Call Number Title Count
QC175 .R43 2009 Fundamentals of statistical and thermal physics / 1
QC175.R5 Introduction to statistical mechanics for students of physics and physical chemistry, 1
QC175.R6 Statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, and kinetics. 1
QC175.R88 Statistical mechanics: rigorous results. 1
QC175.R9 Introduction to statistical mechanics. 1
QC175.S26 Theoretische Einführung in die Gasdynamik, 1
QC175.S262 Introduction to theoretical gas dynamics. 1
QC175.S350 Satyendranath Bose 70th birthday commemoration volume. 1
QC175.S36 Lectures in statistical physics 1
QC175.S37 Applications de la mécanique statistique générale, 1
QC175 .S4 Lectures in statistical physics / 1
QC175.S4515 1963 Śāstrīya vicārapaddhati. 1
QC175 .S663 2002 Kinetic theory and fluid dynamics / 1
QC175.S7 Die Boltzmannsche Statistik und ihre Modifikation durch die Quantentheorie, 1
QC175 .S73 Non-equilibrium relativistic kinetic theory / 1
QC175.S78 Statistical mechanics and field theory. 1
QC175.S8 Statistical mechanics at the turn of the decade. 1
QC175.S85 Non-equilibrium relativistic kinetic theory / 1
QC175.S9 Studies in statistical mechanics. 1
QC175.S9 v.1 Problems of a dynamical theory in statistical physics / 1
QC175.S9 v.2 Imperfect Bose gas / 1
QC175.S9 v.3 Diagram expansions in quantum statistical mechanics / 1
QC175.S9 v.4 The Maxwell equations. : Non-relativistic and relativistic derivations from electron theory / 1
QC175.S9 v.5 The kinetic theory of gases / 1
QC175.S9 v.6 The kind of motion we call heat : a history of the kinetic theory of gases in the 19th century / 1
QC175.S9 v.7 Fluctuation phenomena / 1
QC175.S9 v.8 The Liquid state of matter : fluids, simple and complex / 1
QC175.S9 v.9 Perspectives in statistical physics : M. S. Green memorial volume / 1
QC175.S9 v.10 Nonequilibrium phenomena I : the Boltzmann equation / 1
QC175.S9 v.11 Nonequilibrium phenomena II : from stochastics to hydrodynamics / 1
QC175.S9 v.12 The Wonderful world of stochastics : a tribute to Elliott W. Montroll / 1
QC175.S9 v.13 Simple models of equilibrium and nonequilibrium phenomena / 1
QC175.S9 v.14 On the continuity of the gaseous and liquid states / 1
QC175.S93 Proceedings. 1
QC175.S95 The relativistic gas. 1
QC175.T30 1979 Gases, liquids, and solids / 1
QC175.T32 Statistical physics. 1
QC175.T86 Gas kinetics; an introduction to the kinetics of homogeneous gas reactions. 1
QC175.V9 Vorträge über die kinetische theorie der materie und der elektrizität, gehalten in Göttingen auf einladung der Kommission der Wolfskehlstiftung, 1
QC175.W25 Statistical physics 1
QC175.W34 A treatise on the kinetic theory of gases / 1
QC175.W92 Kinetic equations of gases and plasmas. 1
QC175.Y95 Correlations and entropy in classical statistical mechanics, 1
QC175.16.A96C527 1995 L'atomo fantasma : genesi storica dell'ipotesi di Avogadro / 1
QC175.16.B6B330 1997 Indistinguishable classical particles / 1
QC175.16.B6 B45 2000 Lecture notes on the mathematical theory of generalized Boltzmann models / 1
QC175.16.B6 B45 2000eb Lecture notes on the mathematical theory of generalized Boltzmann models / 1
QC175.16.B6H947 2009 Hydrodynamic Limits of the Boltzmann Equation / 1
QC175.16.B6 S85 2006eb Lattice Boltzmann modeling : an introduction for geoscientists and engineers / 1
QC175.16.E6 A85 2010 Thermodynamics, Gibbs Method and statistical physics of electron gases / 1
QC175.16.E6 B37 2012 The BCS-BEC crossover and the unitary Fermi gas / 1
QC175.16.E6 E36 2010eb Many-body physics with ultracold gases / 1
QC175.16.E6I588 2006 Ultra-cold Fermi gases : Varenna on Lake Como, Villa Monastero, 20-30 June 2006 / 1
QC175.16.E6T460 1983 Theory of the inhomogeneous electron gas / 1
QC175.16.E6 U48 2007eb Ultra-cold fermi gases : proceedings of the International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi", course CLXIV, Varenna on Lake Como, Villa Monastero, 20-30 June 2006 / 1
QC175.16.M6 Interaction-induced electric properties of van der Waals complexes /
Fundamentals of van der Waals and Casimir Interactions /
Generalized Van der Waals theory of molecular fluids in bulk and at surfaces
QC175.16.M6F30 Molekülkraftkonstanten : zur Theorie u. Berechnung d. Konstanten d. potentiellen Energie d. Moleküle / 1
QC175.16.M6J9 Angular momentum theory for diatomic molecules 1
QC175.16.M6 L36 1974eb Theory of Van der Waals attraction / 1
QC175.16.M6N15 1974 Computational techniques in quantum chemistry and molecular physics : proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at Ramsau, Germany, 4-21 September, 1974 / 1