L91 The book of the sky; a résumé of personal experience and observation, 1
QC879.M24 Upper air data; observations made at Singapore (Paya Lebar). 1
QC879.M32 1963 Preliminary results of density measurements from an Air Force satellite / 1
QC879.M42 The upper atmosphere 1
QC879.M490 1952 The upper atmosphere. 1
QC879.M564 1964 Observations of ionospheric behavior during the solar eclipse of 20 July 1963 at Bedford, Massachusetts / 1
QC879.M58 Mesospheric models and related experiments. Proceedings of the fourth ESRIN-ESLAB symposium held in Frascati, Italy, 6-10 July, 1970. 1
QC879.M62 Upper air research program. Report. 1
QC879.M66 Gaseous composition of the atmosphere and its analysis 1
QC879.M68 The upper atmosphere / 1
QC879.M681 The upper atmosphere. 1
QC879.M93 Stratospheric wind temperature and isobaric height conditions during IGY period. 1
QC879.N14 Advances in upper atmosphere research : papers / 1
QC879.N15 Electron density distribution in ionosphere and exosphere; proceedings. 1
QC879.N15 1965 Electron density profiles in ionosphere and exosphere; proceedings. 1
QC879.N16 1967 Ionospheric radio communications; proceedings. 1
QC879.N21 1969 Atmospheric exploration by remote probes : final report of the Panel on Remote Atmospheric Probing. 1
QC879.N27 Contributed technical papers. Stratosphere series ... 1
QC879.N31 The natural stratosphere of 1974 / 1
QC879.N33 Atmospheric processes, 1
QC879.N4 Ergebnisse aerologischer beobachtungen. 1
QC879.N45 1986 NEXRAD technical requirements / 1
QC879.N55 High altitude rocket research. 1
QC879.N63 Contribution à l'étude de la structure de l'Ionosphère. 1
QC879.N64 Introduction à l'étude des relations entre les phénomènes solaires et terrestres: le soleil. 1
QC879.N74 Sondages ionosphériques, riomètre. Base Roi Baudouin, février 1965 à février 1966. Koning Boudewijn Basis, februari 1965 tot februari 1966. 1
QC879.O56 2000 The long-term performance of the radiosonde observing system to be used in ERA-40 / 1
QC879.P19 Aerological investigations of atmospheric perturbations. 1
QC879.P58 Entre terre et ciel; réalités-visions d'avenir. 1
QC879.P740 1990 Present state of knowledge of the upper atmosphere 1990 : an assessment report : report to Congress / 1
QC879.P747 1990 Present state of knowledge of the upper atmosphere 1990 : an assessment report : report to Congress / 1
QC879.P75 Neperiodicheskie prot͡sessy v stratosfere severnogo polusharii͡a. 1
QC879.R22 An introduction to the ionosphere and magnetosphere 1