Call Number Title Count
QC1099 Weinberg A case of biological periodicity ... /
Mathematical foundations for a theory of biophysical periodicity.
The quantum-mechanical Hamiltonian for triatomic linear symmetrical molecules.
QC1099 Weiner De Haas-van Alphen effect in bismuth-tellurium alloys. 1
QC1099 Weis Some studies of the passage of centimeter radio waves through dielectrics. 1
QC1099 Weiss Configuration interaction in simple atomic systems. 1
QC1099 Weissman Nonlinear wave packets in Kelvin-Helmholtz flow. 1
QC1099 Weisz Band structure and Fermi surface of white tin. 1
QC1099 Wen A study of SBUV satellite measurements after the El Chichon volcanic eruption / 1
QC1099 Wentzel Hydromagnetic equilibria. 1
QC1099 Wetherill Spontaneous fission yields from uranium and thorium. 1
QC1099 Wetters A synoptic study of blocking. 1
QC1099 Wey Surface of amorphous semiconductors and their contacts with metals / 1
QC1099 Weyl The energy loss of protons; helium, nitrogen and neon ions in gases. 1
QC1099 Wheeler Symmetric solutions to the Gauss-Bonnet extended Einstein equations / 1
QC1099 Whitaker Heating of the solar corona by gravity waves. 1
QC1099 Wickham Phase ordering in bulk uniaxial nematic liquid crystals / 1
QC1099 Widom Renormalization group analysis of quasiperiodicity in analytic maps / 1
QC1099 Widrow Zero modes and anomalies in superconducting strings / 1
QC1099 Wiegert Constraining compact dark matter with quasar equivalent widths from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Early data release / 1
QC1099 Wilcox Experimental determination of rate of energy loss for slow H1, H2, He4, Li6 nuclei in Au and Al. 1
QC1099 Wilkins Mean perturbation patterns in the northern hemisphere westerlies. 1
QC1099 Wilkinson The capture cross-sections of bismuth and fluorine for "C" neutrons. 1
QC1099 Willemsen New form factors in the dual resonance model. 1
QC1099 Williams Acquisition and reconstruction of in vivo electron paramagnetic resonance oximetric images /
The cyclonic factor in the climates of Mexico.
QC1099 Wilson Cosmic-ray intensities at great depths /
Repetition of the determination of "e" by the oil-drop method.
QC1099 Windmiller De Haas-van Alphen effect and Fermi surface in antimony. 1
QC1099 Winiecki A case study addressing the influence of the urban boundary layer on UVB transmission / 1
QC1099 Winston Observable hyperfine effects in muon capture by complex nuclei. 1
QC1099 Wiser Crystal structures of the simple metals: role of correlation and exchange. 1
QC1099 Wladawsky On the variation principle in electron-atom scattering. 1
QC1099 Wolanski An investigation of positron-electron pair emission from heavy-ion collisions / 1
QC1099 Wolfenstein Theory of proposed reactions involving polarized protons.
Theoretical calculations on extensive atmospheric cosmic-ray showers.
QC1099 Wolfs Fission and deep-inelastic scattering yields for 58Ni + 112, 124Sn at energies around the barrier / 1
QC1099 Wollan Electron distribution in magnesium oxide.
The ionization of a gas by effusion.
QC1099 Wong Magnetic susceptibility and general phase diagram of the random metamagnet Fe₁₋[subscript x]Co[subscript x]Cl₂. 1
QC1099 Woo The Compton effect. 1
QC1099 Woodcock The emission of negative ions under the bombardment of positive ions,
The emission of negative ions under the bombardment of positive ions.
The Redetermination of "e".
QC1099 Woodruff Photo-electric emission from platinum as affected by heat treatment. 1
QC1099 Woods Measurement of the initial inner permeability of iron over a wide radiofrequency range ...
A search for direct CP violation in the 2[pi] decay modes of neutral kaons /
I. On the silicon oxide bands. II. Note on spin doubling in the doublet sigma states of CO+.
An accurate and basic measurement of the initial, inner permeability of iron over an exceedingly wide radio frequency range.
QC1099 Worah Cosmological baryon number and kaon CP violation from a common source / 1
QC1099 Worcester Measurements of direct CP violation, CPT symmetry, and other parameters in the neutral kaon system / 1
QC1099 Wren On the index of refraction of water for different wave lengths and temperatures. 1
QC1099 Wright The positive potential of aluminum as a function of the wave-length of the incident light ... 1
QC1099 Wu Long-wave radiation and its effect on the atmosphere /
From classical to quantum glass /
Elastic properties of single-crystal NiF₂ /
Along a road to developed turbulence : free thermal convection in low temperature helium gas /
QC1099 Wuest An investigation of the existence of an Aleutian low singularity. 1
QC1099 Wunsch A simple passive scalar advection-diffusion model / 1
QC1099 Wyatt A modification of the Clement and Des Ormes' experiment ... 1
QC1099 Wyld Fourth order corrections to meson-nucleon scattering in pseudoscalar meson theory. 1
QC1099 Wyman Oscillations at the transition between the bounded state and the spout state of the selective withdrawal from a capillary geometry / 1
QC1099 Xanthopoulos Exact vacuum solutions of Einstein's equation from linearized solutions / 1
QC1099 Xia cloud drop growth by condensation and coalescence in the transition range / by Qing Xia. 1
QC1099 Xu Asymptotic limits and sum rules for propagators in quantum chromodynamics /
Liquid drop splashing on smooth, rough and textured surfaces /
Theoretical studies on colloid suspensions in confined geometry /
QC1099 Yang A Monte Carlo code for a time projection chamber /
On the angular distribution in nuclear reactions and coincidence measurements.
Sorption of noble gases by solids : with reference to meteorites Fe₃O₄, C, FeCr₂O₄, FeCr₂S₄, Co₃O₄, and other substances on the origin of planetary gases /
Dynamic point-formation in dielectric fluids /
Tunneling spectroscopy of quantum hall line junctions /
Spectroscopic investigation of high frequency discharges.
QC1099 Yates Solar flare high energy alpha particles and their storage in interplanetary space. 1
QC1099 Yeh On energy dispersion in the atmosphere. 1
QC1099 Yellin Meson masses and decays. 1
QC1099 Yeo Metastable dynamics of the hard-sphere system / 1
QC1099 Yip Spinors in two dimensions / 1
QC1099 Yngve Time variations of cosmic ray heavy nuclei. 1
QC1099 Yodh Production of charged pions in N-P collisions. 1
QC1099 Yoshimura Dual resonance model with quark spin. 1