Call Number Title Count
QB541 .A84 2017 In the shadow of the moon : the science, magic, and mystery of solar eclipses / 1
QB541 .B37 2012 Eclissi! Quando Sole e Luna danno spettacolo in cielo / 1
QB541.B49 Periodicity and variation of solar (and lunar) eclipses / 1
QB541.B5 Regelmaat en wisseling bij zonsverduisteringen, met een aanhangsel over maansverduisteringen. 1
QB541.B7 De solis ac lunae defectibus libri V. 1
QB541.B740 Eclipse / 1
QB541.B740 1991 Eclipse / 1
QB541 .B7813 2000 Glorious eclipses : their past, present, and future / 1
QB541.C44 The story of eclipses simply told for general readers, with especial reference to the total eclipse of the sun of May 28, 1900. 1
QB541 .C56 2017 Eclipse : journeys to the dark side of the moon / 1
QB541 .C78 1999 Solar eclipse / 1
QB541.D9 Eclipses of the sun and moon, 1
QB541.E265 1991 Eclipses en México / 1
QB541.E6 1987 Fifty year canon of solar eclipses, 1986-2035 1
QB541.F76 Historical eclipses : being the Halley lecture delivered 17 May 21 / 1
QB541 .G85 1999 Total eclipses : science, observations, myths and legends / 1
QB541 .H35 1997 Eclipse! : the what, where, when, why, and how guide to watching solar and lunar eclipses / 1
QB541.K77 1997 Sūryagrahaṇam : Kulapateh̤ Ḍô. Maṇḍanamiśrasya prastāvanayā samalaṅkr̥tam / 1
QB541.L67 A handbook of solar eclipses, 1
QB541 .L69 1999 Totality : eclipses of the sun / 1
QB541 .L69 2008 Totality : eclipses of the sun. 1
QB541 .L69 2008eb Totality : eclipses of the sun / 1
QB541.L690 1991 Totality : eclipses of the sun / 1
QB541 .L694 2017 Totality : the great American eclipses of 2017 and 2024 / 1
QB541.L7 2006 Zhongguo li shi ri shi dian / 1
QB541.L9 Remarkable eclipses : A sketch of the most interesting circumstances connected with the observation of solar and lunar eclipses, both in ancient and modern times. 1
QB541.M37 1999 Observer l'éclipse pour tous / 1
QB541.M458 2009 Jiao hui guan jian 1
QB541.M5 Canon of solar eclipses, 1
QB541.M6 Eclipses of the sun, 1
QB541.M611 Eclipses of the sun, 1
QB541.M613 Eclipses of the sun. 1
QB541 .M63 2007eb Total solar eclipses and how to observe them 1
QB541.N53 Des aertrycks beweging en de sonne stilstant : bewijsende dat dit geensins met de Christelijke religie is strijdende : waer in dat alle redenen en argumenten, die tot noch toe hier tegen ingebracht zijn, wederleyt ende beantwoort worden : met noch verscheyden aenmerckingen ... / 1
QB541 .P36 2002 Empire and the sun : Victorian solar eclipse expeditions / 1
QB541.R477 1983 The Response of the total electron content of the ionosphere over North America to the total solar eclipse of 26 February 1979 1
QB541 .R87 2012 Total addiction the life of an eclipse chaser / 1
QB541.S26 1998 Sūryagrahaṇa-gaṇita / 1
QB541.S340 1984 Chronology of eclipses and comets, AD 1-1000 / 1
QB541.S64 1965 1965 Solar Eclipse Workshop proceedings : IIT Research Institute, October11-12, 1965 / 1
QB541 .S65 2001 Eclipse : the celestial phenomenon that changed the course of history / 1
QB541 .S663 1997 Historical eclipses and Earth's rotation / 1
QB541.S74 2000 "Stürmend auf finsterem Pfad--" : ein Symposion zur Sonnenfinsternis in der Antike / 1
QB541.S85 Modern eclipse problems, being the Halley lecture delivered on 20 May, 1927, with notes for the observation of the eclipse of 29 June, 1927, 1
QB541.S93 The Swedish solar eclipse expeditions to West Africa and Brazil in 1947. 1
QB541.T45 1997 Theoretical and observational problems related to solar eclipses / 1
QB541.T7 Total eclipses of the sun, 1
QB541.Z48 2012 Li dai ri shi kao / 1
QB541.Z570 1995 Total eclipses of the sun / 1
QB542 The true figure of that great eclipse of the sun that will appear in our horizon on September the 13th. 1699. Between the hours of ten and eleven in the forenoon, and near eleven parts in twelve of the sun's glorious body will be darkend, being a much greater eclipse than that of the sun in 1652, call'd, Black Monday, is here represented with what parts of the earth it is visible in. 1
QB542 1778 .L58 1778 Descripcion orthographica universal del eclipse del sol del dia 24 de junio de 1778 / 1
QB542.B370 1977 Traités sur les éclipses de soleil de 1333 et 1337 / 1
QB542.B85 Remarkable seventeenth and nineteenth century eclipses of the sun / 1
QB542.C45 1740 D.A.G. dissertatio physico-mathematica, De annulo in eclipsi solis totali circa lunam lucido / 1
QB542 .F545 1574 Aegloga de Eclipsi Solari Anno 1574. mense Novembri futura, and tempore plenilunij ecliptici Anno 1573. conspecti, Succularum ortu obiter descripto, breviq[ue] Melibaei pastoris querela, qui de funesta sui gregis clade conquerens, defectus luminarium in caelo praevia esse signa filij Dej ad indicium venturi, interpretatur. : Huic addita est precatio ad Deum, pro conservatione elementaris regionis tempore propositi Solis deliquij. / 1
QB542.G5 Spezieller kanon der sonnen- und mondfinsternisse für das ländergebiet der klassischen altertumswissenschaften und den zeitraum von 900 vor Chr. bis 600 nach Chr. 1
QB542.G74140 1983 Calcul de l'éclipse de soleil du 16 juillet 1330 / 1
QB542.L3 A treatise of eclipses of the sun and moon : for thirty-five years, commencing anno 1715, ending 1749 : containing the beginning, middle and ending, the digits eclipsed : together, with the types of those that will be visible at London, with the general times of the solar eclipses, and the limits of the shade of the moon determined : to which are added, the calculations of the times of the transits of Venus and Mercury over the sun, with the types thereof, for seventy-nine years : and the conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn, to the year 1821 / 1
QB542.M36 1991 El eclipse en el mundo prehispanico / 1
QB542.S4 Spezieller Kanon der zentralen Sonnen-und Mondfinsternisse, welche Innerhalb des Zeitraums von 600 bis 1800 n. Chr. in Europa sichtbar waren, 1