Call Number Title Count
QC174.1.R74 1946 Introductory quantum mechanics / 1
QC174.1.R755 Advanced quantum theory; an outline of the fundamental ideas. 1
QC174.1.R76 Theory of elementary particles. 1
QC174.1.R761 Theory of elementary particles. 1
QC174.1.R8 Elementary theory of angular momentum / 1
QC174.1.R9 Quantum mechanics / 1
QC174.1.S19 Advanced quantum mechanics 1
QC174.1.S2 Mécanique quantique, 1
QC174.1.S22 Modern physical theory; special relativity and quantum physics 1
QC174.1.S27 Elementary quantum mechanics / 1
QC174.1.S271 Elementary quantum mechanics 1
QC174.1.S33 Quantum mechanics / 1
QC174.1.S331 Quantum mechanics / 1
QC174.1.S340 1968 Quantum mechanics / 1
QC174.1.S5 Application of distributions to the theory of elementary particles in quantum mechanics. 1
QC174.1.S52 Quantum kinematics and dynamics 1
QC174.1.S55 Introduction to quantum mechanics. 1
QC174.1.S56 Borʹba materializma s idealizmom v kvantovoĭ mekhanike. 1
QC174.1.S58 Non-relativistic quantum mechanics, an introduction. 1
QC174.1.S581 Non-relativistic quantum mechanics; 1
QC174.1.S59 Introduction to the principles of quantum mechanics 1
QC174.1.S625 Quantum theory of atomic structure. 1
QC174.1.S63 Quantum theory of matter. 1
QC174.1.S631 Quantum theory of matter / 1
QC174.1.S635 Quantum theory of molecules and solids. 1
QC174.1.S69 Quantenelektrodynamik. 1
QC174.1.S7 Quantum mechanics / 1
QC174.1.S72 Sources for history of quantum physics; an inventory and report 1
QC174.1.S76 An introduction to quantum physics. 1
QC174.1 .S8 Tables of eigenvalues and of eigenvectors of Hamiltonian describing the combined static magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole interaction of a nuclear level 1
QC174.1.S82 Quantum mechanics. 1
QC174.1.S85 Multiplet structure of atoms and molecules. 1
QC174.1.S850 Lectures on foundations of quantum mechanics and quantum field theory, summer 1962, 1
QC174.1.S9 Quantum mechanics, an introduction / 1
QC174.1.T59 Advanced quantum mechanics of atoms,molecules, and solids; Physics 223-A. 1
QC174.1.T66 Quantum mechanics / 1
QC174.1.T82 Quantum mechanics. 1
QC174.1.T91 On quantum mechanics in acceleration field / 1
QC174.1.U5 Quantum field theory. 1
QC174.1.V29 Geometry of quantum theory, 1
QC174.1.V295 Foundations of quantum mechanics. 1
QC174.1.V3 Local quantum theory. 1
QC174.1.V67 Structure des micro-objets dans lʼinterprétation causale de la théorie des quanta / 1
QC174.1.W16 Sources of quantum mechanics / 1
QC174.1.W425 Lectures on special topics in quantum mechanics / 1
QC174.1.Z71 Elements of advanced quantum theory, 1
QC174.1.Z79 Basic quantum mechanics. 1
QC174.12 Quantum processes /
Quantum physics : illusion or reality? /
Advanced quantum mechanics upon theorems /
Quantum information theory and the foundations of quantum mechanics /
Foundations of quantum theory /
Probing the meaning of quantum mechanics : physical, philosophical and logical perspectives : proceedings of the Young Quantum Meetings, CLEA, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 8-9 October, 2009 /
Quantum mechanics : principles, new perspectives, extensions and interpretation /
Modelling of molecular properties : theoretical principles and numerical simulations /
The development of elementary quantum theory /
Quantum metrology, imaging, and communication /
Enhanced Optical and Electric Manipulation of a Quantum Gas of KRb Molecules /
Bohmian mechanics, open quantum systems and continuous measurements /
Quantum versus classical mechanics and integrability problems : towards a unification of approaches and tools /
Quantum mechanics in matrix form /
Theory of quantum transport at nanoscale : an introduction /
The atomic world spooky? It ain't necessarily so! : emergent quantum mechanics, how the classical laws of nature can conspire to cause quantum-like behaviour /
The quantum handshake : entanglement, nonlocality and transactions /
Quantum sense and nonsense /
The quantum world : philosophical debates on quantum physics /
Linear dynamical quantum systems : analysis, synthesis, and control /
Meccanica quantistica : problemi scelti /
Quantum physics and geometry /
Basic quantum mechanics /
Quantum biological information theory /
Quantum physics : states, observables and their time evolution /
Quantum theory : a two-time success story /
Quantum foundations and open quantum systems : lecture notes of the advanced school /
Quantum chance : nonlocality, teleportation and other quantum marvels /
Physics of quantum rings /
Quantum physics in the nanoworld : Schrödinger's cat and the dwarfs /
Quantum dynamics of a particle in a tracking chamber /
Der unbegreifliche zufall : nichtlokalität, teleportation und weitere seltsamkeiten der quantenphysik /
On the device-independent approach to quantum physics : advances in quantum nonlocality and multipartite entanglement detection /
The formalisms of quantum mechanics : an introduction /
Quantum mechanics for pedestrians. 2, Applications and extensions /
Quantum mechanics for pedestrians. 1, Fundamentals /
Quantum physics of light and matter : a modern introduction to photons, atoms and many-body systems /
Concept and formalization of constellatory self-unfolding : a novel perspective on the relation between quantum and relativistic physics /
Effective evolution equations from quantum dynamics /
Theoretical physics 7 : quantum mechanics - methods and applications /
Lectures on general quantum correlations and their applications /
Quantum theory and local causality /
Classical and quantum dynamics : from classical paths to path integrals /
Correlations in low-dimensional quantum gases /
Statistical benchmarks for quantum transport in complex systems : from characterisation to design /
Conceptual basis of quantum mechanics /
Dynamics and characterization of composite quantum systems /
Quantum theory : informational foundations and foils /
Lectures on quantum mechanics : with problems, exercises and their solutions /
Heteronuclear Efimov scenario in ultracold quantum gases : universality in systems with large mass imbalance /
Quantum information processing with finite resources : mathematical foundations /
Making sense of quantum mechanics /
The Quantum Mechanics Conundrum : Interpretation and Foundations /
Epistemic Processes : a Basis for Statistics and Quantum Theory /
Dynamics of a quantum spin liquid /
Exploring quantum foundations with single photons /
Foundations of quantum mechanics : an exploration of the physical meaning of quantum theory /
Quantum theory and statistical thermodynamics : principles and worked examples /
Quantum mechanics and electrodynamics /
Theoretical physics. 6, Quantum mechanics - basics /
Quantum physics of light and matter : photons, atoms, and strongly correlated systems /
Twenty-first century quantum mechanics : Hilbert Space to quantum computers : mathematical methods and conceptual foundations /
Quantum physics, mini black holes, and the multiverse : debunking common misconceptions in theoretical physics /
Die Geburt der Quantenphysik : Boltzmann, Planck, Einstein, Nernst und andere /
On graph approaches to contextuality and their role in quantum theory /
A first introduction to quantum physics /
Quantum-enhanced sensing based on time reversal of entangling interactions /
Complexity and control in quantum photonics /
On the inside of a marble : from quantum mechanics to the Big Bang /
The philosophy of quantum physics /
Scattering and structures : essentials and analogies in quantum physics /
Computational quantum mechanics /
Advances in quantum mechanics : contemporary trends and open problems /
Lieb-Robinson bounds for multi-commutators and applications to response theory /
Quantum spin systems on infinite lattices : a concise introduction /
The principles of quantum theory, from Planck's quanta to the Higgs boson : the nature of quantum reality and the spirit of Copenhagen /
Ultracold atoms for foundational tests of quantum mechanics /
Quantum correlations beyond entanglement : and their role in quantum information theory /
Comprenons-nous vraiment la mécanique quantique? /
Physique atomique et moléculaire /
Quantum mechanics upon theorems /
Mécanique quantique. Tome III, Fermions, bosons, photons, corrélations et intrication /
Group theory of chemical elements : structure and properties of elements and compounds /
Quantum physics /
Physique quantique : leçon inaugurale faite le jeudi 13 décembre 2001 /
Theory of nonlinear propagation of high harmonics generated in a gaseous medium /
Fundamentals of quantum mechanics /
Do wave functions jump? : perspectives of the work of GianCarlo Ghirardi /
Quench dynamics in interacting and superconducting nanojunctions /
Quantum oscillations : a simple principle underlying important aspects of physics /
Understanding quantum mechanics : the world according to modern quantum foundations /
An introductory path to quantum theory : using mathematics to understand the ideas of physics /
Classical and Quantum Dynamics : From Classical Paths to Path Integrals /
Using Mathematica for quantum mechanics : a Students Manual /
Interpretative aspects of quantum mechanics : Matteo Campanella's Mathematical Studies /
Classical systems in quantum mechanics /
Foundations of quantum theory : from classical concepts to operator algebras /
The cellular automaton interpretation of quantum mechanics /
QC174.12.A24 1973 Foundations of quantum mechanics and ordered linear spaces; Advanced Study Institute, Marburg 1973. 1
QC174.12 .A29 2002 Entanglement : the greatest mystery in physics / 1
QC174.12 .A32 2004 Quantum theory as an emergent phenomenon : the statistical mechanics of matrix models as the precursor of quantum field theory / 1
QC174.12 .A32 2004eb Quantum theory as an emergent phenomenon : the statistical mechanics of matrix models as the precursor of quantum field theory / 1
QC174.12 .A33 2005 Quantum paradoxes : quantum theory for the perplexed / 1
QC174.12 .A34 1995eb Quaternionic quantum mechanics and quantum fields / 1
QC174.12.A340 1995 Quaternionic quantum mechanics and quantum fields / 1
QC174.12 .A36 1973 Foundations of quantum mechanics and ordered linear spaces : Advanced Study Institute, Marburg 1973 / 1
QC174.12 .A36 2011eb Quantum mechanics with applications / 1
QC174.12 .A38 1999 The Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen paradox : in atomic, nuclear, and particle physics / 1
QC174.12 .A393 2011eb Engineering quantum mechanics / 1
QC174.12.A440 1984 Metodologii͡a obosnovanii͡a kvantovoĭ teorii : istorii͡a i sovremennostʹ / 1